Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, September 01, 1880, Image 3

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T ll 15 II 12 S P E RI A N 8 T U I) 12 N T.
'TUvUnioHrnity Afisitaurian Is u house
divided against iisoli' on tliu question ol
free will, two of tliu litrt'o an Ides com
posing na literary depiirimunt buln upon
opposite sides of thai question.
"Mr, Lichty has got back."
'"Hello! When did you eomo In?"
"all (he rage" Hat, Kler has tliem?
"How do you like Hie now hulls V"
University text books at Fox & Siruve.
Visit Kiel- the llatler for Nobby Styles.
.TIo XaU Z' pliyrs are with us onco more.
$1.2r buys a very nice wliito shin at
Best styles of Nook Wear al Ewing &
Everybody can bo suited al Kier's Hat
Quite a number of students remained in
the city all summer.
Most fashionable Dress & Business
suits at Ewing & Co's.
About tll'ty htiulunls take board al the
Dormitory this term,
Have you seen the latest thing in a Hal
at Kier's.
No Student row is in progress and the
goose hangs high."
The very latest thing out in Linen Col.
lars al Kier's.
For the present Prof. Hitchcock will
teach (lie Mechanics class.
Miss Smith now occupies her new resi
dence corner of 12. li and U.
The Senior class this year numbers
twelve members.
Students gel a discount at Ewing & Co's
Clothing Emporium.
Geo. McLean visited Falls City a few
days during the summer.
Lieut. Web'ter shares his room with
Prol. Woodborry.
The cadets are making arrangements to
attend the Slate Fair al Oiuuba.
"Isn't our hall the 'prettiest' of the
Cadets will be more numerous than
ever Hi is year.
The vacancy about to be left byPrinci.
pal Palmer lias not been filled.
Blank Books and Stationary at the
biok store of Fox & Struve.
The parents of Miss Mary Campbell
have moved from Fremont to this city.
Several classical Juniors arc studying
'French instead of German.
The Prof, has assigned lessons in En
glish Literature for the term.
An anti-female table has been inaugur
ated at the Dormitory.
jRicliardson County furnishes J about
twenty University students this term.
'.. j-Aioy. UighiSpkooUschoJai:8amtlixiUkkeil
with us this fall.
T ' . VTW5rlWw8fiBS3
. Mush and milk is one of the bills of
fate at the D.irmilory.
What delightfully sweet music tve have
In chapel these days.
Boys go to R Hermit. glums and try a
Commercial, a hand made 5 cent cigar.
W. A. Me Alllsler, '77, is fust inking Ills
place as a leading politician of the stale
Amos Gault, an old student of the Uni
versity, Is piaclieing law in Falls Cily.
All books, Stationary, blank book Al
io r the students at book store of Fox &
Ewing & Co Is headquarters for fine
clothing, Gents furnishing, Hats and
Why arc so many youths witli downy
phiz interested in the Republican Head,
qunrlcis on O St ?
Mr. Webster Ealon, editor of the Daily
Globe, was present taking notes on open
ing morning.
D. W. Fisher, our gentlemanly Business
Manager, has been elected steward ol the
Doimilory Boarding Club.
Tutor in German: " Wie heist the ten
commandments auf Deutacht" Senior
Prep: "I can'tjlieist tliem."
New students had lo p:iss quite a rigid
exam illation bel'oie they could be entered
this term.
Under ihe new rules no student can be
registered in any clas until every study
below has been made up.
Some of the boys have been studying
gallantry this summer. Ask McLean and
lion. II. C. Lett of Brownville has
moved to Lincoln lo give his children the
advantages of our schools.
Some very neat gravel walks have been
laid lo the northeast and northwest cor
tiers ol the University campus.
Prof. Howard erected a very neat and
substantial dwelling during vacation.
"Dill you enjoy your vacation V" was
asked al least ten thousand limes during
the Mist week.
The student canvassers have been called
in and I lie ilogs throughout the state may
be chained up again until next summer.
The IIusi'KiUAN oflloe having been do.
voted as a pari of tliu new Palladiau Hall
lias been removed lo the third room west-
Now that the Conservatory of Music is
in working order fiee iuslrucllou will hu
given in an elementary course iii vocal
The first regular meeting of the literary
societies will be held Fiiday evening,
Sept. 17lli, in their new halls.
Will O.Jones, the Leader of the band,
was unable to bo hero the first iwo weeks
of the term.
"Do you know where there aro rooms to
let?" is a question which has been asked
five hundred .limes during.lho paal.week
The Students delight! 2 cigars for 5
cents at W. W. English, dealer in Grocer,
jes on Jtli Str.cet. CjUl.'iu und give him,
urtJjbflM.K) ; r.i
Some negro women in ihosuburlH seem
very iMilhuslantlc over the reiurh of a ecr
lain University student. We mi'iitlon no
names for fear of the consequences.
G. B. Holchklss and C. A. Shoemaker
of Syracuse have been enrolled at IlieUul
ver.sllj and have become members of the
University Bund.
