Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, October 15, 1882, Page 8, Image 8

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T H R tt'lS S'P 15 ft 1 A N : S T If b 13 N T .
Iftfom HLr,ifcf.v.
Liirgu stuck now bonks at Pawkms.
Novcllles in fluo siniloiicry it Pawkms.
225 foot front; solid brick golny up on lllh street.
Sold, what ? Boo'.s and shoes at 0. W. Webster's.
Speech by Hon. J. Sterling Morion, Monday night.
KBiiTiKY & Co., arc making tlio finest Photo's In town.
University books and student supplies at Pox &
Kki.lky & Co., the leading Artists, make a special rcduc
tion to student.
Walt till election day, young men. 'Twere, perhaps,
not so easy to face thouffrnglsts then.
Say that you are a student whc.i you buy boots and
shoes at Goodrich Bros, and you will get them at ten per
cent, discount.
Let it bo on Record. We moan to say that Mr. 0. S.
Record has very ably assisted the compositor in getting
out tliis covy of the Student, and is a genuine double,
leaded nonpareil (sticker.)
A great many literary societies are being organized
throughout the state. This is a good evidence of growth.
The value of a well conducted literary society to the young
people of any community can hardly be over estimated.
Special meeting of Palladian; irrepressible Junior:
"Now Mr. President, every one knows that all these mat
tors are arranged by the buys in caucus. Now wo held a
caucus down in my room; opposing Junior Interrupt,
ing: "Who were at that caucus?" Irrepressible: (indig
nnnt) "Why, there was Mr. Clark and I and, and no I
guess Mr Drydcn wns'nl there." Tableau.
This fellow must be taking the Scicntiflic Course. List
en to the outpouring of his soul:
"0, come where the cyanides silently flow,
And the carbonates droop o'er the oxydes below;
Where the rays of potassium He white on the hill,
And the song'of the silicate never is still.
Come, oh, come!
Peroxide of soda and uranium.
Whilo alchohol's liquid at thirty degrees,
And no chemical change can effect manganese
While alkalies flourish and acids are lice,
Thy heart shall be constant, sweet Science, to thcel
Yes, to thco!
Zinc, borax and bismuth, O plus II and 0
"0! (K) night with hue so black," says Pyramus In
Midsummer Night's Dream. Pyrnmus didn't know it,
but he referred to our accomplished and erudite business
manager after his adventure with a wheelbarrow of type
the other day.
"The wheelbarrow tipped,
Ami tlio typo bad a fall;
Whilo tlio Bub. Man. declared
Ho couldn't help tt at all.
And did the patient, unwearied compositor cuss and
rave at the unfortunate Bus. Man., and comb his hair with
the shooting stick after the manner of all ancient and
approved comps? Ah no, not this one, while aglow of
forgiveness irradiated his benevolent features, lie seized
the business manager's hand and told him to hire a man
to dislilbute it.
tii k nnuiAiir.
Many valuable additions have, been made to the library
since the oloso of last year, especially In the dupartmont
of History and Mathematics. In the purchase of works
on history it lias beon tlio object lo placo tho sources of
Information before the students in order to g:vo them an
opportunity for original research. Willi this object in
view, tho following volumes, some of which wcro ob
tained with great diflculty and at a high price, htvo been
added to tlio list :
On the Puritan Revolution Gardiner's Spanish Mar
riagc, 2 vol., G udlner'sPrinco Charles and Dukoof Buck,
inham, 2 vols., Noble's Life ol Cromwell and Clarendon's
On llic Piench Revolution Travels through Franco in
1788 I), by Arthur Young; Von Sybol's French Revolu.
lion, 4 vols , Van Latin's IIMory of French Revolution ,2
vols; Genii's Memo! is.
On the Renaissance Growol and Cavalaselle's History
of Painting in Northern Italy, 2 vols.. VasarPs Lives of the
Painters' 0 vols., Dieppa and Qua! remote's Ritphael and
Mioheal Angelo, 1 vol., Napier's History of Florence, 0
vols., Mrs. Dobson's Life of Petraich, 2 vols., Foseolo's
Essays on Petrarch : l)riiinmonl,s Life of Erasmus, 2 vols.,
Syniond's Renaissance in Italy, H vols., Pater's Studies In
tho Renaissance a id Mrs. Oliphiiut's Makers of Florence.
On Constitutional History : ICeniblo's Saxons in Eng.
land. Sharon Turner's UNtoiy .f the Anulo Sazons, Pal.
grave's Saxon Pel iod, mid his House of Commons.
Miscellaneous Historical Woiks: History of tlio Jesu.
its by Carlevrlght, also by Stein Melz, 2 vols., Mitchel's
Lile of Wallenstoln, Moshoim's History of the Church, 1
vols., Knight's England, Mieliard's History of the Crn
sades, Translation of Herodotus, Bolin edition, I vol., of
Thucyd,) des, 2 vols., Philip DeCommines, 2 vols.
In the department of Greek Literature: Stcbbon'sThc
8aurus, 5 vols , and the Train-notions of Cambridge Phil
ological Society have been added.
Tlio Department of Mathematics has been enriched by
a largo number of superior works by tho highest authori
ties on this subject. The following will be of great Inter
est and value to the students of Mathematics: Salmon's
Higher Plane Curves, Burlow on Theory of Numbers,
Gregory's Differential Inteural Calculus, Bool's Laws
of Thon'rbt, etc , Bool's Dilleruntial Equations, Morgan's
Calculus, At ili.iiiv ileal Books, On Probabilities, Tod hun
ter's History of tlio Theory ol Equation, Todhunler'a
Figures on Earth, Caley's Elrinentary Treatise on El
Ilyptical Functions, Vega's Table orLogarillims. Everett's
Units and Physical Constants, Cliffords Elements of Dy
namics, Clausing Theory of Heat.
The privileges of the library have been 'cxtetdcd so
that a student ma now obtain mree books at once in.
stead of two as formerly, and on instructor may on his
own responsibility furnish any student of his class with
not exceeding three books. Periodicals, also, may now
bcdiawn. These privileges will be heartily appreciated
by all the students. Tho addition of tlio rcidlng room
and rules in leganl to deportment aro an excellent im
provement on the old system. Formerly the library was
crowded witn social groups, who, by their conversation
prevented study; now, all are quid and industrious.
All the students buy their books of Fox & Sthuvb.