Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, February 15, 1882, Image 6

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At Cornell College, N. Y., the boys cure
sore throats by gargling with lugcr.
The Inter-collegiate contest between
the colleges of Minnesota will take place
in May at Minneapolis.
. "Four years at Harvard," or Reminis
cences of an Idler," 'will soon be pub'
lished. It is a companion book to "Pour
years in the Saddle," by a Yale graduate
Prof. Sanford of Chicago in an able
article on the ''Sphere of College Journal
ism," says that the "chief demand is foi
that which is of local interest. " This
agrees with the ideas of the Student o
the question exactly.
Feuderson was at the theatre the oilier
nigh I. "It was a burlesque, a take-off,
wasn't it?" asiced Smith. "Yes," said
Fenderson, "that is what il was, I guess.
They had taken off about everything they
dared to." Hobart Herald.
"Ye pigglc U a handsome fowl,
And uond'rous good to cat:
111b check is good, likewise hysjowl,
And eke hys little foot.
But If you try n thousand year
I trow you still will fnylo
To muku u silk purse ol live err
Or a wlssel of hys tnyle."
Lane Colltglan.
The Trustees of Rutgers College have
passed a resolution recommendng that
the Faculty take measures to prevent the
students from wasting time on such things
as athletic sports, boating, glee clubs, etc.
Great Cresar's ghost I What arc institu
tions of learning for, anyway?
A number of liquor dealers have been
prosecuted for selling; intoxicating drinks
within one mile of the campus of the
University of California, and now they are
testing the constitutionality of the law in
the courts. Is it possible that a demand
for these things exists at that institution?
Let the Berkeley papers rise and explain
F'.iur students at Wacousla, Wis., stole
a farmer's gate. Thefuculty condemned
them to expulsion or whatever punish,
merit the farmer might inllict. He sen
tenced them to chop four coids of his
wood ai.d deliver it to a poor widow,
which they did lo the music of a band
ami the plaudits of a crowd that watched
the operation.
The Harvard Freshics have extin
guished themselves. Some sixty strong
thcyieserved front seats for Oscar Wilde's
lecture, and just as iho renowned resthete
was about to appear, tiled in dressed in
the regulation aesthetic costume, spikes,
knee-breeches, sou flowers, and all. Mr.
Wilde " dropped to the racket " at once,
came on the stage in ordinary evening
dress, and jy his remarks in regard to the
attempted grind showed that lie was up
to Freshmtn tricks.
The Freshmen of Brown University in
Providence, ordered their annual dinner
of a caterer, and prepared to have an
elaborately good time, including speeches
and songs. At the time appointed, Ihey
marched in procession to the diniug hall,
with banners flying and appetites sharp.
They found the tables littered with the
rem nan Is of the feast, which had been
eaten by the Sophomores, who had im
posed themsehes on the caterer, and in
duced him to get the dinner ready an
hour earlier.
The following is supposed to describe
the '"Vcrngo Calilornia University student:
A Berkeley Colloge young mnn,
A srlbucr for knowledge young man,
A bcer-drlnklng bummerful,
Mnohlng all euinmcrl'iil,
Sophomore young man.
Here at Nebraska it would read some-
thing like this:
A Lincoln High School young girl,
Now n 'Verslty Prep young girl,
A delicate constitution,
Take music nnd elocution,
Cut up In the hall young girl.
For college escapades, Cornell is far
ahead this year. Last week the Fresh
nun abducted the member chosen by the
Sophomores to give a toast at a class sup
per, although he was found in time, with
the aid of the police. The sophomores
swore vengeance, and determined to
break up the F.cshman class supper,
which occurred last Thursday evening, at
all hazards. To this end they forcibly
seized upon the class president, vice-president,
orator and others, and drove them
oil to neighboring towns, strongly guard,
ed. The Ficshmen with the aid of tie.
teclives, and after slight skirmishes, suc
ceeded in bringing their classmates back
amid the shouts of the class, and the
Freshmen had their supper the curses of
the Sophs to the contrary notwithstand
ing. The much discussed question of com
mencement orations lias lecoived u little
attention at the hands of the Regents of
Wisconsin University. They decree that
a curtain number of the graduating class
shall be selected by the Faculty to deliver
honor orations. The Faculty then de
cides how many adoitiona! orations shall
be delivered, the orators to be deckled
upon by lot from among those who sig
nify their willingness to take part. If
enough do not desire to appear at com
mencenifiit to till the programme, the
Faculty may appoint the remainder and
lequircthuir appearance as a condition of
graduation. The Senior class has resolved
to take no part in the commencement
exercises if the obnoxious rule Is not
abolished, and the Juniors and Sopho
mores will do the same. We alia!! iook
for something interesting from that quar
tor when June draws near.
$nrm galhute.
This is the college farm house. Is it
not pretty ? It belongs to the agricultural
department of the University of Nebraska.
The agricultural dopartment must be
carefully nursed for il is the biggest part
of the University. In seven years it has
had two graduates.
The farm boys should walk in the foot
steps of their instructors if they can.
Then they will learn how to thresh pump
kins nnd husk cabbages and raise Scrape-
shire hogs n..u sorghum. There's mil
lions in the sorghum, but the wheat is
harvested by the chintz bugs, and the
potatoes are mammoth only in expectations.
These are watermelons, squash and
apples. They are small, but the farm is
young yet. Watermelons should be sowu
in July. Squash may be harvested with :i
hay rake. Apples should be salted down
early in the winter and the brine changed
every three days.
This is the mammoth foot-ball It was
grown from the seed at the state farm.
(See Ag. Rep. Vol. VII, VIII, of Rep. Re
gents, also see Rep. Hurt. Soc, pros J 881-2.
Also, " How Crops Feed," standard issue.
Tuc cultuic and exportation of foot-balls
is bound to become a large and profitable
part of the farm work.
This is the college ram. It is not a
hydraulic ram, it is a bucolic ram. The
ram (p) age is not known. His name it)
Aries. Ho is a rambunctious rambler, and
it is proposed to brl ig him in to clear the
third hall. The., you will hear the ram-pant.
This, gentlemen, is tho thoroughbred
Durham lamb that furnishes all the parch
ment for the University. It is sometimes
lamda little. A diploma in the University
of Nobrasku cosls five dollars. Cheapskln.