Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, September 01, 1880, Image 1

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Hesperian Student
wip-KKffTr ry jiEitn.isK.t.
Vi. IX.
Lincoln, Nwi., Sm'ti-miimi, 1880.
iSo 0-
Lnta of" tlio MARSH HOUSK,
UltOWNVll.l.K, Nku.
gintohi Qch,
Commercial Motel,
Cor 11 nml P St8.
j, j. iMiiorr, Prop.
Good BsmphmKooxb QH?tsar&x.aoxt
Turkish, Russian,
nml Suit Wider Baths
in the Hotel. Rheumu
lism cured by Turkish
But lis.
L Wlmtclinmkcr, nml Jeweler,
"2 a sS&tfaJk -
O St., bet. 10lli mill 11th, south side.
Conservatory of 3usic
Established by authority
and under the .sanction
of the Board of Regents.
Instruction given in a ihnrough and
systematic 'manner in all departments of
Tuition rmiKins from $0.00 to 815.00
nor term. ,
C2rTue Vocal Elomonlnry Class la fkek to all
Bit i
f i iiiMiiiiriMii hi iMinri !!' imftinr""'"-" -"'"""
Manufacturer and Dealer
Boots and Shoes made from the
beat material and warranted.
Repairing sica'ljr done on aliort notice
oconddoorfromP-9nTcat;8Ui,.ii t,-, ,.v
UY 1). II. MKltCKU.
I? live in an ape of action. Rich in
thoaeeiunulaled strength or uentu
ries our social forces are applying their
agencies clTcetunlly and with a will.
Kingdoms are decaying, empires loiter
ing; and in the very midst of a silent rev
olution repuhlics are growing. The
slrciim of destiny dashes 011 and on, re
moving from its channel every obslruo
tion, every harrier, anil hurrying alung
with it progressive humanity. Science,
philosophy and art; discoveries, inveu
lions and conquest-; education, religion,
legislation and philanthropy; crusades,
rebellions, revolutions and wonderful let',
urinations, all these and a thousand oth
er social forces hear Ihe headlights of so
cial progress, throwing iheir guiding rays
along the pathway of the future, pointing
oul to humanity the inevitable destiny
marked out for her by the hand of incxm
ablf fate. To-day these forces are at their
utmost tension, and w; rush along with a
speed charaelerisfic"bnn'ngo. Thisnip--id
progress is not due to Nature; she has
shown us no partiality. These are Ihe
causes. The past worshipped ihe winds
and the waves; we make them our ser
vants. The past theorized and dreamed;
we execute and leap Ihe benefits. The
past wandered in a metaphysical atmos
phere; we labor in a praclical world. In
eoiscquenceof Ibis difference there is im
puted to us a too practical age by con.
tempories who cling to Ihe cherished old
with the desperation of drowning men
and cry down the new as an unwarranted
innovation. Let us bear with the imputa
tion and glory in the charge, and when
the time comes or us to leave this stage
of action, instead of handing down to pos
terity a few blank pyramids, a ruined col.
o.ssi'tiiu and some broken columns, 0111
legacy shall be the telegraph, the steam
ship, the railroad. Instead of bequeathing
to future genenlions simply the remem
brances of i powerful government, we
shall entrust to their care that grand and
massive palace of architecture, founded
upon civil liberty, popular ediu' Ition and
human 1 ighis American Republicanism.
Let us particularize a few .v.eial forces.
An education pure thorough and com pre
hensive; an education purged of superflu
ities and pregnant with culture and refine
ment; an edueat'on for woman as well as
formau an education for the masses and
not for caste, such an education is a so.
cial force, and it behooves America to fos
ler and support it. The chief work of
this government is the education of its
subjects, and the safety and permanence
'ofiOurpublio JusMUUlous demand that a
popular knowledge, rich in culture, re
plete with the deepest thought, shall pen
etrate and permeate Ihe whole social ss
lem, elevating nl' humanity to Hi I high,
cr plane now occupied by the privileged
few. To reach Ibis unprecedented stand
mnnd, our public school system must be
developed and improved. This crucible
of the human brain should not have the
hardness of adamant, but rather the flexi
bility and elasticity of the air, allowing
the immortal mind in all its power and
grandeufu,nlhnited scope in infinite fields.
The sliuLshoul'd he its guaidlau, the na.
lion its protector; and if any political
party, or icligious organization shall raise
its hand to stiikc a fatal blow, let the
vaulted heavens reverberate with the cries
of just, iuuiguation, while public opinion
consigns the assailants lo an unworthy
The school soon develops into a college,
a university. These to be social forces
must conform to the requirements of the
limes in which they have their being.
This age demands less theory and more
pi act ice less Greek and Roman, more
science and modern language. If we
would educate our youth for ihe responsi
hil'itics attached to American citizenship,
if wu' would inculcnlc in their minds Hie
sncrfflliftes of'lhe ballot, when and how to
'. . . . . 1 11 .
use .1, we niiisi icioini inc. coiiege curric
ulum. My this we do not mean a total ex
tiusion il the classics; far from it, for
we recognise in them mines of 'rue woith.
