Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, October 15, 1882, Page 9, Image 9

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Tho Iowa State University has 801 graduates.
Wisconsin Stato University receives 80 now students
from 101 applicants.
No military drill In tho Wisconsin Stato Uulvorslty,
tills term according to tho Badger.
Eighteen of tho twenty mombors of tho modlcal faculty
of Harvard Collogo have voted not to admit womon as
medical students. Ex.
Pros. Pottor, of Union Collego, has boon requested to
resign by the trustees of tho Institution. Tho only objec
tion to Potter is that ho is a poor financier.
, Tno most readable thing In tho Yale Record ol Sept. 10
' - is tho list of names of tho Academic Fro-limon number
ing 170. Only five Smiths among tho number.
A hackmau recently went into lite surf at Long Branch
and encountered a huge shark. Their eyed mot for a
minute when tho shark blushed and swam out. Ex.
Notro Damo University is in possession of a few old
and very valuable paintings. A genuine VanDyck is ono
of their treasures and is valued at $50,000. It Is 39X'18
inches aud pictures tho crucifixion.
Nearly all of our exchanges have to tell of games of
base ball In which tho collego student participated. In
fact there arc baso ball clubs and baso ball, but where is
our own University Club? Why not organizo?
The Young Men's Phllomathean Society of Brooklyn
can boast of a well managed aud newsy journal published
monthly. Tho paper contains essays, society notes,
sketches, political papers etc. and is deserving of more
than a passing notice. -.
Tho faculty of tho Wisconsin University allow tho Soph,
omorcs to substitute Anglo-Saxon for Analytical Geome
try and Mechanics during the Fail term, a movo in tho
right direction. Classical students very often waste much
good time on theso studies.
Let us not hoar again that thoro Is nothing now under
tho sun when "Co eds" dare to and do undertake walking
excursions. Tho Berkleyan ot Sopt. 11th and previous is
sue contains a spicy description of such a tramp, the pro
visions for which cost $7.80 per co-ed.
Tho editor of that department of the Berkleyan styled
the Olla Pod rid a solicits communications from tho stu
dents. U seems highly advisable that somo additional
wit ar.d tasto bo lavished upon that division of tho paper
) if it is to be as good as tho samo columns were Jast year.
Tho Adelphian published by tho students of tho Adol-
phi Academy is, among tho most interesting as well as
Jh bes
-best printed aud neatest of ous college oxchanges. Wo
-congratulate tho editors and students on the fluo appear
ance of their paper as well as upon the matter which it
The College Student from Lancaster, Pa., contains
among oilier good things a description of a tournament
which took place in Maryland last August. Tho affair
attracted considerable attention being somewhat novel for
the 10th century. Tho gallant knight who succeeded in
driving the lance through the most rings was entitled to
tho privilege of crowning tho young lady of his choice
"queen of love and. beauty" to preside over the destinies
of the day.
Tho Badger (Wis Univ.) asks tho Faculty to lossou tho
required numbor of hours In tho nilltaryr drill. Tho edi
tor thinks that 800 hours of military drill too much to
give this exerolso whoa in tho Classical and Scientific
courses no groator amount of time is required iu any sin
glo lino of study.
Unioersity Press "Tho patlonco of tho class in Political
Economy is often sorely taxod by boing obliged to listen
to tho long, sesquipedalian expressions woven Into a com.
plicated seutonco which some of tho mombors aro very
prone to indulgo in and which sound liko tho result of a
fabrication wltliln tho dti9ty walloof a rustic tomplo of learn
lug." Ah I
Tho Senior Class at Yalo finds fault with thotext books
In Psychology aud Moral Law, saying that tho labor of
learning is striving to And tho idea of tho writer rather
than mastering the thought after tho language has bo
como intelligible Finally they ask for some lectures of
an explanatory and olemontary nature to make tho study
of those sciences loss embarasslng.
Literary Notes is now published at Crete iustoad of at
Fairmont. M. J. Manvlllo succeeds Rogont Fitlold as edi
tor and judging from tho first number wo bespeak a sue
cessful futuro for tho only educational shoot in Nebraska.
Tho paper will not touch upon politics or religion; but
while the editor's aim will be It in every particular a first
class educational journal ho also hopes to make tho paper
of tiutcrcstto others besides teachers aud from timo to
time as far as oircumstauccs permit will publish papers
on subject of general interest.
Tho last number of the Notre Dume ScJiolasiic contains
a highly Interesting letter describing tho University
which Is "unquestionably tho most beautiful of its kind
in America and the author ventures to say the most beau
tiful iu tho world." It must, Indeed, bo a raro place for
tho samo letter tells us that tho lakes thoro are "a field of
innocent mirth for tho Sophomore and for the tho Freshio
a stopping stone whereby to mount" etc. This thing
should bo looked into and the discover of theso most
wonderful lakes that aro at the samo timo fields and stop,
ping stones should bo voted his dosorved voward. Tho
students at tills University, tho loiter say aro guarded
like young Lowers: the result of this rather rcmaricablo
system of treating a Unlv&islly Is what ona would natural
ly expect it to bo; i. o., "tho rosobud of health may be
seen lloworlng in tho cheek." (Tho Nebraska Univ. stu
dent is not "guarded like a young flower" not exactly, but
ho can boast of as many rose buds of health to tho square
inch of cheok as even tho Notro Damo student possesses.)
As a matter of information, for it may possibly bo that
all aro not awaro of the superlatlvo superlatlvoness of
this best of colleges, hero wo find tho best of professors
tho best of students aud they feed on the best of beef and
best of mutton) But enough of this ono lottor. If tlto
author still lives, and wo aro thinking ofTlio fato of Anan.
ias, we would like to road something farther from his pen
regarding tills most beautiful University In the world aud
Us most "healthful aud blooming Inmates."
The appearance of tho residence streets of tho city is ono
of great beauty. Tho long rows of maple and ash whoso
sheltering green was our refuge in summer is now
allamo with crimson and scarlet, and dun and gold. Tho
students improvo the occasion for moonlight rambles, do
they? Well .