Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, December 15, 1882, Page 2, Image 4

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Issued semi-monthly by the IIespkiuan Stuuknt
Publishing Association of tlio University of Nebraska
f B. H. Cui.vku.
. I E. J. ChURCHII.1..
LOCAL - W,LI T Mauck
Litkrarv G. G. Hitchcock.
Associate Josie Chapman. ,
Business Manager -- V. C. Knicht.
One copy, per college yeur, - - - - $1.00.
One copy, one half . year, ----- .o0.
Single copy, --------- .10.
1 column one insertion, ------ sfij.oo.
3 sUiires " " .7,y
I " ,.u.
All communjeations should be addressed to the lli:s
PKiUAN Student, State University, Lincoln, Nebraska.
jditoml otc,
Our Faculty, we are glad to notice, is in request,
for the lecture field. Prof. Grube lecturing on the
1 8th, before the Lincoln Y.M. C. A., Prof.Aughey
at Falls City the 15th, and4we hear Prof. Sherman is
also to appear some time next term before a Lincoln
long either omitted or inflicted on other professors
as extra work. If the present salary is insufficient to
induce a good man to accept the position it wou'd
no doubt be increased by the coming legislature upon
a proper showing.
The students who attend our University are marked
for their conscientiousness in study, their respectful
attention and obedience to those in authority over
them and their willingness to experience self-denial
and even hardship in order that they may reap the
benefits of liberal education here, but they are defi
cient in one respect. More mutual geniality and
politeness among us would costnothingand pay well.
This is no doubt a minor fault when compared with
the good qualities that we have just mentioned, but
nevertheless it is an unnecessary one and reflects upon
us in the outside world. That a great many warm
personal friendships exist among us is beyond dispute,
but we do lack a general kindliness and fellowship
that it would take very little individually, to create
and permanently establish. The Student does not
think that the deficiency named comes from anything
more than a careless or self-occupied disregard of one
another's feelings. Too many of us are strangers.
How many who read this will recognize the existence
of this defect, and do what lies in their power to reme
dy it?
The Holidays are fast approaching, and the average
1 student looks forward to an enjoyable vacation, a
I little fun and a good rest. To nearly all of us,
the winter recess is the most pleasant of the year.
It seems to be current opinion that Judge Savage j Too short t0 think of fiUing it with oufside wokr
will be offered the Chancellorship of the University and plenty long ent)lIgh t0 becom(J rested from ft ,
by the Regents at their next meeting, but it is not at tcrm.s study we rnn cntcr with est int0 the gnyetil.s
all certain that he will accept if it is. The gentle- inci(lent t0 thc scason, nnd be frcely and cntlrely
man is eminently well qualified for the position and happy, .Hc is truly t0 be pilied who can pass th h
the institution would be honored bj his acceptance. the Holidays withqut feeling the thrill of unfettered
Being already a Nebraska man and identified with irierrjmcnt and good nature that fills the very air of
the interests and development of the state, it is not Christmas-time. This is the season when th wnrlH
probable that the choice of any other man, who has , throws off its anxieties and disappointments, its self
beenjmentioned in this connection, would be received ishncss and suspi(.jon, and brightens up with a smile
with as much satisfaction.
The University Regents met last Tuesday and be
ing unable to find a quorum adjourned to the 10th of
January, Regent Fifield is out of the state; Regent
Gannett is dangerously ill at Omaha and Regent Pow
ers is arranging his legal business in Dakota City pre
of gladness that renders mere existence a happiness
and a touch of fellow feeling that makes life a luxury.
So seldom does this disposition prevail in our prc-ce-cupied
and over-industrious country (hat all of us can
well afford the time to enjoy it to the full. The Stu
dent claims that hard work is always better done-
paratory to assuming his duties as Attorney General of ' aufter an, 0CM diversion, and that all thoughts of
the state. It is to be hoped that this adjournment the study lecture and rec.tat.on room should be dis-
penscd with until we return next term, refreshed and
the state. It is to be hoped that this adjour
does not mean a much longer postponement of the
election of a Chancellor for the institution. While
we are progressing finely for a being without a head We were just going to say a word about the habit
we could do much better with one. The department of smoking which some of the students have formed,
of higher philosophy and the like should not be too ' and remind them that it ,'was the most selfish and dis-