Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, November 01, 1881, Image 4

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book.s The worthless ones wore made to
bring in 11101103' ami not to be read. The
influence of these silent companions is
great. One's character is, to 11 coitaiu ex
tciil, determined 1.3- his reading. The
common novel unfits the mind for more
substantial (ood. This will be remem
bered by all, who have road, oven such as
Dickon's novels. On the contrary the
reading of George Elliot's novels have
an influence and training akin to that
produced b3' the study of mathematics.
Nnpolcon delighted in Ossion and Pin
lurch's Lives. Goethe was so taken with
Goldsmith's Vicar of Wnkofield, that hd
was not satisfied until he hud found a
family corresponding to the parson's fain,
ily in Goldsmith's description. Learn
what 11 man reads by prefoience, and you
have, in part, the key to his character.
Alany have, in a great measure, been made
by the influence of books. In every stu
dents own experience some one book plit3's
an important part, as having caused him
to turn iiis attention to study and system,
atic reading. Books like friends arc suit,
nble to different mood and purposes. To
0110 we turn for rot-re tion and rest; to an.
other for enjoyment, pleased with its gos
siping style; to another fur consolation in
lime of sorrow- to still another we turn
for infoi million- Over tho sentences of
the last wo ponder, and arrnnge the
thoughts in-order lor future use. Jit is not
necessary lo rend some books word b3'
word, in order to know their contents
Some one lias said the object of reading,
was to llud out what was in a book with,
out reading it. Edwin Whipple possesses
this power in a remarkable degiec. By
reading n few extracts from as many
different pages lie becomes master of the
contents of the book.
No rule, as rogatds tho number of books
to be read can bo laid down. Dr. John
son said: "Whilst you itnnd deliberating
what booh your son shall read fli t, an
other hoy has read both; tend anything
five hours a iluy, and 3011 will boon be
learned." Many eminent men have attri
butcd their succors to the fact that they
mustered one book. On the other hautL
men of such universal knowhdge, as Na
poleon and Chntierlon, rem I cverjtiju,
that enmo in their way. In working up
his first Uw suit, Thomns (Wwiii's oniy
reference wat an antiquated volume of
Milton's Paradise Lost Book are of lit
lie value unless sy-teuMlical)y ubcd.
Were we to icatl ten hours ench day, for
seventy yeais, we could only ivad u miiuII
part of some libraries. From this will be
seen tho necessity of rending only repre
sentative books. The value of 11 book to
anyone is measured, not by tho amount of
Information contained, but by the amount
of information that this one can get out of
Tlioy call him "Column linlll " now.
All kinds of students' supplies at Fa
woll's. Hiilchins & Hyatt beats them all on
Choice novelties in fine stationery at
The University fonco is in a shocking
Boversablo overcoats it Kwmg & Go's
emporium. '
The best pliico to got coal is at Hutch,
ims' & Hyatt's
Call at Ewing & Go's omporlum of
fashion for fiuo clothing.
All tho students go to Fox & Strove for
their books and stalionoiy.
Hallowe'en night brought tho younger
larks of the school out in force.
All the goods found 5" a first class
genu furnishing house, at Ewing & Go's.
AlissAIatlo Trcmau and Alyrtn Osborne
have returned from a visit to New York.
"The CupUiiii," is the name of a fine
stylo of shirts at tho Boston OJ) Cent Store.
Nobby lino of scarfs just received at
Ewing & Go's mammoth olothing house.
Use Glycerile of Hoses for chnpped
face and hands. For sale at Tho Little
For fine dress goods and trimmings
Aahby'a is headquarters, 0. and liJth
Something's wrong about tho oollogo
bell. Whon it rings it shakes tlio whole
Student's head quartors for coal nl of.
lice of Downs & Wobstor, 0. street 2d door
wei of 11th.
Cloaks, dolniuns, ulsters, circulars and
jackets, an immense stock at Ashby's, 0
and UUh street.
Ladies men's, and children's underwoar
in all qualities and prices at Ashby's, 0
and I81I1 street
Have you seen those beautiful Fischer
pianos at VanAIetcr's music store. Go
and hear them.
You can rind anything in the shoe line
at Goodrich Bios. Goods the best, and
prices the lowest
S.udouls will find everything thoy need
11 tho way of stationery and text books
nt Fox 6i Struve's.
Largo invoice of lints and caps latest
novel ties, just received ac Ewing & Co's
clothing emporium.
Air: VanAIetcr has a line Mtppl of
gout's furnishing goods of all kinds, it
greatly reduced prices.
T. Ewing & Co. has the largest assort
ment of overcoats, uUlcietlcs, dress uud
business suits in the city
What's nicer than a walk home with
her on a rainy night with a small inn
brollu? B. wants to know.
li. C. Lett & Son will stand by the stu
dents and give them bottom prices on
everything they buy of them.
Students aro invited to call at T. Ewing
&Co's emporium, whoroHvioy will receivl
tho best goods at reduced prices.
If an agent of the Student asks you to
subscribe, remember that you are one
Willi us, and fork over tho dollar.
Air. VnnAleter's variety of plant's and
organs is most Completed in all respects,
and prices lower than the lowest.
We have our suspicions of the young
man who pronounced tho fracas witii the
cannon as "quite too positively bully I"
Ladies and gent's gloves and nulls also
Germanlown yarn a specialty.
Ciikap Stoub, Cor. 10 & Q.
The next thing tho Unions will be hav
ing tho old cannon up in the front win
dows firing nt intervals to draw a crowd.
Senior, (explaining' tough kntt to a
lough nut,) "Now, that's a line"
Tough nut, "And now you're a lien,
Tho Student ofllce has got a stove up
and the intelligent compositor can no
longer blame typographical errors to the
On the evening of the 21st. Palladinn
Hal' was so crowded witii visitors ihat
admittance could not be gained by late
The Palladians talk of treating their
friends next Friday night so the succu
lent oyster for money. The place is the
Academy of Aliisic.
Piorco's folkb and Wheeler's folks will
movo lo Lincoln soon, that they may keep
a sharper 030 out on their progeny Both
those boys nood looking after.
To the students!! II. 0. Licit & Son
have a complete stock of dry good-, n"
lion, etc., and will make it to ihc mien 4
of students to trade willi them
Go to Airs. A. P. Slum's for fine niillin
ery and choice fancy eoods. Ifemovi-.l to
the room foimully occupied by A. M 1
Davis, north sidoO.St. bet. U& 12 otiecU
English's history of "Jo," the little
terra cotla image on the pedestal in Pai In
dian Hall, was very interesting. "Jo" Is
tho household divinity of the Palladians.