Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, November 01, 1877, Page 212, Image 6

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Kl ( IIMMI' VII I) "M l-
oi i
began to brush ilio snow I10111 it, ami to
wipe oil' the blond with her handkerchief.
31 r. Raymond soon made liU appear
arce, anil others, also, who had heard the
driver's halloo, and after a word of con
sultation together, it was decided that the
wounded man should be carried into the
house. Three or four men who were
standing around then took hint up mid
.bore- him into the same room which 2s ch
Ho had left a moment before, and placed
him upon the sofa.
Dr. Uosncll was then called in, nola little
surprised that his old friend should have
met with such an accident so soon after
parting with him at the hotel. After ex.
amining his patient, however, he informed
the frightened looUcrs-on that .Mclveo had
only received a sevete cut on the side of
his head a tlesh wound that would soon
heal, leaving no faither injuiy than a bad
Hut the Doctor's prediction did not c..
actly prove true. The wound, together
with a cold taken from Ijing in the snow
on the evening of the accident, brought
on a slow fever from which the .Judge
did not recover until tluce weeks had
come and gone.
Dr. Hosuell visited his patient daily.
At lirsl, because his sei vice, were actual,
ly needed that often, and afterwards, when
the sufferer had begun to convalesce, he
cause he found opportunity to chat for
awhile over by-gone college days. Aunt
Jemima had told the Doctor secretly all
about lliat " fellow .McKec " and hi-, do,
perate flirtation with Nell" some, ten
years before, or, that is to say, about the
time her daughter Susan's first child, little
.limmy, died, lint inasmuch as thu Doc
tor had been of old a classmate and chum,
we may infer that he was not entirely ig.
norant of the matter.
The jovial Doctor, tun. m i-mcd (,, .
scheming at something, and perhaps this
will account in purl fur his vi-iy liequint
calls at the KiijinuinK' c-ill- for whiih I
am positiw hi. or wr , Mll., ,i , ,i, pu
When oppiitniii! p( i j, Mi, I ,. nun"
failed to hint to IisS Nellie jn x
sly way of the good qualities of the
Judge, whom he had known for cai
and hence his opinions in the m.ilici
must bo taken as infallible. Om,
he even went so far as to exclaim whin n,.
one else but .Miss Nellie was in Inarm.',
that it was a great pilv, a meat sliumo
that u man of the Judge's woilti Mmiilil j
be obliged to pass through life iisn forlorn
old bachelor. Why, he actually diiln'i
believe ho could exist a week without
Anna. It would bring on dyspepsias
quick as old cheese, and he would soon
become so crusty that "the tai tness ofhi
lace would sour ripe grapes "
31 iss Nellie had heard the Doctor talk
before, and it is not to be supposed lliat
she could see through all this scheming,
or that she payed much attention lit what
she probably considered as only tin Dor
tor's interest in his patient's welfare, ll
is a little singular, though, that Miss Iv'il
lie should have taken so much puiihcuTv
morning in arranging her rami tusc.
which had long been kepi imprisoned,
into long glossy curls. (Jin morning, too,
at the breakfast table, her 1'atln-r, ouirv
ing a red blossom probably fioia sonu
house-plant among these same cnil, in
quired whether the IhshiiMi hud clmiurt'd,
that she should wear tlowcis in inhl-wiii.
lor. Hut then people's tatns'aio conlinu
ally changing, and these little innou
tioiis are not to be wondcud at.
As for the Judge, we do believe licit tin
Doctor kept him at 3Ir. Uavaium!'
week longer than there was anv call for.
He would not permit him i go until In
was peilectly well, for liar of a iehiisi'l
the fever, or lest some vvci-c evil Ilia"
that perhaps inighl befall him. Jhit '
the end of the thiid week the J)uiir
could in) longer persuade the Judge thai
'l;o was not well enough to go hack t
, and resume his iMolcssiniiallaljiii
' I have," s.iid the Jmbc. "spent Ilu
uiiater part of this week liki om! J,'1"1
ImiIIi1.iv, sleigh liding. skatnii;, and cw
iihi .iiuitsMiiuii that the bi-s gincralh