Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, December 18, 1880, Image 1

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! !r'u '.RY
,11.' A 'I.
Hesperian Student
lTvVi1"KItMTi Or .YJKIUl.tSK.l.
v' T-. .. . -cwrx
Vol IX.
Lincoln, Nicn., Dkokmheu 18, 18S0.
No. 15
$h jktlh$w,
J0S1CIM1 Ol'Kl.T, 1M10P
LntooftlioMAP.SU IIOUSK,
IllUWWWI.t.M, Nun.
hy iitt'i 42?.
f(l commercial, n.otet.
Cor 11 nml P Ste.
J, .?. ljtlllOFIF, Prop.
Gqpd SArx'xitJ''Qavr Q.vJfjrxirx'fiRapr,
Turkisli, Russian,
niul Suit Water Baths
in the Hotel. Rheuma
tism ourcd by Turkish
13. II A L LET, .
AVateTunnlcor, and Jeweler,
.- - -r v" ' . .H
' I tfZJ? $T i3i? -
0 St., bet. 10th and 11th, sooth -lilo.
Conservatory of Music
liMublisIicd by authority
and under the .sanction
ofthe Board of Regents.
Instruction given in a thorough and
systematic manner in all departments of
Tuition rmiKiiiff fJ' $0.00, to K15.00
jor lui'iu,
I. tTk Vocal Klemontary Olnat i rittn to all
114! S H. I10HMANN,
WUolfkalf ami Itrtail Jfealrr in
OII-ClotliN, IuttliiUh.ltiius,
AlutM, Wall Pupor,
Window Shades, Lace durlalnfc I)ama&k, &o
No. S East 0 St. Lin
$vf iUjI.
Wo nro tho diiitrhtort"
OfUoddosa Mlnorvn.
Wo nro prnrtoleiii
In ollinticnl onrvo. or
Tho ecienco botanic
And Innlgnngo Oermnnlc.
Froncli nnd theology,
Snunkrit, geology,
TIiohu aro but imMim-- to ninidrni liko ns.
Diuitc nnd (Joe' lie.
"The aorrowa of WiTUier."
Wo easily road with no Oil..
Algebraic quadratics,
Advanced iimninintlc$.
And chemistry, too, wo delight In:
Hnt as for astronomy
Ami domestic economy,
Those wo nro wondorliilly bright in.
Then honr, 0 Jllnorvn.
Knoll diligent fervor
Of llbuml studio nnd thoel
Grant that each malflon
With worship deep laden
Por ovor lliy vwtftl inny be!
QvrMn Mills.
petent to do all the meruit mil required ol now, will continue hoarding at the Dor
him. It is not U all likely that any hoy mitory next term. Some think that he
of common sense applying for a situation cause this is'a public building they "have
would decline to give u specimen ! a right to call il a "hash house" and
of his handwriting, for there are numbers j similar slang terms, but they should re
ol boys who can write a much plainer . member that not only are they throwing
PltOil THE FXKXril.
Poor leaf of tho frrn.
Where gotl thou"
'I know not Unit. 1 ow.
The Htonn hatti broken the iroe.
Whii-h alone NiiM.uni-d me:
With its iuruuMnnt mind
The Zephyr or tin- i-ant wind.
Since t tint day haf blown uu-
Prom llii' mountain to tin- uillej,
Prom the forot 'o the plain.
My road and the wind's Hit- name.
I RO hilt never complain ;
I go wbero even thing goo,
The lunf of ihu luiiiol; tho loaf of the rose."
and neater hand than the nverago editor,
titid yet not bo very wise. So a merchant
wishing a clerk would hardly be willing
lo take an applicant on the neatness of
hib penmanship alone. Then again, bus
iness men usually attend to thc math
ematics of partial payments and notes
thoinsolves. Now if this boy had been
through the grammar school, and after,
wards attended high school four year,
and had passed satisfactory exam in al ion
in the studies mentioned, he was educa
ted far above the average clerk, and n
great many editors. It can be noih.
