Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, November 17, 1880, Image 3

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its University did not gain this award
culls it u "disconnected row of school boy
phrases" mid says Unit when either of the
winning ortitions Is minced to cold
type mid placed beside that of their ora
tor It will be found to be wanting in
many respects. We have preserved cure
fully the Delphic chaructoi of this predic
tion, and will decide which of the orations
"it" refers to when we have seen them
Wo thauk the Student Life for breaking
u lance in our deteuce, our offense being
that we him not "fresh and bid z " enough
to suit Minii' of our exchange v Almost
invariably if wo are comineuded it is be
cause we are "fresh and breezy;" if we
lire to be snubbed it is done by saying we
are not as "fresh and breezy as would be
expected, coming from the wind-swept
pi nines of Nebraska" and we never could
exactly see the singular appropriateness
of the term, or the logic of confining our
aspirations to the attainment of this one
virtue just because we live on the prairie.
To be sure it is as windy as Illlum here,
and the Student gets "breeze" enough
besides, from every quarter, both at home
and abroad. But perhaps if you all got
a much you would not waul to have it
incorporated into the paper itself.
The Student Life furnishes a peculiar
interest from being the only ill us.
tralud paper on our list. The hut number
coiituins a flue pen and ink sketcli of the
nation's dusky ward; there is character
well expressed in the face, and the shad
ing could scarcely be nicer, done with the
pen ; if it is a piece of amateur work it is
certainly promising.
The University Reporter makes a
belter uppeurunee in U now out
side than it did in the old. Let it make a
corresponding improvement" in its con
tents and it will do credit to its age, which
is twelve years. Almost a veteran among
college papers. It contains two pieces of
poetry, one selected the other original.
Taking these two as fair instances it
would be a lessening of allliction if here,
after it would select all its poetry.
Elegant Hue neckwear
at lwlng& Co.'s.
and lancv luwe
The departed spirit of Daniel Webster the Unsi'KWAN force. They have been
was on debate in the Union Society last ! drilling itgularly and threaten to go out
"Play I"
Go to chapel.
"Ten censure marks."
Thanksgiving vacation soon.
Full line, latest styles at Ewlug fc Go's
Tim Seniors have been taking a hoi.
id ay.
Wilson Hro.'s shirts are sold by Ewiug
& Co.
You will find bargains in everything at
Nobby ulstcretlcs and overcoats at Ew
ing & Co.'s.
The German church is very much put.
ionized of late.
Hooks am' staiionciy for the students at
Fox & Struve'b.
Onicns appear on the present bill of
fare at the Dormitory.
Student -ta discount of ten per cent
at Ewiug and Co.. ...
-rt "
0. II. Barnard went home lo
Hock to spend Saluda and Suud.ty.
Mrs. Dearborn continues Iter classes in
elocution at the University.
The University continues to be an uu
musical pandemonium.
Students will find all the books at the
bookstore of Fox i Struve.
Turner invites you to call and see his
line line of Holiday goods.
Now the boys go around sighing for
"Another political campaign."
For ."tyle and make up of goods, Ew
iug & Co. lead the clothing trade.
Miss Laura Kuepi or started for her
Pennsylvania home last Tuesday.
Have you seen tho "Obolisk" shirt?
She Is a beauty. Kier, tho Halter.
The celebrated Marble Head Set. cigar
at Ryan Bros. Red Front Grocery.
The attention of our readers is called to
the communicated article of this Issue.
The finest vases and toilet sets you ever
saw may be seen at W. J. Turner's.
The society contestants are hard
work preparing for the intellectual bout.
New styles in Windsors scarfs and
handkerchiefs to mutch. Kier the Hat.
Query: What does a certain Senior
Palladian find so interesting in the Union
Visit Kier's hat store. He has a large
and elegant stock of huts and furnishing
Prof. Church is now lecturing lo the
Junior class every day on the subject of
Go with the rush lo Ewiug & Co.'s pop
ular clothing house for latest styles and
lowest l.rices.
Mrs. Young and Mrs. Williams started
for their new home in St. Louis last Fri
day morning.
The Cadets talk of making an expedi
lion against the Plattsmouth people next
The chapel choir has a new name
Henceforth it will be known as Prof.
Aughcy's "What is it "
Rumor says the new cutologuo will
have the curriculum marked out under
the elective system.
The Professors all use the celebrated
Havanu-fllled cigar manufactured by
Woltemade & Wolf. Students try them.
Students, you are invited to call at Tv
Ewiug & Co.'s clothing emporium for
flue clothing and gent's furnishing goods.
Mr. E. M. Chamberlain and Miss Lydia
Bell have been grunted tho use of tho
Palladian Hall for their classes in elocu
The practical value of Mechanics may
bo very well illustrated by tho following
suge remark of ono of the members of
the class: "When a body slauds still, it
slays right there; but when it begins lo
move, It goes away."
