Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, January 02, 1882, Image 6

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The University telepono came near do"
slroying the friendship which exists be
tween George McLean and Don Clark, of
the Telephone Exchange, the oilier eve
ning. George had just returned from
prayer meeting and was sottlingdown for
a quiet hour's reading when the little in
st nun out across the hall spoke up, long
and loud,
Tingu-ling-ling ling!!
George put down li is paper, got out his
keys, and started to see what was wanted,
No answer.
Still no answer. After u pause he rang
up the central ofllco and demanded,
""What do want, Don? Did you call
the University V"
" N ii-w ! "
"Well, the thing rang, anyway," mid
George returned to his room; before he
could seat himself comfortably again he
heard another imperative
He started and listened, half believing
it was the wind, but another sharp ring
assured him that it was tnc telephone.
Again he could get no answer, and rang
up the central oftlce.
"Hello yourself! What is the matter
with you?"
" What do you want?"
" I don't want anything," replied Don
" What did you ring the University for,
"I didn't! Havn't rung at all for at
least. an hour! "
"Well the old thing hns been ringing,
and I know it, anil if you don't let up I'll
see about it! " shouted George.
" Oh, go oil" and soak your head, you've
been dreaming," was tbe consoling reply,
and here tho conversation ended.
Meanwhile, a young man concealed in
a dark cornei of tne hall was hugging
hiniM'lf over the success of his scheme,
nearly choking in his efforts to keep from
laughiiig. In hi- hand was an innocent
looking little alarm clock. It had caused
all the double.
MUs Nellie Reed is visiting at Hastings
H. M. Worley is teaching a fine school
at Unadilla.
R. N. Piper observed Xmas out on the
Republican this year.
Mixs Kate Jones spends the recess with
In r sister at Villisca, Iowa,
R. L. Marsh is in New Jersey, where his
best giil resides. Ho will be absent two
weeks longer
Fred Clark, formerly of the University'
is now n stock man at Weston.
Miss Emma Richardson, of the art slu.
dio, is spending the liolidays at Crete.
Our business manager, Mr. 11. F. Mar.
shall, spent a part of the Holidays visiting
friends at Greenwood.
R. R. Davis is in the city, crnmming for
examinations. He seems pleased with his
position at Plaltsmouth.
Eb Fairfield and Frank Parks, old stu
dents of the University, spent Christmas
under the paternal roof.
Dan Wheeler and Clem Chase will re
turn in time to make their New Years
calls in the Capitcl City.
Sheridan and Sullivan yoked up to
gether and ambled off to Saline county to
browse during the recess.
Wash. Rare, '70, is farming near Syra
cusc. Rumor says, well no matter whnt
it says. Wait for the cards.
Frank Myers will not return to the
'vcrsity next term He will .spend a few
months in agricultural pursuits.
Miss Orissa Swisher is' in the city visit
ing friends. "Rissa " is nssistanl prlnci
pal of the Unadilla schools this year.
Mr. Don Clark spent the whole of last
weeic pasting up in the back of his head
the contents of several ponderous his.
Mr. A. E. Hargreavcs, one of tho Stu
niJNT's most genial city patrons, leaves in
a few days for a three months' visit in
Tommy Fralim will not he with us
next term, but will attend school at Hast
ings In the springs he expects to return
to the University.
Our fat friend William Henry Liclity
takes his lay-off at Red Cloud. A scar,
city of provisions is already icportcd
from that quarter.
II. IC. Wolfe, '80, and J. S. Rridonbaug!
'81, were in tho city last week. Roth are
now pedagogues, tho former nl Edgar, the
latter at Dakota City.
Chas. A. Rising, alias "Duffy," has
gone homo and will probably not return
until spring. Ho will be missed by tho
jokers who congregate in this den.
Mr. Irving Sncll, once a student here,
was married last week to Miss Heltio
Young, of Lincoln. Tho Studknt wishes
tho j oung couple unbounded happiness.
Among those we noticed taking tho
train for the east, on the 21th, were Messrs.
Snell, ('huso, Wheeler, and Wlggenhorn,
and Miss Narcissa Snell. A number liv
ing in Hint direction had gone before the
close of the term.
Children's olmnn.
This is a pic-lure of Piol. Church's
horse and Rug-gy. It can id-ways be seen
stand-lug at tho east Door. This horse is
fast nu-i-mnl. Ho is fast to a post, and
has to fast all the morn-ing, and when
there is Fac-ul-ly Meet-mg, all the after
noon, too. Must ho not have a fac-ul-ty
for fast. ing? Can the Horse uu-der-stand
Lal-in, like his Mavler? Yes, the Prof-es-sor
says, "Jge Equo Gcltupihus" and
the Horse moves, when he Whips him.
This is the Lin-coln Street Rail-way. It
runs from the Uni-ver-si-ty to the Chan-ecl-ior's
when it is built. The Car on
the left is not wrcck-ed; It is a Mi-rage,
that is, a Cloud cf-fect. The Lin-coln
Street Rail-way is all Cloud effect. It will
ncv-er effect any-thing else.
K3 wm?m s&Qm
Hero we have a Scene at the De-pot.
The Trains have just come in and tho
Russ-es arc nu-mei-or.s. (Russ-cs are al
ways 'round where there are Trains.) The
Coach on the right is the di-rcct lino lor
Sal.til-lo. If some Slu-dents don't coach
they w ill go to Sal-til-io. Queer, isn't it?
The Picture in tho mid-die rep-re-scnts
Rar-nard on a Rus(l). Ho goes very of
ten. Then he is el-e-va-tcd. lie Imnd-lcs
the Whip very grace-lully, does he not
CiiAi'Tim IV.
This is our Ed-i-tor's pri-vnto Rui-oucho.
It is an exact mod-el of George Washing
ton's family Car-rl-agc. There is mor
age than carri in this, how.cvor. Would
it not bring Tears to the Eyes of the
Father of his Country? Where nre tho
Horses? Oh, they have gone to feed.
Thoy live on (n)"tos.
Heigh ya! hi! heigh ya! Here they
go! Wlio aio they ? Why, Soph omorcs,
of course, go-ing through OoMego on
their Po-uics.
Novelties in fine slalioncn at Fawcll's.