Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, April 05, 1883, Image 2

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Vol. XI.
INo. X.
Exaggeration, it is said, is 11 characteristic of American
humor- Our people Ilka to talk, and who lias a better
right? Wo nro bounded on tho cast by the Orient and on
west by the Occident and on tho north by the Aurora
Boroalis and, therefore, it is expected that we should use
tall speech.
Tho following addressed to Napoleon I, has lately been
found in Germany.
"Vatlclnor tlbt, quod navnlls lauroa clngct
Tompora, ucc magna spos mnco dontltuot,
DoJIclut tuagenn c'unctos, nee Gnllla vlctrlx
Doniqito franltur lltus nd Alblonom,
Bora bona, non mala eors concludot proollaqiinrc
Tcmpora to dlcont: pari) bona, non mala pars.1'
Now read it backwards and observe the opposition in
Sum hav advizd that tho cor ov edoturz of tho Hes.
tkiiiun Stubunt adopt the fonctik slstum of speling.
In this thar wood be several advantijes: furst, it wood kuvcr
a multiludo ov crura under the garb ov reforms; sckond,
thar wood be no knead to correct tho proof; and thurd,
thowurk Isolrcdy begun and henco shood bo pusht for
wurd with ol spedo. Tho cditurz ar urncstly rekwested
tu give thar atenshun to tills iniporluut blzncs.
Who hath warmed tho frozen river?
Who hath cured the old oak's shiver?
Who hath shorn the world of suow?
Who hath calmed the wind's wild blow?
Juno Thaw,
Who hath warmed the atudonta' toes?
Spattered mud upon his clothes,
Who dotli make the slolji-bolls Jlnglo
With the chirp of co-eds mingle?
Juno Thaw.
Do what you believe to be right under nil circumstances,
but romombor that, if you try, you can convinco yoursolf
that almost any thing is right. What you honestly be
liovo you aro not accountable for. This is the most coin
fortable religion in the world.
If you arc asked a question you ennnot answer, don't
hear it, if you can help it, but if you can't help it, get
somebody to answer it for you, if you can.
Stand up for tho right, if right is in tho majority; if it
is not, prudence will command you to keep still till it is.
When any causo triumphs always bo on that side, and bo
Biiro to make people believe that you wero the original
starter of it. Always tell tho truth, if you can; if you
'cannot, tell no moro lies than you can help.
The question of elementary education attracts great
attention, at the present time, in every country of Europe.
Philosophers arc busy working out the unsolved proplcms
connected with human culture and development. States
men aro considering the ways and means of increasing
national strength and prosperity by making education
universal, and teachers aro discussing courses of study,
and methods of improving instruction. European teachers
are, as a body, more learned than ours. They have mrdo
more special preparation for their work. But they do
not cviuc that natural aptness as Instructors of youths,
which Is characteristic of American teachers. Thoysoom,
to be to slow, to heavy, wanting in vcrsitllity of talent,
in mental Hexibllity,aud ready sympathy.
Thinkers are very scarce. Some persons think in a one
sided way. They get one idea into their heads, and it be
ing so small, fills the entire cavity almost to bursting.
On all occasions they talk about it, explain, argue, write,
and try to convert every body to their belief. Thinking
poisons are disgusted, but shallow and small brained per
sons aro converted. Tho broad, generous, roving brain
woll bal'inccd and counterpoised, is capable of taking
in many ideas in weighing, comparlug, and inwardly di.
gestmg them. The result is wiso conclusions, solid argu
ments and generous convictions. Such brains like the
great mountains recive most of tho sun-light of common
sense. They stand as landmarks of tho centuries, clear
iu their grandeur and memorable among minor changes.
Wo instinctively worship great mountains and great
bnins. A good fool wo despise, hut a great knave wo toN
It is useless to try to prove that any ono study should
receive exclusive attention in our schools, neither should
any ono branch of learning monopolize moro than its
deserved share of time, but while these two propositions
are true, it is also clear that every study should re
ceive as much thought, time and labor as its importance
:lomauds. The mathematical branches aro studied as
throughly as they ought to be, and it is thought by some
that too much time has bcou given them, moro than the
good of this practical age demands. Tho world needs
investigation in what will bo for tho good of mankind,
iu what will minister to its efficiency and wealth. Tho
investigating spirit, stimulated by tho study of the nats
ural sciences, is full of sympathy with tho bold, aggres
sivo spirit of tho nineteenth century. Never before in tho
history of tho world has mind reached out so tar boyond
what the oyo can see. This activity stimulated by vas
search and investigation, cannot fall iu being useful in
tho highest degree to the mental powers. Instead of
plodding through tin intricacies and contradictions of
human speech, the mind is brought into direct relation io
the speech of tho Creator. Indead of attempting to liar
moulze discordant opinions of men, !t is callud-.upqn to
classify and second tho magnificent thoughts' of 3od.
Tho natural soleucoa should occupy a prominent place in
our collego courae.