Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, January 01, 1879, Image 25

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MKWin JflrfY,
Dealer In
A N 1
Lincoln, - - - Nebraska.
Wholesale Dealers In
miUGS, 11INTS, OILS, ,lnd
Wimlotv Glaus.
Lincoln, - Nebraska.
Wholcsalo nml Retail dealers in
Sloven, Hardware, Tinware,
Woodcnwnrc, &c. &c.
&f First-class Hardware Establishment.
Kust side tho Squnro, Lincoln, Nob.
k ,irjEi'Eit it no.
Wholesale & Retail
-Dealers in
Groecrics and Provisions,
Wooden & Willow ware &c. Ac,
South Side Square,
Old and Jicliahle 1 UCTTON STORE for a
Good Bargain in seconded handed
I'llrnltiiro, Tinware) and notion of ill
KIikIn. East Side the Square.
jfiiriihi, JVtltratka,
To vlHlt lrof. C. 1TI. AVnlhw-D's tonsorial
parlor, for n l-'Irst. OIiihk Nlinrr, Hair t.'ut,
or sitiiiiiinoii, lie Is an uxuellent workman,
excelled by none In his profession, and you will
receive the most courteous attention.
Hair eni, 25ets. Shaving, lOcts.
ISTLADl US' 1IAIK WOltlC made a ftpcclalty.
(Jail and see him, North side Oortrnwen
Sijiiure. Illuc Front, Lincoln Nebraska.
Going Went. Q'liArpTnisjq Going Knit.
leave. blAllUNH. Almm.
Ft&Ac. M&Ex M & Kx. n't, S: Ac
7 20 am. imoWN'LLK 5 55 pm.
iaOiiin. a jjljo NEH. CITY I 'l'J.'JOpiii
om al2S0 Tivrmv J1 ioo8
900 1 2!H)f MI,C(,IA 1 all 15
1 1 SEWA1U) 1 SO am.
0J5 YOltlv 7 IK) am.
At Lincoln, close connection with trains on U. &
M. It. K.,both East and West, trnliiH'on both ronds
meeting at Lincoln, 12.30 pm.
Through tickets to all the princlpnl polntH in
the United States and Ciinadns, at the Union Tick
et Olllce, Corner of O & 11th streets.
Close connections made at Nebraska City with
C. H. & Q. trains Tor Uiirllngton, Chicago and
points East, and witli K. C. St. Jo. & C. it. trains
for Omaha and points West, North and East, and
for St. Louis and points East and South.
But ono change of cars between Nebraska City
and Indianapolis, Columbus, Pittsbuig, New
York, Ualtlmoro and Washington City.
Gon'l F. & T. Agent. Ticket Agent.
Ofllco on 10th strcot, noxt door to the First
National Dank, Lincoln, Neb.
B. & M. It. R. Time Table
in Nebraska.
Pass. & Mail going East, arrives 12:10 p.m.
" " " " loaves 12:35 p. m.
" " " West arrives 13:30 p. in.
" " " " leaves 12:50 p.m.
Accommodation going West arrives 1:20 p. in.
" " " leaves 1:55 p. m.
" " East arrives 11 :05 a. m.
" " leaves 11:35 a.m.
Freight " " " 5:30 p. m.
" " 7:00 p. m.
A. C. XIISMKlt, Ticket Ajrent.
n(T T 1 Great chance to make nionoy. II
JTJJXJ , y0U can't get gold you can get
greenbacks. Wo need a person In every town to
take subscriptions for the largest, cheapest and
best Illustrated family publication in tho world.
Any one can become a successful agent. The
most elegant works of art are given free to sub
scribers. The price Is so lo. that almost every
body Biibt-cribes. One agent reports making over
3150 In a week. A lady agent reports taking over
100 subscribers in ten days. All who ongago make
money fast. You can devote all your time or on
ly your spare time. You need not bo iiwnj from
homo over night. You can do It as well as others.
Full particulars, directions and terms free. Ele
gant and expensive Outllit free. If you want prof
itable woTk send us your address at once. It
costs nothing to try tho business. No ono who
engages falls to make great pay. Address "The
People's Journal," Portland, Maine.
Picture Frame Depot
Ind Photograph Rooms.
Hoi.mb'k IIi.ook 11th St.