Prof. Howard's classes will henceforth
recite In tin; room heretofore ocuupied
by Miss Rogers.
Ifyou want a Havana-filled fivo cent
cigar, call for tliu celebrated "W. W."
nianulaeuircd by Wolteinade& Woll.
Call on Wilbur Snow for ice cream
coiil'ictiouerv, cigars, etc.; also a good
circulating library. Opera House build
ing. Ye Local wants it distinctly understood
that he did enjoy hi-, vacation, and lie will
nol be icspou.-iblc for the consequences,
if any body else asks him about il.
The Invorabh ciops over the great part
of the stale nave brought a greater niini
lie of new students to the University than
ever before.
Hymen's doings: In Syracuse, Neb.,
W. T. Bum.stcad and Eudora May Stone
were united in the bunds of holy malri.
moiiy. Wc wish tin m joy and long life.
The decorations which grace the Pallad
iau Hall me liie donation of Clem Chase.
They were ucd by the Knights in their
conclave al Chicago.
A large boauling club has been formed
at die Dormitory. Ibis reduces board
much below what it can be obtained for in
private .families.
Students desiring a fac simile of their
physiognomy, piepared In the latest style
of the art, should visit Wheat & Ford.
Special tales are offered.
The University Baud has been enlarged.
This term it will comprise al least sixteen
pieces. Before the ye..r is out first class
music may bo expected.
New students will do well to join one
of the literary societies. Facility in
impromptu speaking cau bo gained in no
oilier way.
Quite an affecting scene took. place the
other day on the corner of lllh and P
streets. For particulars address W. P.
Sullivan, who was here on a visit.
Belore any student can enter tlio Ger
man class this year he has to satisfy the
professor tluU he has a good practical
know led lire oiEnglis.li grammar.
Now that the Musical Conservatory has
been opened il will he expected that stu
dents will know the difference between a
sharp and a base solo.
The largest assortment of Meerschaum
and Briar pipes, and a full stock of
milking and chewing tobacco at. Wolt
oiuade & Wolf's.
The Misses Simington of Ashland, and
Miss Cox of Waverly am counted among
us this term.
An example of the artistic skill of the
various students in the German class may
,bc hud. by looking;ovcr their copies .of the
Gjwuiuuiiext. Ye Local but---
Blon J. Arnold has been appointed ciw
del engineer and has gone lo Annapolis
lo puss lite preliminary examination.
Uncle John Morrison, the best tailor
In town, has Just received a line lot of
French goods. Those hobby suits of our
hislyenrs graduates were made by him.
Give him a call boys,
Boys, go to David Mays and get some
of those line silk handkerchiels. He also
has tho best assortment of neck wear,
and a line lot of the latest styles of Now
York Hats.
Ts not there something in tho Book,
News, Periodical, or Toy Hue today If
so Clason can supply lie also keeps a
full line of University texl books. Call
on him South side O bel 10 and 11.
On account of a little misunderstanding
Prof. Uowattl w.sll not occupy the new
room which had been fitted up for him.
For Ihe present his classes will recite in
the library.
The joint reception of tho two societies
on Friday evening, Sept. 10th, is a new
departure in the University, and wo hope
it may lie the precursor of ihe amicable re
lation which are to exist henceforth
The two literary societies are now
placed on an equality. The Palladians
occupy the East and the Unions the West
end of the thiid story. Both halls aro
much liner than any that have ever been
seen in the western country.
To look around chapel al the now faces
assembled there almost makes one think
hu is in a slraugu place. -Many old
students are not back but their number is
more than made good by '.he new ones.
It is witli sadness that tho Student
chronicles lliat the other day a student
was seen smoking really smoking. Wo
need not add that he was not a Dormitor
bin. Looking 'at the improvements which
have been made in tho city during tho
summer one cannot fail to be convinced of
the fact thai Lincoln can exist without the
immediate presence of our students.
A good many changes arc perceptible
in ihe physiognomy of certain young men
about the University. Crops of down aro
abundant. The IIkspkiuan corps ills
claims all participlion in the same.
Prof, (examining a Junior lo seo if ho
understands English Grammar well
enough to betriu the study of Germain
"What is a verb?" Junior :(willi assurance;
"A verb expresses the act of being in a
The University Union programme is as
follows: Essays, Misses Williams and Do
Con; Recitation, Miss Lashley; Parody,
Miss Kenedy ; Declamation, Miss Stratton ;
Invective, Mr. Loranco; Five Minnies
Speech, Miss Hall; Orations, Messrs liar
ington and Snell; Debate, Misses Mattio
Ilawloy and Jessie Parker, and Messrs
Fore and Calvert. Musical Director, Miss
Helen Holmes.
At the joint reception last Friday even
ing every body seemed to be transported
to tho very zenith of social enjoyment.
Many new students wore in attendance
and they got acquainted with tliu old stu
dents and witli each other. School life