Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, January 02, 1882, Image 3

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jjv reason of I ho present system of
Mwly in ilio Univcrsily, n vacnliou comes
(o the student as a blessing. There can
lie no doubt as to the value of Saturday
UTiiiitioiiS in so far as the study of books
is com1 rncd. Tliero still remains, how
ever oilur equally important consider
nlions. The study of text books alone
ethical' h no one. Their influence is nar
rowing and only broadened by general
read in it. A student taking two or three
clecliM is almost sure to have recitations
on six dajsof the week. He hardly fin
ishes his leoitalions on Saturday before
the labor of preparing his Monday rcc
itntion begii.s. There is left little time
for society work or reading. Before the
end of the term this routine becomes
wearisome. Saturday recitations are the
worst on account of the societies Friday
evening, while recitations on Monday arc
poor by reiiKon of the intervening Sab
batli The belter plan would be to havo
recitations on Saturday and none on Mon.
Tm: Student lias reason to congrat
ulate itself that it is once more on a pa,
lug l:cis. During lite last three months
it luii contracted no debts, but actually
cleared u few dollars. All that it now
iicciU is the active and cordial support of
tho students. There are some improve
litems the present board would like to
in nke, but cannot unless the students sup-'
pari tliein. Money is an essentiul thing
in conducting a paper. If you are not a
stibsciibor cannot you become- one? The
paper is carried on for your benefit, and as
a student it rcp'cscuts your interests; at
hast Mich ought to be, and is, its aim.
There has ever been a tendency to allow,
yes, ;o compel the board to conduct the
paper as best it it can. When the Asso
ciati'ii oncn elects its ofllccrs it thinks it
has done its duty, and so sinks into utter
oblivion until the timu for another elec
tion. Tito board has no desire to shrink
from this responsibility. It does wish,
however, to impress upon students that it
is their duty as well as privilege- to sup
port iliu Studknt. It asks no alms of
you It is not an object of charily. For
your money you may expect an equiva
lent Furthermore, what is yours, you
ought to support. Such is tho paper.
Willi you rests the question whether or
""i it will be bound, furnished with a
cover, and otherwise improved. Let your
niihwcr he not in words, but cash.
No man is born great any more than he is
born educated and cultured, lie may
have that within him by which he may
accomplish great and grand results just
the same as he bus tho natural ability to
master a collegiate course. Still we are
no believer in the equality of men. The
history of the past and our own experience
tell us this is a delusion as false as it is
pleasing. You may flatter the vanity of
a good earper.loi by tolling him he can
sway tho mulliuido like Henry Clay, or
become a? skillful a financier us Hamil
ton. It is not, nor cannot, be so. You
may change tho channel of the stream
but you cannot check its onward progress
toward the sea. You may lure the poet
from his verses, for a lime, only that lie
returns to his work villi renewed vigor.
To be successful one must choose a call
ing he has the ability to master and then
give full play to all the powers of his
nature. Hut what lias this to do with
greatness V Only this: one may have the
tools to accomplish a great work of n cei
tuiu Kind, but wuste his energies and
blunt his tools on something else. So he
may havo tho dormant abilities to become
a Napoleon or a Gladstone, but never be
one, because he never exercises Iheso
abilities Our faculties are given us to be
put to active use. If they are not of an
order to achieve great tilings they arc
sufficient to accomplish that which is just
as important. All kinds of people, all
kinds of natural bents and desires arc
necessary for the peace and It ppincss of
litis world. Were all Websters and
Illalncs, the fire in the foundries would
die out, the great doors of tho manufac
tories bo closed, and there could be no
such no such tiling as gicat men, as all
would bo equally great, and greatness is
a relation, not an absolute term.
gxclitmgc gric-H-hriic.
''WuiiitEiN lies greatness," is often
MkoA nnd answered in many different
ways. If it is born in one, will it not
hine forth distinguishing under all cir
cumslances him so highly gifted? if it is
not, then why tho ecasclesB toiling, lite
striving after fame? There seems to be a
medium between these two cxtromc views.
$30,000 lias been added to the endow
ment of Vassar.
Tho new museum of Michigan Uuivcr
sity is to cost $00,000.
English Universities have no college
papers published by students.
There were 130 American students in
German schools and Universities last
The cry of the college press: "Holp us
Cassius (cash us) or we perish I " JV. Y.
Seven professors of Minnesota Uuivcr.
sity have been removed on account of in
competency. Lesson in Logic. Prof-" What would
you say of the argument represented by
a cat chn&liig lici tail ? " Student.-" Slio
is feline her way to n cat-egoricnl conclti
slon." Applause.
There seems to bo a general misuudcr
standing between the University of Cali
fornia and the people of that state.
Doanc College, our neighbor, had an
enrollment of 77 for the fall term. It's
organ, the Owl, is announced to hoot five
times during tho coming year instead of
three as formerly.
The Knox Student is an exceedingly
well gotten up sheet. Its typographical
appearance is faultless, and its matter
crisp and iuteresling. We sha'l be pleased
to meet the Student often.
Tho father of one of our University
lassos asked her if George, (who has
been paying her attentions,) had obtained
a situation yet. "Obtained a situation?
Why, how disgusting I " she replied "No.
but he has accepted a position."
Wo agree with the Campus, of Wiscon
son University, that our mixing up of lo.
cal and advertising matter is in bad taste,
but others may claim that our tastes are
perverted. For instance, that useful in
dividual the advertiser, seems to think il
is just tho tiling.
llutgers Targum has a department for
queries and short contributions from the
students. This column i3 very Interest
ing, and should be adopted by collego
papers generally. We "will open such a
department in this paper if any encour
agement is given by our students.
The Linsley Echo is among the few col
lege papers that publish other than good
literary or college matter. We can see no
excuse for doing this. A collego paper
should be a college paper, and not a reccp
tacle for the trashy matter and stale jokca
found in the funny papers of our country.
The local editress of tho Howard Col
lego Index and Chronicle seems t devoto
her entire time and energy to making a
' mash " and pays particular attention to
the local of a cotemporary with that end
in view. Of course it is none of our busi
ness, but we cannot help offering the sug
gestion that a llirtatlou is hardly the pro
per thing in a collego paper. With tho
exception of this fault thu paper Is a good
one and makes a neat appearance.
The Vassar Collego girls havo adopted
the following glove language: Drop a
glove You betcherlifo. Half unglovo
left hand What arc you giving us ? Tap
tbo chin Willi the glove Chew your own
wax. Crumple tho glove in lite left hand
Never? Crumple the glovo in the right
baud Well, hardly ever. Turn the glovo
inside out Wipooff your chin. Fold the
glovo neatly I regard you as a bald
headed snipe ol tho valley. Put mi your
left glove I'll put a head on you. Slap
tho back of the hand with tho glove
Look out; I carry a razor. Ex.
m it ii Mil Jim nil