Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, January 05, 1883, Image 1

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Vol. XI.
No. VI.
cgftinccllnncous t$yttion.
Jay Gould lately contributed $5,000 to the Rutgers col
lego endowment fund.
Tlio oldest college library In existence is the Haryard
College library, established in 1088. It was destroyed by
flro in 1705, but immediately rebuilt. The Yale library
was established in 1700.
.iriio first Spanish female doctor has just taken her de
gree In Madrid. She has met with considerable opposi.
lion; but her success has encouraged another compatriot
to adopt thosamu profession, and the latter after being re
fused admission to tho Valancia School of Medicine, is
now studying in Madrid.
Mr. Ohas. D. Hinc, who succeeds Mr. B. G. Northrop
us secrc tary of the Conneticut State Board of Education
was graduated from Yale in 1871, has been superintendent
of schools at Saginaw, Michigan and atNorwich, Connect,
icut bus Btudied lav in tho Iowa State University and prac
ticed law at Omaha till recently, when he became princi.
pal f'the High School.
Dal'sjeps, the great French engineer, lives in an un.
ostcnluli.Vus street in Paris. His plain rooms arc visited
by the greatest statesmen and politicians of Europe. He
is always busy, but finds time to chat with his visitors
and bestow the most careful attention upon his large
brood of children. When charged with dyeing his whisk,
ers and powdering hii hair, he simply answers, "I only
wish Iliad tho time."'
The State papers aro advocating a geological survey for
Nebraska. In tho opinion of Tub Student litis should
bo ai once instituted. It would also bo an excellen,
scheme to place the matter In charge qf tho University t
Our museum would then bo made the repository of all
tho specimens found in the survey, and the work itself
would bo douo In a crcditablo manner. In Minnesota and
other states tho plan has beou in successful operation for
a number of years.
Henry Ward Beechcr makes it publicly known that he
does not criticiso such money kings as Gould in their
mammoth speculations. Ho thinks if one man Is shrewder
than another, and is capable of seeing wherein be can
greatly improve his financial condition by a simplo busi.
ncss transaction, it is his prerogative to do so, ond that
any such pecuniary scheming Ib all riirht. Mr. Beechcr
is becoming more liberal as he grows older. If he should
bo permitted to figure in the afluirs of this life twenty
years more wo wonld not be greatly surprised to hear of
his joining Iugcrsoll on a lecturing tour. '
" Gullcau's skeleton is now ready to pass into tho hands
of tho proper owners," so says a leading newspaper.
Have we not heard about enough concerning this villain?
Give us a brigazoo.
A Cambridgo (Mass.) man arrived in a frontier village
recently, just as a gang of cow-boys had "taken the town."
His first exclamation was: "What! have you folks a col.
lege here already ?" 2'rinity Tablet.
Professor "The agnostic may be briclly described ai
the Knownothingist of philosophy. Passing that point,
MIbs may tell what she knows of sense perception."
Miss : "Professor, I am an acostic." Vassar 3fi$.
The Illinois Inter-State Collegiate Oratorical Stato As
sociation lately held a meeting for the purpose of set.
ling the question in regard to tho award of prizes at the
contest. The original decision of the judges was re
versed by an unanimous vote. Mr. Ross, of Monmouth,
was given the first prize, and Mis9 Pollard, of Chicago,
the second.
It is now ascertained beyoud doubt that a brother of
Oscar Wlld(e) will soon make au extended tour in Amer
ica. Tho beautiful Englishman will, of course, be wel
coined in our midst; but, be it remembered, ho will have
to wear longer hair, a more variegated necktio and larger
sunflowers than was worn by Oscar, if his trip proves at
successful financially. The Americans aro not so Wlld(o)
on a3thetlclsm as they were six months ago.
How much wc are indebted to our variable climate for
our civilization. To say something is often active neces
sity, and when all else is unavailable, tho weather, like a
well supplied contingent fund, is an unfailing source.
Moreover, it has a wide range and everybody is interested
in It, and then there is so much about it that we cannet
explain, that our lovo for the mysterious is gratified at it,
and our inquisitiveness finds ample room without fear of
being troubled witli attending to their answers.
The sad and tragic death of Judge Briggs, of Omaha is
a great shock to his many friends and acquaintances
throughout the State. For many years a resident of
Omaha, ho was well known and generally estcemcdi
whether as a citizen, a lawyer or a politician. Ho had
figured conspicuously in the list for the U. S. Senate, and
his chances for election to that honorable position were
considered quite as good as those of any other candidate.
His political friends will, therefore, as well as thoso who
were pitted against him, regret tho strange and sudden
ending of one so worthy, and his death will be deplored
by all who knew him best.