Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, November 01, 1877, Page 226, Image 20

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Enrron's Tutu:
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rials, which fart is strange inasinuc
h as'
Ihe Collegian boasts of four editors. The
poem "Musing Alone," wo read through
with pleasure. It is strong in thought
and glows willi rich gems of fancy. That
much persecuted and reviled Niagara In
(hx receives some choice epithets from
tliu Collegian, and will undoubtedly lake
l hem very much to heart.
The iluicem'ty Jteporterh not such as
we would expect from the State Universi
ty f Iowa. There is very little reading
matter in it, the contributions especially
being spare. Theie is a good article from
the pen of Professor 0. A. Kggerl sub
jeot, "Thiers." It is an able biography
and well written, but the contributions of
a college paper should lie from the stu
dents, else where the benefit V A poem,
" Little Drown Hands," is a beautiful pro
duction, easy and graceful, from which
we quote the following:
Tlioto who toil bravely are Mrontfc-l :
Tliu humble in id poor become yit'iit ;
And from thusu brown-hnndud children
Shall grow miglity rti1ori of Mate.
" The pun of tliu author nml stntcMiitiii
Tho noble and ui-u of thu laud.
'I'lio hword nuil ehlsol and pulultu
Shall o hold In thu little brown hand."
The Niagara Index contains an tiston.
ishing article entitled "Popes of the Mid.
die Ages." It is astonishing in the won
derful discoveries which the author hits
made concerning the aulhontiey of histor
ical facts. Misalleged ability to rcfutelhc
universal stnlotnonts of all Ihe standaid
historians of the past excels all the conceit
which we have ever witnessed.
Me will have a Herculean task in dis
proving the "degeneracy, immorality and
duplicity" of ihe popes which, from the
bugining of their power at the coronation
of tho unlawful Pepin bv pope Zaohary,
continued to increase till towards the end
of ihc eleventh century iu.v ,iiy (.)uim.
ed the supremacy oer all earth's poteu
Hi seeius I'nmlh ( iloiihi hit ability to
cr mi examination of these charges will be
made in the future. Tho Judex: should
not bo content to walk in such darkness
when Hits accumulated knowledge of
many centuries sheds its light over all
The Xeotrrian contain.-, an excellent
article on " Whitewash; Morally Consul.
ered." " Tennyson's Maud " is disposed
of by Fanny I. Kennish who linally givesit
her approbation. Aston ishing condescen
sion ! This number of the Ncotm'm ise.
penally rich in original poetry. The local
editor, looking down from his dignified
position, in the fullness of his wrntlichas.
Uses tho young ladies for daring to laugh
in a business meeting. Poor girls! they
will have to subside now, and will mi.
doubtcdly " never smilo again " lifter such
withering sarcasm. That " Even yomj
ladies are supposed to know enough to
vote," which hypothesis he hurls at them
so furiously, will surely set them to think
ing. Which of those young ladies gate
you tho "mitten" last, yo ollcndeil local
This paper loses sight of the real object
of a college paper when it becomes an
organ lor such bitter revilings ami tenth
iug language as are found in tliu com
munication by " Non Voter," in which a
curtain organization is furiously attacked.
This continual quarreling does not look
Oberlin bus prohibited lobm-co, liquor
and secret societies.
Fourteen hundred American graduate.
attend the Gorman 1'iiivcrs'ities. Seoltri
an. A New Yrn-K merchant has a pli.eaid
anounoing, "In God we trust. All otlitu
are expected to pay cash." h'r
The latest failure reported is llu- iil"','
of the weather biiio. Asm is n..t known
succeed, and in closinj. iai,er cunproiii j Peabilitifs, cnotnioiis. JIucL Eyt
im-s 1, saxliif that a upudiation, , ,th I The test of a man's iiiuital force is l