Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, January 01, 1878, Page 270, Image 10

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How to tkavkij citRAPiiYrN Etmori:.
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The fact is. every young man ol" energy
has it within his power to spend n couple
of years in the Universities of Germany,
and to "do the tour of Europe." To such
persons, there lore, asjare willing to pur
chase the rich fruits of such an experience
at the expense of rigid, manly economy, the
following practical suggestions, based up.
on personal experience, are addiesscd. To
those more fcivored Sons of Fortune, how
ever, who delight iu "correct style", and
the homage of the host of sycophants and
parasites who fleece and bleed them, these
words are not add res. Their more re-
lined and sensitive feelings would only be
lacerated by the extremely uncoil vent ion
ul and unstylish insinuations herein con.
First then what preparations should be
made for such an enterprise? No one
should think of persuing a course' of stu
dy in EuropeJ.until he has mastered a
thorough college course in his native
land. The so foal led "classic course" is
preferable to the "scientific," as a foun.
dation Latin and Greek play a great
part in the form and medium of instruc
lion here. Of course no one with such
an object in. view will neglect to inform
himself, as well as may be, in the history
of the places he expects to visit. Unless
one knows what part a people or city has
played in 'ho history of civilization, his
acquaintance with it will1, lie of little
more value than the history alone, or the
scanning of a steel cneraving.
Practically, for the actual journey make
as little "preparation" as possible. Take
nothing with you except a moderato-sized
traveling case. A trunk on the railroads
ot Europe, inclusive of hack' and porter
fees will cost as much as your ticket, not
to mention the eternal vexation mid per.
sccution it will cause you. No baggage,
except handpaeks, is transported free
Should one procure a Passport? No.
It is entirely unnecessary, and should you
procure one, there will be a hundred
chances to one thnt vou never unfold it
during your absence. Therefore com
mence your economy b saving tiie five
dollars which will procuie you twenty-Jive
volumes of choice classic literature on
your arrival here.
In reference to Exchange, there is but
little choice among several methods.
There is no difference between the cost of
gold and a draft. The latter is, perhaps,
the safer method ol the two. If your
dentinatioi' be Germany, buy French in
stead of German gold, as the former bears
a smallpremium over the latter. For small
sums, hovovor, the difference is inappre.
ciable. A draft should be purchased on
some city you expect to visit, else you
may sillier the inconvenience of a delay of
several days awaiting correspondence. If
you desire to travel cortinually a letter of
credit is preferable. Money may be sent
by "postal order" at a cost of $1.23 per
eacli $.-)0. At the present rate of gold,
however, the cost is a trifle more than by
In making exchange in Europe always
patronize large banks. With small bro
kers, in hotels, or mercantile houses, you
will invairiably lose from one lo jice pet
cent, even if you be not exposed to more
serious extortion. One cannot be too care
ful in this legard.
In reference to ocean passage, the lol
lowing plan is recommended. Unless you
desire to visit Great Britain before seeing
the Continent, take a ship for Antwerp or
Rotterdam. Buy your ticket in the "Gen
era! ofllce" in the port from which you
sail. No matter what agents say to the
contrary, you will be obliged to pay com
mission if you purchase in an interior of
lice. Buy your ticket only from port to
port. Should you taku a through ticket
to some point in the interior, you will
find yourelf at the mercy of railroad
companies, and in all probability you will
be delayed days in makini: the proper
connections, and yet be so fettered as to
be unable to view the objects of interest
uiung your route.
Purchase nothing higher thau a "second
class" or "intermediate" ticket. Indeed
if you propose to observe strict economy