ing less than malice or stupidity thai
OCU30S a man in these days to decry .our
plihljc schools. It may bo thai in some
platxts the schools aro mismanaged. Il
may 1)0 that an incompetent board has
Qmployud incompetent teachers, or it may
bo for various ruinous thai tho schools
1 fhil to do their work, its well ns U might
happens, is no reason why a fire of
abuse nnd derision should be constanlh
levelled at litem. When, for any good
luitson the schools are lame, it is the duty
ofthe public press to make the matter
know ii. But the right way is to endea ot
to find the bottom of the fault, and then
nppl ihe remedy. This indiscriminate
t iiiit iiir will never do any good. This
Nebraska newspaper, not pub
lished in Lincoln, we ire glad to
say, is venting a prolonged howl al the
public schools. Hardly a day passes
that it does not contain an trticlc or iw
deriding the schools and charging them
with inefficiency. In a recent issue it
quotes from an eastern paper a conver
sation which is supposed to have taken
place between a merchant and a young
man, just from tho high school, who wiu
applying fr a situation in tho merchant's
btoro. The dialogue developed that the
boy had studied reading writing and
arithmetic in the grammar school, and
had afterward spent four years in the
high school, wheiehe had studied rhetor
ic, literature, civil government, history.
Latin, Gorman, etc. But nevertheless ho
was unable lo write a legible hand, could
not figure in partial payments, and was
deficient in other points, and so was told
that ho was uot Avantod. Now this story
is, so to speak, "thin." If the boy had only
Stioh tuLjjOduoaUon as the grahimar
sohnojigavo him, he must-have been com-
harriers in the way of poor students who
arc enabled to remain in school because
of this cheap wa of boarding, but, also
are doing a great injustice to the Uni
voreity and placing themselves in an un
desirable position. All that is asked of
any one is to find out from those who are
boarding at the hall how they arc pleased
with the way it is conducted and thou
snapo their criticisms accordingly, and not
do that which is so unjust to this iustitu.
tion that the people of Lincoln have so
generously donated for the students of the
uiiuBti mr "?'!
sue siffiiou
Dr Schlioman has commenced opera
tion on the site of Orchomenos in Boetia.
They were walkingby tltc sea-side, and
he sighed and she sigited ; and she was by
his side, and ho by her side, and tlicy
wore both beside themselves, beside
v:il llii; cjQiisuIp whnn ho. sifht A nml
TT' - -J-A . , 9v -, m-m-
Oriental cducHii ui is growing broader
every enr. Al the last matriculation
examination of Madras University 8,5109
(-.mdidtiu presented themselves and 1,004
passi-d. Two thircK of this number came
from non-governiiienl schools, and it is
said that the schools managed by native
gentlemen are large'y increasing. The
newspaper knows, or it ought (o Know, I maioritv of the candidates who r-'iseed the
vety well, thai if it were not for our pub.
lie bdiools, two-lhirds of the childron of
this c unt y would never receive tho shad
ow of an education. There is no element
of our advancement so potent as the pub
lic school, and there is no institution of
our our countn that should be so care
fully and jealously guarded.
We are sorry to say that by some mys
terious way reports have gone afloat that
me very damaging to tlie University
boarding hall. Because of some of these
Inlsic reports a few of those who were
rooming at tin Dormitory lefi it, and
others hourding there were induced to go
el-ewhere. Those perxout who have
said anything 'iainaging about the way
the hall it conducted have done so from
some maliciottb purpose unexpalinablo, or
pei haps, more huh irom p'Tsoiial inter
est. It is to Ik hopi-d that in the future
the truth, al all times will be spoken
about the boarding hall. This term the
students have conducted the Imll on the
club system to the entire satisfaction of
all persons connected witli il. Tho cost
1ms been much les thr.u tho studen's
oouid Imvo'had the sifmo board olsowhoro,
and nearly nil, if not all, that aro thuro
B. A examination were Brnhims.
Pro I. Watson, ofthe Washburn Observ
atory gi otitis or the Wisconsin University
is electing at his own expense a novelty
in the way of iiblroirunicnl investigation
which is known as tho Watbon Solar Ob
gervaiory. Taking advantage of the well
known fact that sinrs can ho se n in the
middle ofthe da from the bottom of a
deep well. Prol. Wat&ou lias carried out
tois thoorg in his new structute, and lias
sunk a cellar twenty feet beneath the sur
face ofthe ground, over which a five story
building ib being elected. At the top of a
hill near thebpol, sixty lie! above the bot
tom of ths cellar, powt-i fnl reflectors are to
be placed, throwing rus of light down a
large tube ending in the cellau, where the
observe1 is stationed. It is thought
that by hi moans bolter observations of
the sun cm be obtained than ever before;
and astronomers and lotieib of the science
will await the results of tho experiment
with interest.
D. R. Ha' soy of the Senior class at Cor
nell, committed suicide. The cause ofthe
act ib unknow. He has oppoared very
gloomy all this term. He was an excel
lout student, but &ocmod to have lost
interest in his studies. :
1 i