Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, March 01, 1878, Image 17

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Enrron-ix-cmnF, -
- - II. II. Wilson.
Miss. Emma Paiiks.
- - J. II. Woitiiijy.
- J. C. F. MoIvesson.
1 copy pur college your - - $1.00.
1 " six mouths .... 0.50.
Singlo copy 0.10.
1 column ono insertion r - $2.50.
3 squares " " 1.00.
1 " " " .85.
All nrtlclen for imblicntlon nhould bo nddrosHi'd Editor Hiisviikian Studknt, Stnto Unlvornlty,
Lincoln, KubriiHkn. All HiiltrrltlonH, mid bitHlnuxM communlcutioiiH, with thu iuUlrunn, fdionld
bu Hout to .1. C. I MoKhhson. Subscriptions collected Invariably In ndvnueo. Advertisements col
lucted monthly.
Tito sixth minimi register and catalogue
hits made its ttppuiirtinue. It is ti iteal, and
well arranged pamphlet. On examination
we Unci in it the names of some persons
who have not boon students of (he Univer.
sity lot several years, and again, lite names
of some who ar'.lieie,are omitted. It would
seem that a more accurate record should
he kept of those attending (he University.
Aoeuivy should mark that whieli is con
lesMidly the exponent of the University.
Wo also notice that tho paragraph refer
ing to the Hesperian Student has not hoen
changed for four or live years. The asso.
ciatiou has mmlu strenuous ell'orls to iiu
prove the paper and wo hope by next
year it may merit a change of notice in
the cat'ilogue. Even a change of words,
using synonyms, would relieve the mo
notony. Hut on tho whole the catalogue
is very creditable to tho University.
Our college paper has never boon exact,
ly what it has purported to bo a repre
sentative of thu whole University. Two
rival literary societies have always striv
en for tho contiol of tho Studknt, and
when it has been won by either side, tho
other has lost nearly all interest in it and
not unfreqitontly been its open enemy.
The Kogenls more than two years ago
thought to limit this evil by putting tho
paper under the control of the college
classes. Hut instead of lessening the
strife they only increased it by confining it
to narrower limits. Under existing law
the niagenient of the paper is given to an
association composed of tho four regular
college classes, University students and
tho Junior and Senior classes of tho Agri
cultural College. The association can
modify tho constitution in any manner
that does not conllict with this law of the
Hcgenls. The recent elections have
brought into bold relief the injurious of.
fects of having the whole University
seething over the result of a paper cam
paign. Again but few can take tho re
sponsibility of conducting such a journal
as the S'iudunt ought to be withouldctri.
mont to themselves or to their studies. In
all three of the departments of tho paper
there is too much work for aiiy ono student.
In viewoftheso facts we would suggest
a change in management of the Studknt.
r.et the olllcors of the association bo elec
ted as at present, but let each regularly
I organized literary society elect an editor-
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