Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, November 17, 1880, Image 4

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David May sllll keeps a largo assort
ment of flnu silk handkerchief He also
keeps a niaiumotli .slock of neck-wear,
ati'l a line lot of the late.st styles of Now
York.Huts, Ulsters, and Ulstereltes.
Students wishing to gel their features
struck, and polished oil' according to the
latest, discoveries of the art, are requested
to call on Wheat & Ford, I he first class
photographers. Special rales are ollt red
The Preps are an innoeent set; one of
them being asked in Sunday School what
"Gabriel's Trump" indicated, indlgnntnly
replied; "I want It distinctly understood
that I know nothing about cards."
We are sorrry that this issue appear so
late, but it was unavoidably delayed. Our
foreman attended a "candy pullin' " at the
residence of Rev. Mr. Williams and had
the skin pulled oil' one of Ills lingers.
Uncle .lolm .Morrison, the best tailor
in town, lias just received a tine lot of
French goods- Those nobby suits of our
last year's graduates were made by him.
Give him a call bnjs.
T.s not there something in the Book,
News, Periodical, or Toy line to-day II
so Clason can supply He also keeps a
full line of University text books. Call
on him South side 0 bet 10 and 11
It is mysteriously whispered among the
students that the new Catalogue will be
out inside of tliiity days. Remember Unit
this is not aulhoritaive. This local will
be repeated every issue until its urophecy
is fulfilled.
The ladies frequently remark while at
The Little Store that they get much more
for their money than they expected. The
low prices on Laces, Neckwear, Corbels,
Hosiers', fancy work, etc., is the cause of
We call attention to the fact that Jus
Holiinger, the 'students' friend, lias re
moved his Popular Shaving Parlor to lllh
staect, next door to the Commercial Hotel
where he is prepared to meet all of his
old customers and many new ones.
We suggest that a chair of Scriptural
Theology be established in the University
or else that every student bo compelled H
utteud Sunday School. The ignorance of
the scripture daily manifested is truly
A. classical scholar was reading of a
King who embraced the country. Prof:
"What do you understand by the wor-1
embraced?" Student (earnestly): "Weill
do not suppose that he put li is arms clear
around it at once; that is not the idea
which I had of it."
We would suggest that those ragainuf
fins for no students could have boon in
such a crowd who made such sad hav.
oc witli some ol the University property
not lung since are watched and a ropetion
of the oll'ence will be treated in a manner
not conducive to the liberty of the perpe
trators. Wo were much surprised and shocked
the other day to receive a note from one
of the instructors in the University
stating that the object of hi
classes was to "prepaic tho young ladies
for marriage." Accepting tho maxim
that "The practical is of more value than
the theoretical," tills gentleman expects
to make his classes very popular with thr
We append a list of tho persons who are
to champion the societies in ttie coming
contest: Unions; Invective, Miss Minnie
Codding; Declamation, Miss Carrie Pal
uier; Debute, II. W. Hariuglon; Oiutlon'
B. C Arnold. Palladium): Invective, Miss
.losie Chapman; Declamation, Miss Abblc
Williams; Debate, J. II. Sllvernail; Ora
tion, C. C. Chase
Nothing can surpas tho bud example
of one of our Profs. Not long since he
entoied his class room a little late, pulled
Ills overcoat, throwjit across a chair, and,
actually, a cigar loll out of his pocket and
rolled over to bis feet. The gentleman
just then reminded one of a full blown
rose. The class at once voted him 'ten
censuio marks." The Faculty have a
rule prohibiting students from smoking
li, the power of example in this inslitu
!( u very great!
One of the German students caused
much excitement at the Post Olllce a few
da)ssin e. Ho was wailing for the mail
to he distributed and having a German
book under his arm, opened it and began
to read in a low tone. The theme was in.
spiring and as lie gradually warmed to his
subject his voice rose to a higher key.
Those standing around became interested.
Hemarks such as "when did he escape
from the asylum J" "Is ho dangerous, do
you think V" were heard repeatedly until
one of the student's friends calmed him
and lead him away.
Wo have the sad dun to perfirm ibis
issue of announcing the death of Miss
Clara Stadelman, w hich occurred at her
home in this oily Friday, the 12th Inst.
