Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, December 15, 1882, Page 7, Image 14

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Miss Cora Stono leaves school to tench in Johnson Tin: Stuoknt Is glad to nolo the salu return of Pro
county. Tho students will bo glad to learn that hcrL feasor Fmeraon, who has lor somo limu past been visiting
smiling countenance will bo in our midst again in tho I tho old homestend in Germany. Tho iutelligenno was
spring. --.received a few days previous to his arrival in Lincoln that
"I like to sec n dlflorcnco of opinion nmong Unlvor. 1 tl baric on whlcli he sailed sprang it fatal leak and
slty Regcnls, they will accomplish more and boiler work." i sank, carrying down with It all ou board. Professor pos.
Taking litis lor a criterion, our University lina been tho ' itlvely asserts that it was a falso report,
past two years, undor most nourishing circumstances. Lnst Christmas one of our good looking Sophs, drovo a
For Iho flrst time in several years Lincoln lins export. I t('Vne tandem temo ver north. Hoc super with his ante
in several years Lincoln lins experi
enced Iho terrible power of ill 0. On tho 9th of this month
tho mansion of 0. C. Burr which ho had just finished was
completely burned out, leaving nothing but the walls.
Tho family baicly escaped with their lives and saved
none of tho furniture or even their clothing. Tho loss Is
estimated at about $10,000.
"My father bought a Chester-white pig from Abraham
Lincoln's father. I alwaya considered tho pig as a little
more than ordinary jand Hie fact of our owning a pig pur.
chased of such a royal family had a grctt iniluuncoon my
early life. I looked out through tho dim misty future and
thought perchance I might one day acliievo some of Mr.
Lincoln's greatness." Or words to this effect.
Our ofllco door occasionally blows open, allowing a
flood of props to gain entrance. In order to keep thorn
from creating any disturbnnco or a unoyauco to tho cd.
itors and compositors, they aro kepi busily employed in
looking for "Italic spaces" or diligently searching for
tho in I nu to "type liee(?)" which tho lorcmun dccku'01 to
them exist among tho type in countless myriads.
Bam D. Cox, '80, (or the past two years connected with
tho editorial staff of tho Central City Courier as local
editor, has accepted a position as city editor ou the
State Journal. Mr. Cox was a good student, has been
eminently successful ns local of tho Courier and thero is
no doubt that ho will ably fill his present position. May
all of efforts bo crowned with success Is tho wish of the
A co-ed desirous of creating a spirit of envy and covet,
ousness in her follow co-eds, skilfully slfTued with straw
tho slcovo oilier father's Sunday coat, seated hersolfby
, tho front street window, and tenderly encircled Iho sham
arm about her waist. Every girl passing that way did
not fail to gaze long and intently at tho environed form ;
and not one of them has been ou speaking terms with
thoro cunning associato sinco.
Tho average student is a littlo bombastic in expression,
or at least tho following facsimile note, written by a
Frcahic, would indicate it.
Miss Blank Blank:
Pair typo of human perfee
tion, may I liavo tho rare opportunity of being your noc
turnal concomitant from tho threshold of your paternal
domlcllo to tho antique Pal I ad urn Athcncutn?
Yours Gushingly.
A certain newspaper published somewhere out west,
coHlains tho following : "Wo aro glad to noto tho succos3
of our school board In procuring tho sorvices of Profcs
sor, Smith and Hugg lu our high school for the year.
We have all reasons-to bollevo that these are gentlemen
powwwlng raro accomplishments men that prove an
honor to tho profession, and wo may expect tho work to
bo performed witli consummate ability. Smith will tench
tho boys and Hugg tho girls."
Mrs. Dido. Thoy ct dux, amve. and a huno of riossum.
Our Soph is a terrible fcllo. Ilo lambda man almost to
death Just because ho mentioned that his (tho Soph's)
anser was worthy of an as any time. But he got his
mutch. Tho other man cutis nos off and noctem flat-tmia
flounder. 'His ante sent for tho doctor who gave him tu
doccs of aqua vitae, put some salve on his nos. When tho
, doctor naked him if ho was at'oho replied "sum, jubct."
Tho Palladlan dobating club at tholr mooting Doc. l
dispensed with tho regular programmo for tho evening
and occupied (lie time in a moot court. Tho writer of
tills notice was not present on tho occasion, but was crcd.
ibly informed concerning the august legal assembly and
Its interesting judicial proceedings. Tho attorneys ou
both sides of the case spoko long and loud, eloquently ox-'
pounded many a technical point in Blackslono hitherto
abstruso to tho mind of tho masses. Witnesses tiroso un-
dor oath and g.ivo in tostimony most heartrending while
tho venerable old judgo reclined lazily In his oasy chair,
apparently all absorbed and only changing Iija posture
I, when ho was compelled to rummago through an old song
I book on his desk to settle disputes originating with tho
, counsellor;!. Tho culprit was found guilty and tho caso
lakon to an appellato tribunal.
That was a '"huge" llmo tho Freshman class had at'thoir
last meeting hold at Miss Tuttlo's. Tho weather was ox.
eecdingly mild and with tho oxcoptionof two or llirco all
members of the class wcro present. Tho first thing in
order, adhering strictly to tho program for .the evening
was tho partaking of a most excellent supper, consisting
oftho bivalve, tropical fruits and other delicacies two
numerous to mention. In a few words It was such a sup-
per as none but Froshmau girls aro capable of preparing
1 When all had satiated tlioir appetites and tho empty dish-
1 cs had becif stowed away they repaired to tho parlor whoro
1 thoy remained the rest oftho ovonlug, occupying tho time
In music, sosial chat and various parlor games.
Tho most'promincnt feature of tho ovening, however,
was tho astounding phronolgical examinations mado by
Prof. Conloy whoiu our estimation, is tlto rightful sue.
ccssor of Mr. Fowler deceased. By tho simple procesB
' of examining with the tips of his fingers tho cranial
doprcsslons and protuberances ho is enabled to state
, approximately kow loug a porson will live, how many
times he will bo matrimonially allied, a complete history
of his future flnauces, m factovcrythlug that would bo of
iutorost and vital Importance to those just entering upon
tho billowy sga of human Ufa. Tho co-eds more especial,
ly manife8tedadeBp intefest in this part of of tho ovening's
J performance and, nocdloi&to say, monopolized almost
1 wholly tho entire time oftho Freshman phrenologist. So
pleasantly was tho tlmo passed that it was not till the moiu
1 itor on tho wall "proclaimed tho fact that tho Sabbath
I would soon dawn upou thevvestorn world that tho merry
crowd put on tholr bonnets and scaltcrd.