But we do object to their wearing Ihe
badge of privilege. The diet s of Idols dis
appeared with mlhnogy, and we shall
110 longer pay homage lo them. If we
hail the lives of our biblical I 'ore la I hers, a
decade or more devoted lo a study of
Hie ancient world might not be amiss, hut
threescore ears ami It n is too short a
lease on life for such a sacrifice of time.
The tongues of Homer and Virgil are 110
better than III- t of Milton and Shakspcare.
Then let us do as din the classic Gicok,
make our indigenous language of the first
importance in our publ'c schools and col
leges. Let us lalhom its depths, exhume
iis riches, analyze its complications urn!
realize its full value. Thin possibh
America may erect such a mouumeiil of
national literature, grander, nobler, more
imposing than that which graced Grecian
or Roman soil.
This education slruld he madccompul
sory. Both the expense incurred and Ihe
welfare of ihe republic warranl Ihe de
inaml Such a culmination will lilt inii
verbal mini from ihe hovels ol bi.is an. I il
literacy into the higher and holier realms
f social cultiiit) and progress. The bar
wi 1 llieu inculcate I lie learning and wis
dom ol Justice; ihe pi ess will panake 01
ihe dignity and cultivation of Ihe scholar,
and the pulpit will boast the reverence
ind holiness of the Creator; religion and
science will be made to join hands in one
common cause; sectional slrile will go
Hie way of slavery; capital and labor will
lav aside animosity and recognize the
fact that each is necessary to the other.
Out of this compulsory education will
come forth another social force, an im
proved political system, and then will hu
man legislation cease its monotonous 'Met
10 amend un act;" then the American
Congress will be the. congregated wisdom
instead of the assembled foolishness oi'tho
nation. Then a knowledge of political
economy and science of government, in-
siead of skill in trickery and intrigue,
will he the criteiiou ol a man's fitness, to
wear the robes of stati siuiiiiship. In
spile of volumes wriliiu in Idlers of
hitter expeiienee, in spile of the warn
luus ol Peel and Gladstone, American
Congres'-ineii are spieading their mantles
of influence over Hull "bane of agricul
ture," protection, and r bbiug free"" initio
of im merited recognition. They a'recon
linuitlly thiowinir into discord ihe social
world bv their blunders anil inconsisten
cies. They have a mania for legislation,
They would ! glslale Irom human nature
all her desiics and passions, and fill the
v.iciium with a ilnoiiznl prohibition.
They would supercede the regency of sup.
ply and i!i maud, and do wlml man was
never expected to do reuiibite Ihe law of
wages. They would make two divisions
o litis republic diametrically opposed to
ch oilier in many particulars, think and
act as one. at the same lime stirring, up
with thai olliclous agent race piejiidice,
Ihe caldron of sectional animosities. The
day is not far dislaii', unless ibis appetite
for political picstigc be appea cd, .wieii
Ihi'se prominent srtiiibs of uiir republic's
destiny, saturated with the conceit ol'ego.
lism, will piesume to legislate ihe Souls
of men into other woihls.
The graudi si social I'm ee of all b'is not
yel been mentioned Her past has been mys
It rious, miraculous, woiiileilul, her p'e.seut
isamazing, her future is unfathomable As
slut led the woild-lrom ihnkness.lo light
her hitler fies lore off her gaiineni.s of light,
stilled her animated voice and bound dow 11
an assisting nu. Although she lay f. ir.su
many enluries at the feel of priestcraft
and siipeistiiion, her Ireinliliug spiiil 10
inaiiied undaunted lo the list. Recover
ing herself from this siibsei vieuci, sho
glided on and on iiiiiil today her scepno
touches every zone, tier converts enlight
en every clime. Now and then m her
journey down the ages, ihrmigh ihe rash
iucnnsideralcness of nil fitiltustu-t, her
reputation has been sullied, her funic
tinged with shame by viiialiug those very
principles which sho all blmig has been
contending for; but as the liluiy scales
fall from her eyes and human reason
broadens and liberalizes, her supreme in
telligence will weli'nine ! the class.ioom
Ilcrbcit Spenser as well as Noah Poller.
But this liberal tendency should u.it
mean sensationalism. Some of nin lead
ing divines claim high salaries and lofty
praise. The are amhiiiotis nr universal
adiuiraiioii, seeking applause and lauda.
lion in every seiinon, but by thus pander,
ing lo the passions of men they are under
mining the foundations of goveiuiiieui by
tearing down the walls of molality, and
let'ing in all the disorders of tin time.
Without the pale ofiln- church lliissii.su
lioiialism is Inking a similar cours".
Men seek pioininence ami ecliit by attack,
ing Christianity and blaspheming its Cre
ator. Have we so soon forgotten the lei
ling warnings of Frame Y Shall man
commit suicide on the eve of icachiug
his Pisgah of renown ? Oil. something is
so much belter than nothing! and we have
110 ib sire to he stranded on the dcsolalo
shoics of nowhere, hopeless, sliiouded in
despair. If we could escape Ihe errors nf
preceding aires, the youthful mind must
he tutored and disciplined in the precepts
of truth, and the poisonous breath of
sensationalism and infidelity, whet herein-'
minting from the social circle, thu library
sanctum or the professor's chair, should
never be allowed a lodgment there.