Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, December 18, 1880, Image 3

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i . S" K v IN
Wft ;y T I U3 II E S P E, H I A N S T U D B N T
changed for more gonllcinnnly inslrue
lions." A reporter of the Monthly started
onl lo interview sonic of iho Asbury
sliult'iila on the leading topics of the day
and among tin interesting tilings dieted
are a Senior's opinion that Iho extinction
of the Engl Uh sparrow will be the prom
incut issue of '81 in view oflliu alarming
prospect thai at the present rate of in
crease I hey will cover the earth to the
depth of a thousand miles in so many
years; also a Junior's delluition of a
Soph. A student with a strong pair of
lungs und a head whose brain attachment
is so constructed that it can be laid aside
lor nine mouths of the year. lie it under
stood that we extend the hand of syinpi
ihy to you, Plntoniaiis, who are weekly
subjected lo the tyranny of the janitor at
lei1 o'clock.
We have heard of l he Polyhymnia n
Monthly bill have never 3een it before
this month, win n it comes marked "Please
exchange," and wc couldn't be said to
have seen it then as it is no longer the
Polyhymnia n but I lie Gliontan. The
Vlionian professes Itself greatly aton
ished at (hiding in one of its exchanges
an article on Sarah Bernhardt and. can
only account for it on the supposition
that the editors are. ignorant of the ante
cedents of Miss Bernhardt. It is too bad
that Mich bad papers as the Alma Mator,
The Hiyh Sc'iool Journal, and others,
should be permitted lo invade the clois
tered innocence of iho Valley Female
Seminary. Doubtless those papers go
even to Oborlin and the sight of the name
i't'n'i. ttlmiidouod woniHti will CUlstt a
blush to come to the faces of the modest
ouths and maidens there. We call upon
the exchange man of the Niagara Imlex
to join with us in condemning this out
liige His tender solicitude for ihe child
ren at the latter college is well known
and we are sure of his sympathy .
Another papei thai is shucked is Ihe
W'txtminut' r Monthly ami it is at iwo
things; first at the proceedings ofthc Na
'i. null Liberal League; secondly at the
m:i- whirli I'lof. Winched advances,
Hun there iuu have been men ptevimislo
Tin- time of Adam. It snys: "Pi'ul.
WiuchellV idi as are a Utile ah--md
but it shows what men will
ihiuk in spite of religious surroundings."
We will shake with the Monthly over
what it says about the mistakes in tjpo
laphy. We too are willing to give the
pi inters deit his due, but we lliiuK that
when proof has been read twice the great
(ishiiieot blame for all mistakes is his
pit iue, and we are not willing to shuul
" - such ns appeared in our lusi number,
l'oiit.une sas: "The desire of peifeeliun
is tin vvuisi disease that ever alllieteil the
iiiunaii niiizil." We know of no class a
Her lroin ibis disease as those whose iu
u it is to correct proof. This is staled
is ,i general rule but we make no excep
tion of those in our ofiice, and it ur
spi-liiiig is -ouietiiiics a little queer, do
ii. .t suppose that the Student is an miv-
ate of some reformed method bui try
.old excuse us, and If ever you have
experienced a similar aillictiou lei a fel
low feeling make you kind toward us.
The holiday number of the Wittenberg,
cr comes to hand neat und lusty in ap
pearance, containing a variety ol original
and interesting matter.
"Another 'mashl'" decltf
Fine Holiday uoods nt Turner's.
Ohristinas goods at Fox & Slritve's.
A rich and rare variety at Fawoll's.
Cheap and elegant presents at Faweil's.
An elegant stock of Christmas goods at
Fox & Struve's.
Useful and beautiful presents at Fa
Go to Fox & Struve's and buy your
Christmas presents
Students, get your Holiday presents at
Every one should soo Turner's- line line
of Holiday goods.
Christmas and Now Year cards at Fa
well's. Turner's is the place lo get value re
ceived in Holiday presents.
For fresh groceries of all kinds go to
Hermnuce & Cook's new store.
Fine line Christmas and Now Years
cards at Turner's.
The University closes on tho twenty-
fourtli. Vacation two weeks.
If you would see lino Holiday goods go
lo Turner's.
When soaking your Holiday presents
visit liter's Hat Store; it will pay you.
The display of Silk Handkerchiefs at
ICior's Hal Store is simply immense.
Prize conundrum: Why don't the devil
skate; Answer in our next.
