Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, April 05, 1882, Image 5

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Oh, why didn't the Pallndinn young
Indies think of charging some, admit
tancf foe, however small, to their last en
tertainment. They could have uiiscd
quite a sum say for a now chandelier.
the Faculty, and the Student unite in
wishing them a future of unclouded hap
piness. Several weeks ago before tho anti
smoking rule was revived, of course two
We arc informed Unit correspondence ladies entered a class room and found the
from the Grand Secretary of the Phi
Gain m a Delta has been received, urging
the organization of a Chapter here. Will
it be organized? In other words, do our
men possess "sand" enough for such an
undci taking?
The nineteenth of the month is Arbor
Day. Nebraska University should honor
this Ncbraskan institution by spending
the day in planting trees on the campus.
Tlie college spirit which we congratulate
ourselves ou securing can manifest itself
in no hotter way.
If anything is likely to completely de
moralize, "break up," so to speak, a new
student, it s to have everybody in the
library look up from their books and
carefully scrutinize him when he enters.
Tliey always look up, be it new student or
old. That door cannot creak but that
those inside must see who has arrived and
departed, creak it never so often.
The first accident of the foot-ball ground
ha9 occurred ns xc expected, and we arc
very sorry to chronicle it. Our friend
Ed .Miller, while playing Thursday after
nou, was accidentally kicked by one of
the players, fracturing the bone below the
knee. He has been confined to his bed
during the vacation week, much to his
Messrs. Montgomery, Weston, Harris,
Wheeler and Chase went up to hear Oscar
Wilde's lecture in Omaha. Parka and
Livingstone also went up from Platls.
mouth. They were very much impressed
with tho lecture and the lecturer and pro
nounce him "every inch a man." He
said lie hoped we would make a "second
Oxford " out of Nebraska University.
Some halfdozen University boys
assisted tho great tragedian Keene in his
rendition of "Macbeth" at the Opera
House last Thursday night. They were
dressed in dirty cotton tights and fish-line
chain armor, and fought for their country
with wooden spenrs and pasteboard
shields. Several of them have decided
to "star" next season, and will bo billed
'is "Thomas W. Kcene's principal support
in 'bl.2."
We have another marriage among old
students to record. The event occurred
Thursday evening, Marcli 23rd, at the res
idence of Mr. N. Parker of this city, and
Mr. Geo. M. Hawley aud Miss Jessie
Parker were the parlies made happy by
the ceremony. ljoth were known as dil
igent, careful workers during their attend,
ance at the University, and the studenta,
air recking with tobacco smoke. They
immediately opened all the windows and
were enjoying fresh air when tho Profes
sor arrived. "Young ladies, is it neccs
sary that the windows be open?" "Yes,
Professor, the air of the room is very Im
pure." "Oh, I see! I have been ah
been burning chemicals tins morning."
The co-eds nudge each other and retire to
The Palladians were slightly discour
aged over the result of their first prelim-
ihnry debate. It seemed that the members
were afraid to meet eich other on the
forum and be graded as to ability by com
potent judges. The second debate, how
ever, was very successful. Eight speakers
participated, and made it interesting for
themselves and the audience for over two
hours. The judges marked as follows:
Geo. McLean, GO; W. C. Knight, 50: Ed
Yates, 70; A. O. Taylor, 40; C. T. Brown,
70: B. W. Marsh, 08; B. L. Marsh, 65;
J.N. Drjden, 70.
Bo It recorded that thrs Palladians are
ofliccred tliis term by the following ladies
and gentlemen : President, Eugene Mont
gomcry; Vice President, Miss Clara
Parks; Secretary, Miss Josio Chapman;
Cor. Sec'y, Miss Maggie Jones; Treasurer,
W. C. Knight; Historian, C. C. Chase.
Tho new Union officers, elected the last
Friday night of the term, are as follows:
President, W. P. Sullivan : Vice President,
J. R. Force; Sec'y, C. A. Pierce, assistant,
Miss nelen Holmes; Treasurer, J. &
Churchill; Sargcant-at-arms, Miss Nellie
Lett; Critic, J. H. Holmes.
Are our students emaciated and cadav
erous? Do they look as if they slept un
easily one hour of the night and studied
the rest? Arc their eyes sunk in their
heads and their cheeks hollowed out like
the valley of Salt Creek ? Well, not many
of them. Are we a consumptive, feverish
lot? Mighty few of us. And why? We
live around town, away from the collogo
building. Therefore, wt- have daily
walks. We have recreations, frequently;
always on Friday evenings; and can spend
c i..v n wn choose. Best of all we
live in Nebraska, and breathe its pure,
bracing air!
A party of the members of the Holmau
Opera Company visited the University
Wednesday moiuine of last week They
were shown through the entire building
by J Anitor George, who wn unusually
attentive in view of the fact that many of
the victors were of the feminine persua
sion and handsome. Considerable time
was spent, in Palladian hall over which
the young ladies became very enthusistic.
While resting there they favored the den
izens of the third floor with a number of
finely rendered soles and choruses. It
was indeed a Heat for those who chanced
to be in hearing.
The announcement of the third essa of
the year appeared on the bulletin board
a few days since and caused great sorrow
among the industrious students. Wo pub
lish the subjects for the convenience of
those of our readers who arc alllicted.
Senior Commencement orations will be
due May 15. All essays are due April 12.
Junior Forensics. Whether the mode
of appointing civil officers by the execu
tive be better than the ancient mode of
electing editors in the Union society.
Sophomoic and Freshman subjects:
Delect of language us a means of ex
pression when you prepare a pony and
find that the examination is on a different
part of the book.
Preparatory subjects:
Place of brindled tom-cats and yellow
mules in poetry.
Inlluence of the ice-cream saloon on
pocket book.
A letter which proves to be a wash-bill.
"Girl's Night," the 17th of March, was
the most inteicsting and best attended
society meeting ever held in tho Univer
sity. Tne Palladian young ladies had
the afi'air in charge, and :is it had been
rumored that a broom drill and other
pleasing exercises were on the program,
the hall was packed at an early hour and
many were outside clamoring for admis
sion. Palladian hall was entirely too
small to accommodate the visitors. To
adjourn to the chapel seemed the only
alternative, and it was no sooner said than
done. In less than tliii ty minutes between
five and six hundred people were com
fortably seated in the pews and a multi
tude of chairs and settees brought from
all parts of tho- building, and the exer
cises were commenced. We regret that
lack of space renders it impossible to
give an account of each feature of the
program. Tho literary and ridiculous
were mingled in a most happy manner,
while the whole was interspersed' with
music by the best talent of the city nnd
the University. During the " exhibition
by the elocution class" the audience was
kept in a perfect uproar which gave ymy
to silent admiration when the trim little
squad filed in to give the broom
drill. The ladies wore while aprons and
Normandy caps, and were armed with
brooms and dust pans. The manuul of
arms and inarching movements were
executed in n style ciuditablo to oven the
cadets. The young ladies are to bo con
gratulated on tho success of their entertainment.