Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, December 15, 1882, Image 1

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Vol. XI.
No. V.
$fliticclhutcoufi cffqntiou.
.Tupies Gordon Bennett Is well known to bo tlio richest
newspaper proprietor in (ho country. II is paper, thu
ITeraUh will pay him a dividend o( $850,000 the present
A colossal sttitue of Chief Justice Marshall is to he
placed in the grounds of the national cupitol as soon ns
completed, which will be three or four years hence
It will be east in Munich.
A. Georgia undertaker has sent in a bill of $3100 for
burying Bon. Hill. This may scorn exorbitant in' this
caso but we think Nebraska could aftbrd to pay oven that
if somebody would bury a few of our would.-be sen-alors.
A Harvard debuting Club decided the other day that
the Republican party liasout lived its usefulness. This
will save a good dual of anxiety and expense, by doing
away witli the necessity for the noxt national convention
which a few lond followers of that deluded organization
had intended to hold.
Regent Pifleld, who has boon in Baltimore since Sep.
tcnibor, writes that considerations of his health may re
quire his return to Nebraska next spring. Ho is attend
ing two or three courses of lectures in the Johns Hopkins
University. His daughter is a student in the Woman's
Medical College of Baltimore. Mr. Foflclc will necossa
rily bo absent from the Regents' meeting in December.
His first absence from any regular meeting in seven
years His address is 120 N. Eutaw Street Baltimore, Md
There is no end to the power ol the human mind to
make great discoveries. A talented Parisian critic lias
made the recent presentation of Victor Hugo's drama "Le
Roi S'amuso" thu occasion to inform the world that Hugo
is only a poet and is a failure a a dramatist and novelist
A great many people have been laboring under tlio delu
sions that the author of "Notro Dame" and "Les Mis.
erables" had some rank in literature It is well that
thoy are undeceived. Wo hope lese books will bo retired
from circulation.
The progress tno tolcpliono has made during the past
few years is truly remarkable ; but five or six years ago
it was used for talking short distances only; but gradully
increasing in strength they were used at a mile distance,
and now they connect cities which are miles apart. The
latest connection iu the West is that of Omaha andLincoln
a distnacc of 05 miles. If continued at tills rate it will not
be long before the citizens of the eastern portion of a city
can talk with their neighbors in tlio western portion by
The male students up at Kingston, Ontario, do not ap
pear to be overburdened with a chivalious spirit for their
fair companions. At the medical college situated In that
city, they have demanded the expulsion ofjthola'j stu
dents, and as their wishes hive not been emptied with,
they Intend to apply to Trinity College, Toronto, for ad-
mission. Better go back, boys, and try to stand It a while
ongerj we don't do that w.iy out hero. What is the
matter any how; have you been holding a frcc-for-all-go-as-you-please
sutlragc discussion?.
Our reviewers bundle the of today without gloves.
They tell us that Black has no plots, that Howell deals in
mental vivisection, that Mrs. Phelps' latest novel Is of tho
sensational order and so on through the list. It is sug
gested by the impudent newspapers that the Poet Laureate
had better confine himself to poetry and let the drama
alone Wc hope they aro ablo to comfort themselves
with the reflection that genius Is never appreciated 'until
It reaches its centennial, especially as people arc found
who read and admire all tho works of all of them
They do not "nail a lie" or "repel an insinuation" in
France. The London Bocicly t'ils the following good
story ofM. Leon Gozlau, who takes the lead at present for
neat refutation of newspaper slander. A smart journalist
published an alleged account of his having been a sailor
on u certain brig, who had not only incited the crow to
mutiny, but had also murdered the captain. Gozlau im
mediately published the following letter to tno editor .-
"Monsieur: you say that I ltavo been a sailor, which h
quite true; that I caused the crow of a brig to mutiny, and
then killed the captain, which is also perfectly correct.
But you forgot to add a detail which may particularly in
tcrcst your readers; after killing the captain I ate him1
Leon Gozlau."
Every one who has lived iu the South, and probably by
this time, many a one who has never been below Masonl
and Dixon's line, has observed the delight of tho old South!
ern negro in largo sounding words, and his ludicrous at
tempts to use thorn on all occasions, getting hold of some
tiling slightly similar in sound to the word ho has heard I
white people use in a like place. Here is 0110 instance.
"So you applied for a ponslou, Uncle," said I to an old!
darkey who was doing somo work for me. "Were youl
wounded or hurt in the war?" "Oh, no, honey, I wasn'
hurl none, but all dese odor men roun hcah got pensions
and I was in do wall free years, and aint nebcr had
pension yit.
"What part of tho country were you fightlhg in, Uncle,'!
said I.
"Oh, Lor 1 chile, Iso fit all 'roun' de keulry, Norf andB
Souf. Ise bin froo do war Why bres you, honey, II