Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, October 01, 1879, Page 184, Image 18

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praycr-mcoting and the Sunday School
"Love thy neighbor as thyself," and "Love
your enemies." It is refreshing to turn
from Die crabbed and cranky demagogue,
ism of the Niagara niter or the insolent
infidelity of our exchanges to the serene
though oftentimes insipid Asbury with
its "love feast" aspect redolent of the amen
cornor. The poem on the "Dream of
Youth and Age" was written in a semi
archaic, style with a touch of latent sad
noss that was perchance more allecting to
tho writer than to his readers. The ar
guments advancd in the paper on co-education
were very trite, but we appreciate
the writer's diillculty in saying any tiling
now and original on so old a subject.
The objects of the Monthly us stated by
the editor are indeed awe inspiring. He
says they propose to encourage, exercise,
cultivate and develope literary genius
among the students; transmit important
news: and strike at every evil that may
exist. We wish them all success in their
arduous undertaking.
The Cornell Graphic is the only ex
change which bus a musical department
The Graphieh to be congradulatcu in the
possesion of so valuable a department and
in its present condition is a credit to the
paper. Wo think the editurials in the
last number were lacking in power and
interest. The locals were very poor.
The question as to whether or no Major
Audio was a spy was well presented and
in a logical way that marked its author
as an experienced dobator.
Jditor's glotcs.
A telegraph college is a new feature at
Oberlin. Ex.
Rutnors has conferred the degiee of
lJh. D.oi. T. II. Edison the inventor.
Dartmouth has had an endowment of
$10,000 to found a chair of Anglo-Saxon.
One of Bowdoin's professors bus held
his position in that school for fifty five
Professor: "What is the universal nega.
live?" Student: "Not prepared."
There arc more students in Germany
from America than from any foreign na.
William and Mary College bavo sus
pcmlcd operations for want of necessary
Virginia University groans under the
weight of Greek letter fraternities with a
total membership of 172.
The Faculty of the University of Cali
foruia have very sensibly abolished all
secret societies existing among the stu
dents. Since Booth and so many of the great
men of Europe have been shot at, the
president of tlic Freshman class is afiaid
to go out on the streets alone.
"Nature abhors a vacuum" remarked a
philosophic prep, as he quickly stuffed
his inner man fiom the Prof.'s back fruit
orchard. "Force is an agent that causes
motion," murmurrcd the Prof., as he rose
out of the weeds and quickly elevated the
prep, over the ten foot fence on his pedal
tip. A'x.
Scene in Mathematics: Prof. "You
may not have time, gentleman, to careful
ly work out all these problems but you
can at least follow out the line of argu
ment in unch one." Soph, (innocently):
"Prof., on whnt page is the line of argu
ment?" Prof, (sternly): on the page of
common sense." General roar, and Soph.
(tottovoce): "Prof., have we had that page
The human luii;s rovor'irato sometimes with
great voloclty;
When windy Individuate indulge in much vcrboei-
They have to twirl tho glotls hlxty thousand times
a minute,
And punch and punch the diaphragm as though
the deuce were In It.
Cftorut : The pharnyx now goc up ;
The larynx, with a plain,
Ejects a note
From out the thioat
Pushed by the diaphragm
Hariord Aduocate.