Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, December 15, 1882, Page 8, Image 15

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TH K H K S V IS k I A N ST U 1 )!C N T.
xthmtQe gric-it'bruv,
oLough but now Iho gignntls I'orms of ponderous Dhxo.
saurs and mlssonpou Pterodactyls forco tliumsolvcs before
Ills excited imagination. Yale Record.
Tli Sunbeam h ono of tho most worthy nnd interesting
ol our exchanges. Though it has but four editors, tlio
imiini- io ritmilnl- lit nil lid ilnimi'l miinlQ M'lin iirllnlna on
Sentiment expressed by a bright junior at n recent bum, I ' ' . . , s.B,Plu.onrnf wlin.
! its author tried to prove, that tlio terms weak nnd silly,
We are glad '. suo the Beatrice Express on our table.
The lust number of the Notre lhxmu Scholastic contains
a very readable article on Dickens and Thackeray.
"Eat, drink and be meny for tomorrow we ll'unk."
Among our miscellanies none are more wolcomo than
the Falls City Journal. It is in truth a news paper.
A Six-HriTON Kin. A little boy, proud of his new
aoket, infonvod bis sist lit t ho was a six-button kid.
Tito Student Lfe from St. LouU is adorned with a bright
green covor. This cover is the most prominent feature of
the paper.
According to the Badger the faculty of tlio Wisconsin
State University includes some of the handsomest ladios
in the city or Madison.
Wc have received the November number of the WPliam i
Jewell Student. It is good all thu way through and we
hope it will come often.
The deepest mine in the world, according to Professor
II. Hoofer, is the Prizibram silver mint! in Bohemia.
The lowest depth is '1,(509 feet below the surface.
The last number of the Occident contains some toiling
Tacts and figures on the fraternity question. Thoro suems i
to bo some method in the madness of the Occident.
The Undergraduate gives a page nnd a half to notices of !
the Atlantic Monthly, Century nnd St. Nicholas, appro, i
priate matter with which to till up a College paper i
Wo And the National Scientific Journal among our
exchanges. It is devoted to tho advancement of science,
the mechanic arts ami agriculture .nnd contains numer
ous illustrations of now inventions.
The last number of tho Student Life contains a good
article on societies as educational institutions and auoth.
on prohibition in politics. Tho rest of the pnper is filled
with remarks onMrawlng and culo sppocclios about the
The College 'Transcript is a nice and noat pnper, but it
takes so long to find tlio placo after reading ono page that
we don't like to tackle any of it excepting the first and
last pages. Tho fun of the Transcript is quite certainly
not "good "
Presidont Woolsoy is reported to have said : "When I
was president of Yale College I was asked if I would bo
willing to admit women students there. I replied that It
would if Vaar College would admit young men. That
ended tlio discussion.
Exchange editors will thtuik the Jicrceleian for giving
us something now in this department, specimens of
college poetry of all descriptions arc found hero nnd any
one thinking of writing any spicy poetry would do well
to examine the modol.
With our latest exchanges comes a little pnper from
Portland, Oregon, called Tlie Archangel. The paper con
tnius four locals, and three pages ol advertisements.
It seems to us that a monthly paper might bo more inter
csting than the Ardtangel.
""'Cr 1r nteainittoil linhitfl RIIV8 that CTCOlOCV llflB
are not as applicable as supposed to school girls.
Ovor tho garden wnll,
Apple trees big unit t nil,
No apples ns vol mo hnrd to get,
And you tuny liet,
I'll neor forgot
Tho night tlmt dogs on mo were got,
Ovor the garden wnll. Ex
Tho Vidette Reporter with several other exchanges thinks
that the College Faculties ought not to require the ed.
itors of tlio college papers to write tlio required nunibci
of orations and essays prescribed by the law of the school.
They claim that the work of college editors Is more thnu
equivalent to the proscribed course of essay writing.
''lis a solemn thing on n Mill, still night,
To stand lty tho rlvor ido.
Ami gnr.o on tlio moonbeam's silvery light
Ami list to tho moan of tho tido.
lint 'Its sadder Tar when I ton at night.
On my bod, with my eyes opened whlo
When tlio watch-dog howls in tho pale moon light
When I lift to tho moan of Iho tied.
Tho Electrician is numbered our lnteest exchunges. It
is a journal devoted exclusively to tho advancement and
dillusion of electrical science, describing and illustrating
electrical inventions In our own country and abroad.
The Bleclriciau is certainly well edited nud should
, receive the hearty support ol ail intorestcd in tin's branch
1 ofscieucc.
The cadets of Lewis College publish a twonly-four pago
monthly journal called the lleceille. One cannot help
thinking of brass buttons nud blue coats while reading it
for there is little elso in it but barracks, camp, comrades,
light and 'rail. lJul withal the Jtecoille is a tine appear
ing paper, very readable loo and wc hope that its omni
present guns will never be spiked.
"Ocoati mo not," tho lovor orlcd,
"I am your serf to yon I'm tide,
Don't breaker lionrt, fair ono, but wavo
Objections thine this hand I grave."
"Oh, billow Illll," sho blushed, "I son
You would bench oson ulioro by mc;
Hut I'm mermaid not yet In seine,
And s-licll for yenra that may remain."
Tlio Vassar girls are never so happy, it is said, as
when allowed to go down to tho river unci paddle around
the buoys.
Why is a torn nmbrolla like a small circus! A torn
umbrella makes a display of ribs, a display of ribs is a
side siiow and a side show is a small circus.
A man saw aghi3l while walking along a lonely high
way at midnight. The ghost stood in the middle of the
road, nnd the wayfarer, gnidcided to investigate, poked at
it with his umbrella. The next instance lie was knocked
twenty feet into a mud hole. Moral: Never poke at
je white mule when his back is turned The Legran