She was born at Plattstnouth and was a
little over M years of ago at the time of
her (loath. Miss Clara was a new student
ol the University and her untimely (loath
is sincerely mourned by all. Her parents
have the sincere sympathies of the stu
dents. This make no less than tlnee of
our school mates who have been strick
en down by Death's cold hand since the
opening ol the present term. Truly God's
ways are past finding out.
Call oil Home
A recent issue contained a notice of I he
severe sickness of .Miss Laura Guy. For
several months Miss Guy had been grad
ually failing under the dread disease of
quick consumption. The ravages of the
disease completed ils work on Wednes
dav, the !Jrd insl. The sull'erer, through
all her sickness, showed that true Chris
tian valor which can only be found in the
truly good. All feel tlial she did not die
but only passed over to that better land
whore is no suffering. Her former Uni
versit) friends unite'witli her mother and
other relatives in mourning her loss.
In lUcmorluiii.
At the last regular meeting of tho Sen
ior Class the following Resolutions were
adopted and ordered to bo entered on the
Records of tho class:
Wiikukab, III the inscrutable ways
of Divine Providence, our fellow student
and classmate, Owen Q. Adams, has been
stricken down in the prime of life and lias
been taken from our midst, and,
Whkukas, He was a kind friend, and
faithful fellow student, whoso actions
were always governed by his duties to
others, Therefore,
Jte&olced, That we tender our most sin
c.cro sympathy to the mother and friends
of the deceased in this their great afllic
a. r. mitchell, m. d.
Olllco LIUIu'h Muck, lltli Hi.. South Commercial,
Lincoln, - Nkiihaska.
1$. L. Pulne, M. 1.
$incohi gitqmu C wu cyot
Arc Invited to Call and Examine
, V. Mmtin
Entirely New Stock
-OF -
Hooks, Pictures, Stationery &v.
In Lincoln Solo Agt. for the publications of the
American Hook Exchange.
A fine Line of Goods Especially Adapled
for Presents, Society Room Decor
ations and all kinds of Uni
versity Requisites.
C3T"Aiiy Goods not In Stock obtained on thu
yliortcftt popstlilo notice.
ttthml Uflw'
Tenth St., hIx doom HoiitliStnto National Hk,
Staple and Fanoy Groeerles
. oiifcetioiiery,j
Canned Fruit,
test Spring and Fall Flour
North Side (tovcrnnient Siiuure,
Lincoln, .Vcbratika.
Make a Specially of
School Books
guc fntiauqri:
A. W. Field. E. P. IIoIinuH.
illorncts at I At iv.
Ofllcc in State Block,
Teeth imerted on Goll, Silver
and Celluloid.
All Work Guaranteed.
Ofllce over Newman's store on O Street
(Hotwcun Tenth undEloventh Btiuots.)
if. s. Jfiuiuuix u. n. s.
(Formerly of the linn of Kern & Murray)
Cor. Omid 11 Sts.
Preservation of tho
Natural Teeth u Spoclulty
Cor. O and 10th Streets, Uulon Block.
JohIi Hillings snys "(Jit cdluiislmu and shoes;
If you kiint git I'dlcaHluin. j;lt boots and hIioo
& W, WMnt '
Academy of Music, O St.
)f,r o f . .T o lijtB on
IIiih the
Firslclass Tousorial Emporium, well fur
nished with the best brand of Cigars.
O St. Three Doors of Tenth.
Students plcsao remember your old tonaorliil
O. K. Barber Shop.
13. . MASON, Prop.
lie has recently moved into his neatly furii
islied Shaving Parlor ami is now ready
and fully prepared to give general satis
faction. Special ItulvN to ticket GtiNtomtirr,
Twelve Shaves Tor a Dollar
I have in my employ two first class
workman ; G. W. Holiday of Washington
D. C. and .1 II. BuooMFiULDofN. Y. City.
3&-On Tenth St. one door couth of Qulck'8.
Wholesale and Kahili dealers In
Stove, Hardware, Tinware
Wooden ware, &e. &e.
A specialty of Pocket Knifes.
tiSHTFinUlaas Hardwire Store
Kast shlo tho Square. Lincoln, Nob.