Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, June 01, 1878, Page 418, Image 18

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Vol. tii,
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commence tho study of law. In tliu form,
cr profession he has allroatly gained a
high reputation.
The Regents met at the University on
Tuesday, the 11th at 2 o'clock i m. All
the members except Regent Gannett were
present. Litlle was done at this lime ex
cept receiving the Chancellor's annual re
port, conferring degrees upon the gradu
ating class, and hearing the statements
concerning the Fair Grounds.
The Board met again on Wednesday,
the 12th, at 1 :30 v. m. The following ac
tion was taken concerning the military
The present regulation in regard to the
military tactics will be adhered to, except
ing that hereafter the number of drills
shall bo three a week. The uniform may
be confined to the coat, cap and gloves,
leaving the student to wear any dark
Any permanent excuse under the rides
respecting the tactics and drill shall be
given by the Chancellor, who shall report
to the Regents the names of the excused
and the ground of excuse, The six terms
of drill may be taken by the student at
any time during his connection with tho
The teaching of civil engineering by
Lieut. Dudley will bo dispensed with for
the coming year, and the same instruction
will be give by other members of the
Faculty without increased pay.
Prof. Harvey Cnlbertson was elected
acting Professor of Agriculture at a sala
ry of $400 a year, and also retained as
Superintendent of the farm at his present
salary. Adjournment until Thursday
morning at 0 o'clock.
The Board met persuant to adjourn
ment. Owing to tho change made by the
election of Hon. N. R. Porsingcr, tho
Board reorganized, the terms of ollicers
having expired. Regent Adair was elect-
ed, by ballot as President, and J. Stuart
Dales on a vica voce vote as Secretary.
A resolution was introduced and passed
concerning tho collection of monies duo
upon the lands sold to S. B. Ualcy.
The following standing committees
were appointed:
Executive Committee; Regents Adair,
Holmes and Tuttle.
Finance Committee; Regents Holmes,
Persinger and Gannett.
University and Literary Committee;
Regents Tuttle, Filicld and Persinger.
Committee on course of study; Re
gents Fifleld, Gannett and Adair.
Recess until 2 o'clock i M.
After recess the proposed reduction in
tho u umber of teachers was considered,
and on motion, the services of Asst. Prof.
Bailey were dispensed with from and aft
er tho close of the first quarter of the next
college year.
The salary of tho Chancellor was re
duced to ijvl.oOO a year, and those of Pro
lessors Hitchcock, Aughey, Church, Mc
Millan and Collier were reduced to $1,800
each. The salary of Principal Palmer
was raised to $1200 a year.
On Friday morning the by-laws were
so amended as to require the attendance
of all students upon chapel exercises, un
less excused by the Chancellor.
Tho matter of tho disposition of the
Fair Grounds was taken up and tho exec
ulivo committee authorized to dispose of
a part to J E. Jones and the remainder
to the Nebraska Exposition Society, all
at the rate of $25 an acre, cash.
The executive cominitte was also di
rected to negotiate for the use of tho
Ticheuor House, so that cheaper board
ing accommodations may be furnished
the students without taxing the funds of
tho University, and thai the Chancellor
act with the committee in this matter.
It was ordered that $100 bo puid to as
sist tho IIksi'kuian Studknt, provided
that tho paper shall be so managed that
it.s cost will not exceed its income.
The ooiumuuieaiion with respect to tho