Friday evening.
Chancellor Fairtleld has been spending
a few days In St. Louis. The Seniors have
tho. privilege of loallng at will while he Is
The students are Just now in a very
gratetul mood. They think it will lake
them at least two days to give thanks this
Woltemade & Wolf's is llie place to go,
If you want a Meerschaum or Briar Pipe,
or any variety of smoking or chewing
Prof. Aughoy has returned from his
Geological oxnodition to Wvoinimr. He
reports considerable cold weather in tho
The Sophomores petitioned the Faculty
to ease up on their studies and as a result
they are henceforth to recite but four
times per week.
The Owl Club enteitainedtho Palladian
Society with some very charming music
last Friday evening. They have consid
eruble musical talent.
Several boys urc waiting patiently for
Mr. Parmelee to buy those peanuts. Call
arouud any day and wo will take pleasure
in assisting to eat them.
Tho Frcsliles have some of them pur
chased canes. It is best for for them to
hide them at once or they miy get them
selves into trouble.
If you need anything in the wav of
cigars and tobaccoes go to R. Hcrming
liaus on O street, opposite the Academy
of Music.
to target practice. A challenge lo the
Cndu'smay be expected any time.
II II. Easterdiiy, who has been sick
with Typhoid fever nearly all the tenm
has returned to the University. Ho looks
pale, but seems to feel quite himself
again. .
We could not see any difference In
prices from former years at S. Schwab's
store. He appears to sell us cheap us he
did lust your. It will pay you lo give him
a call.
Several now pictures arrived recently.
They may be seen in the Latin recitation
room where they aie used to illustrate the
ruins, costumes and manners of the an
cient Romans.
Uermar.ce & Cook keep a full stock of
Groceries, California Fruits, fresh, dried,
and canned. Give Ilium a trial and lake
our word tor it, they will not be found
Several young ladies who left tho Dor
mitory in disgust u few weeks ago have
concluded Unit the institution is still
necessary lo their existence and are go-
ing back.
Eureka! Eureka! Hcrmauce Ss Cook
have moved into their new store in Rich
ards' Block, and are disposing of their
groceries so cheap and rapidly that every
body buys.
There are still a few persons who think
it smart to make a disturbance in the hall
Friday evenings. All sensible students
look upon such conduct with the contempt
which it deserves.
The Misses Knepper intend to return to
their homo in Pennsylvania as soon as the
sister who has been sick recovers suffici
entry Lj be able to travel.
The profits of the Pulludiuu festival
were two dollars and seventy cents in the
shade. The proceeds are to be put out ut
interest for the benefit of posterity.
Which young lady at tho Dormitory is
it who "wears the belt." Information in
regard to the above will be thankfully re.
ceived by our petit Sophomore.
Have you tried any of that Alpha Brand
of Flour sold by Hermanco & Cook. It
rises u it oy magic; manes sweei icui
pered wives and kind husbands.
Ladies! The Little Store makes a
specially of fancy handkerchiefs, novel
ties in neckwear, etc. It willpay you to
visit it and get llie low prices.
Thus far this term the regular ebb ahd
How of society politics has remained mi
broken. Will someone please suggest a
way to raise a breeze?
A student was recently discovured run.
ning around with u piece ol kindling.wood
in his hand and muttering this ominous
eiitence: "Waruin isl don axe?".
1 have some especially new stylos in
Hats, Caps, Underwear, Sliirtn, Collars
and neckwear not to be found in ui.y
other house in Lincoln. Kier the hatter.
Since the lust issue of this great moral
jouruul the Broom-stick Brigade has been
threatening to wreuk its vengeauco upon
A late arrival: It is with hearty con
gratulations that wo announce the arrival
recently of a lino boy at the house of Pro
fessor Emerson. We'll lake a free pass in
German in ourn.
At a meeting of the Hesperian Associ
ation an amendment v'ub passed declar
ing Unit each society shall henceforth
elect its own editor. Goodbye lo Stu
dent rows and sich.
Two or three more changes have been
made in the U. 0. B. The boys are hav
ing bad luck this term, but Ihoy still hold
their pluck, so wo may expect them lo
blossom soon.
The boys who board at tho Dormitory
wisli to return thanks to the young lady,
who loll her Bible, question book, and
Sunday School paper in tho dining room.
It was u new experience to ihem.
Boys, go to David Mays and get some
of those lino silk huudkorchiets. He also
bus tho best assortment of neck wear,
and a line lot of tho latest styles of New
York Hals.
Tne students were much interested in
the arrival of llie excursionists from the
east last week. As u natural consequence
the answers lo questions in llie recitation
rooms was, "not prepared."
The drill before the otlicers of the
naliunal militia of this auto lust Wedues.
day wus not a perfect success. It was the
worst drill we have had this lerm. Come
again, gentlemen, and we will give you
a better impression of our military oduca
fc w
1 '.:i