Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, March 01, 1879, Page 65, Image 17

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    NO. 3.
"The Royal Path of Life" is worthy
of u plucc in every home.
Oui Business Manager says he would
not mind the niuno Bus Man, If the girls
would only appreciate the term.
Most of the students "passed" this term.
A few have filled in some study and pro
pose to "take it up" hereafter.
Mr. Monagon, editor of the Humboldt
Sentinel, one of our most valued exehang
es, was in the city a few days ago and call
ed on the Local editor.
The Sophomores and Juniors were chal
lenged by the Preps and Freshmen to a
game of Base-Ball; but the weather has
been such that it has been impossible for
the game to take place.
There was an editor In Omnlin,,
Who said wo didn't run according to law;
Some charges ho preferred,
And that's the last wo've heard
Of this editor from Omaha.
The Lecture Asi., have engaged Miss
California Vineyard to deliver a reading
in this city, sometime during the first
week of next term. Miss Vineyard is very
highly spoken of by the press.
The Student comes out this number in
a new suit. It is a decided improvement
on our old costume. We propose to pre
sent a good outward appearance, as well
as an interesting and instructive interior.
Base-Ball is beginning to show it's vie
tints. Mr. Caldwell is afflicted with a
lame leg, while "Ye Local" is able to rival
Tom Sawyer at spitting through the place
where a tooth used to be. Base-Ball did
The Tiehenor House society, in order
to be up willi the l est of the world, had
an investigation of one of its members.
He was accused of stealing kindling
wood, eating mushrooms and gelling
"mashed" on a strawberry blonde. He
was proven guilty of the last charge and
tht? Committee brought in the veadict,
"hopelessly insane".
"I always spend more money than I in
tended to when I came in, the prices are
so low I" is the remark made by many la
dies in the Little Store on 11th Street, and
it is the low prices on Corsets, Ruchings,
Buttons, &c that take so well.
Chancellor Fairfield delivered an address
to the students of the Iowa Iudrustrial Col
lege March 8th. On March 0th. he lectur
ed on " Palestine," at Omaha, to a very
large audience; Match 15th. he lectured
at Ashland on " Palestine ".
One of our Professors is destined to be
a Malobrauche. During the last term he
has been training a bench leg purp to
bring into No. , all students found with
in a half mile of the University. The
Prof, is now dieting li is cam's for the la
borious spring work.
Madame Rumot litis it that one of our
young Professors intends changing the
monotony of his life this coming vaca
tion. We don't mean to insinuate that he
meditates suicide unless it be suicidc'of
unhappincss. In the language of a Wes
tern poet," he is agoin' to git married."
An article appears in this number
signed Chlchimec. We publish it this
time but we want it understood that wo
don't keep a pronouncing machine and
the editors jaws are not insured. It may
be that the author had no evil intentions
but it the ofl'ense is repeated we shall take
it as an attempt upon the editor's jaws,
and the utmost endeavors will be made to
bring the culprit to justice.
Prof. Collier and the Physics class, one
day last week, narted the lead discs,
which were pressed together at one of the
lectures of Prof. Collier, to show the
force of molecular attraction. They did
it by means of a lever, and the weight
required to part them was 1111 pounds.
The discs were not more than an inch in
diameter and not more thou half their
surfaces touched each other; so thut the
result was truly astonishing.