Beautiful new hats made expressly for
the Holiday Hade at Ihe Hat store.
As line a display of gloves as one
should v lsh lo look at. at ihe hat store.
About the only poetry theie is in exam
ination is tiiat it rli vines uiih vacation.
-The new University Catalogue will
probably he published williln the next
tinny days."
The Sitdknt heartily wishes its read
ers and mends a merry Christmas and a
happy New Veal.
Evvlng & Cu's clothing toi style, boaiity
mid csiiccinliy tit can't be beaten in the
B. B. Davis, ye local, is teaching near
Salem, and will uu missed around llics$
parts next lerin.
.1. II. rj.ist 1d.1v left last week, to lake
charge ot .1 iii ii" store in Tecuinseli dur-
Esaiuiue Ueiiuiughause's line line ol
lobuecoi-, cig.iis, anil smokers' a:iicles
113 the University brand of cigars.
The first nice ling of the Frcaluunii class
hex lerin Will le held al the resilience id'
Ml Tebhells.
io later styles ot collars and culls in
the market than is shown by Kiel Ihe
Adam and Eve obtained their sweets by
raising Oane but ilermauce & Cook can
supply you with sweets cheaper than you
can get them even by tliat method.
I am making a finer display of neok
wear than any other house in Ihe city
If I er, the Hatter.
New designs in Scarf Pins, Sleeve But.
011s, Pulse Warmers, Suspenders, Collars
and (lull's at Ivlcr's Hat Storo.
Tho Professors all'. use tho celebrated
Havana-filled cigar manufaclured by
Woltomado & Wolf. Students try them
A lino display of Holiday Hooks at ll
big book storo. Any one who can't
suited thoro can't be suited in town.
A new student asks us what kind of
table they sot at the Dormitory. A woo
en ono, probably; we can't say, positive!,
15. P. Unagnsl has gone ut into t'
southern part ol the county to teach du
ing Ihe winter.
The uncertainties of examinations ar
elections are keeping most of the studen
in a eold sweat just at the present writing
Hermance & Cook are now selling gro
ceries so rapidly and cheaply that they
will soon need a larger room and more
Woltenuule & Wolf's Is the placo to go,
if you want a Meerschaum or Briar Pipe,
or any variety of smoking or chewing
Ewing & Co., just received another
invoice of those beautiful custom mado
ulstcrctls. See them before they are all
This is the season when country news
papers clamor for delinquent subscribers
to bring in wood and settle up. We don't
want any wood, but
Ladies! The Little Storo makes a
specialty of fancy handkerchiefs, novel
ties in neckwear, etc. It will pay you to
visit it and gel the low prices. '
you ctu
of your
' henting
j equal U
ami w
to be le
seals e
Hirv e
If all those who have la'.ely been elected j
to fill olllce and all Ihose who wauled to
be elected come back, we may rely upon, j j ,,
having a pretty fair nt'cndnnci m M term
And now some of the envious cadets
say that the baud boys curry lltelr pockets j notliinj
full of brass bullous besides those that ills
play on the outside. But we don't believe
Boys, go to David May 's and get sonic
of those Hue silk handkerchiefs. He also
has iho best assortment of neck wear,
and a fine lot of the latest styles of Now
York IlnU.
Students will confer it favor on their
parents and sw el hearts if they wiil se.
cure theli photographs of Wheat & Co's
nud (iiesent them uh-n liiev return home
this vacation.
The ignorance displaced in that Higher
(MiMiiistry class is- astonishing one of
the members lalely quest iomd Tutor
Little as to theideuly ol "Tubal Cain, who
is mentioned in the Hie lext."
David May till keeps a large assort
meiil of fine sill; handkerchiefs He also
keeps a luammoib slock of ueck-weai,
and a fine lot of ihe latest styles of New
York. Hats, Ulster, and Ulsterel.es.
Mr. Frank Parks, ol ihe Senior class,
was elected editor in choif of the Student
fi out thcPalladiaii society. It remains to
be seen who will leprcsoul the Unions in
the Studkxt corps.
they hi
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the tcr.
the eve
1 ender
All 1
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and m.
busy d
give so
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lessons lo
and oollcg-
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0C(. iiSwlXll
liuuiio hH
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give so SE
are to tt Iwili
teachers, IKlK
tinuiug lfi
lessons 10 lsJS
and col leg- tt
iils' toini,!, BflMi
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