Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, December 15, 1883, Page 6, Image 6

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    -' :tJAu
siblo that ho aimed nt placing hlmsolf on tho Imperial
throne. At any rato ho refused to oboy tho Emperor's
orders- aud tho latter, afraid to opposo hln openly oven
now had him assassinated.
Wttllonstoin was gone, aud another groat man was
needed. This tlmo It was Richelieu of Franco that sup
plied the ncod. Ills policy, carried out by hlmsolf
and othors hastened the tlmo when "Germany forgot her
animosities in tho apathy of exhaustion,'1 aud tho sword
which sho had wielded for tlii rty years loll weakly from
her ncarvcIesB grasp.
The results of thirty years of warfaro for a country that
had produced no patriot but had allowed her destiny to
bo governed by Wallenstoln tho Slav, by Gustuvus tho
Bwcdc, and by Rlcholleu tho Frenchman wtro about as
follows: Franco had obtained a portion of her territory,
Bwcdcn a portion, armies had swept over her fertile pro
vinccs lilco narrows over anwiuis, "mo wnoio mnu naa
dripped with blood, seemed groaning, gasping In perpet
ual dying," tho population had boon decreased by more
than ono half, tho morals of her peopio debauched,
thoir spirits broken' and tho hopo of Germau unity
had been blotted out forever.
Wo see from the history of this period that it is somes
times most difficult for a nation to succeed, that there
may bo gaps in human need which Providence docs
not fill, that there ma bo a demaud which is not sat
isfied: and wo may rest assured that tho history of
Germany will find a parallel In our country whonovcr
we shall substitute bigotry, and sclfishuoss, and section,
alism, for libcrerality, and self-denial and patriotism.
fexmyus ;iwirds.
Wheeloek says tho co-eds aro frauds.
LatC3t styles in hats at T. Ewing & Co's.
Cadet suits and caps at T. Ewing & Co's.
Celluloid collars and cuffs atT. Ewing' & Co's.
Bpecial bargains for Btudents at T. Ewing & Co.
Elegant Puttems in Neckwear at T. Ewing & Co's.
Seo the advertisement of St. Claire Hall, on 1st. page.
The school has had its first case of measles. No se.
rious effects.
Largo assortment of collars, cuffs and neckwear at T.
Ewing & Co's.
The girls aro working up tho next year slate with con
Biderablo enthusiasm.
Tho best judges of artistic work go to Kellcy & Co for
Photos. No. 1026 O st.
Best stylo, best goods, at lowest prices at T. Ewing &
Co's Clothing Emporium.
Our married Senior is deeply angered because the boys
won't show him tho slate.
All tho newest styles and patterns of clothing and gent's
furnishing goods at T. Ewing & Co's.
A. VV. Footo of '83 is in town on a vacation from his
school at Weeping Water. He looks healthy and happy.
Remember Students you can got fine work, and better
inducements, in tho "Fotograf" line, at Kolley & Co.
1020 O.St.
Buy your boots and shoes of O. W. Wobstor, O st Acad,
omy of MubIc.
Tho Seniors have entorod into a compact to all got mar.
mlcd within a year.
Call and seo tho now fall suits at T. Ewing & Co's
Clothing Emporium.
Clements has tho finest lot of steroscopio vlows of tho
University ovr taken.
A Freshman shaved off his mouslacho aud thereby
caught so sovoro a cold that he Is In dangor of a post
Tho University is tho proud possessor of gray and
yellow oat. How many studonts will club togothw for
cat meat?
Wo noticed Marsh, Botsford and Codding among the
students who "took in" tho John L. Sullivan riot; an in
tellectual feast surely.
For the benefit of a fowjwojwould saythat thoserenado
at the Commercial was not in honor of John L. Sullivan
or any other sl'iggcr.
Miss Orissa Swisher has been compelled to return
homo on account of sickness. Wo hope.sho will bo able
to return after Christmas.
Students it will pay you to examine tho pictures mado
by Kellcy & Co. before sitting elscwaro. Have you seen
that daisy University Panel they givo gratis?
There is a report that Lichty is about to bo sued for
breach-of.proraise. Mr. Lichty should be more careful
how he trifles with the feelings of tho fair sox.
The Hesperian board are intending to strike for now
and better chairs. Ono cannot writo to any degree of
excellency when balanced on a three legged chair. Wo
In a heated debato the other Friday a speakor declared
that in Ireland any firm Expression of one's ideas rcsultod
in the individual "spending the rest of his days on the
Tho literary editor would say to the man who put lu
that notice about tho shaving parJor, that great men can
not grow heavy beards. All the energies aro obsorued
in tho brains.
Tho question was discussed in, tho debating club the
other night whether It is bolter to go without a co-ed, or
buy a whole candy kitchen and go with one. These two
aro one and inseparable.
Why don't some ingenious student utilize tho school
for a flouring mill ? Tno ordinary grind for an average
examination would be of sufficient powor to got away
with the flour of any family.
A prep, who was to take out his first girl tho othor4eve
got so excited in dressing that ho put his overcoat on un -dor
his vest, blacked his boots with tho stovo brush, and
put on his mother's last year bonnet. He got back home
astonishingly early.
Holmes has boon charged with hypothecating Smlth'g
Classical Dictionary for a certain student in whom he is
interested, when thirty history students were frantic to
get a peep at it. This exhibition of cold clammy check
is decidedly to thin for an Assistant Librarian and it ia
hoped tho imp will appreciate his position and refrain
from such froaks in tho future.