Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, November 01, 1877, Page 224, Image 18

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-l on a certain mem ir- piee. "w til eo
Tl-r--'Ui?1i t" !!: ! f '1 'l(t"H
'hmkm? "f what j- '" ii s -i '.
N'w .ul! m ii K le iwre jrufi'vl- fr
tne member f oir litem: ietit- U
prepare their teeche and oration to
Pk exteinpwanetjOy. and by extern
t : neu fnktn hc do int here mean
'ual kin. I i.f ipeakin:: which is done with
out previous study, but rather that kiad
which express-, a weli-balanced thought
which his "! been eom-bed ia aaj cer
tain form rf language, as a piece of poet
ry is set to a certain tune. Jx-l the subject
I thought "Ut tep by step. Let each di
vision of the speech be arranged in the
mind with dearly defined boundaries so
that theie may 1 no feeling about for
something to say. nor any taking at ran-
m uniii -ine new th ight ran be hit
iijN.n. It - ttionxishH rnderstnd a
iibj-ct, am; lr,ve thought iiiiich concern
n it we will nu it n c.i matter to sy-'-inatire
that thought an' . expression
t i! fur it i : w.iuHhm i.j remarked.
a hat yo (.ii,i-iv- aruL u express
'!"ariy. and ie u.-nU u - it in come
Besides the jM-chcs iu our debates,
which should 1 exiemporaueoiis as far
a- language is ...uctnieti. Irt u aisu make
oar oration temiw.raneous. Or. if it
I not thought lK-st to do away entirelv
wiih the old tnnc-honored method of net.
tin? up orations, then let u hare at each
meeting of the societies one other oration
l-Uiea the written one which shall be
Coleridge's art;, of memory are: rod
'"7i.tA-f'r;r'tyriV... and qut ew.
A dMinsniUhed .hticiaii says that the
jr-Men a, forcremneand original brain
ik , Mwr.-i. tl.,- air,-. r ,;, anil
1 -m
I tlJit-s JlJv
ittinr in a bis an
n r;
'air. Hi-.thhc fit
es in tlieniHMte iT hi- Iibrar. lnriair
lx-iww-n the door and fireplace Hewnv
upon a t in" piece of j.Me board, alnt i
places upon his kn-.
Foreheads do not alaay- hi their Mf
indicate either the possession .r wsnt .
intellect, though we do hear o Much
the "godly forohesd ; and of foreliei.U
which a? Shaksp&are ays. are "villjano! -low."
The WmtJtingion JltjutUir-m in,
illustrated this lrath after the Mloirin:
mnnner: "Calhoun and Jackson hid tt
markably low foreheads a did also Jliu
Ilamloljili. Ijoweil, the poet. lia a for.
head not orer tivo inches high. Mom
the ablest nipn in Congress today hvt
but moderaldr low foreheads while ran
ny of them have very low ones. W. P
Kelley, of Pa, who is an acknowleln.
logician, and one of the finest deleter
ha a forehead which can be o.mml ).
two fifty -cen' corrency ikIcs.
Fiurteen hundrcl American gralo'
attend the German I'tiirersities.
ilore titan three page of the smalls
print of the Nov. Atlantic Monthly a"
given to an account and favorable estim
ate of the Harvard examination oj woratn
Of the Aiumni of Adiioti college 3Hrv
from 1SS to 1ST0 there are catalogued
Witboat orcarftiiii mmmnl
MiulMorrofiW CtOrpH
Law yrr
Cirtl Ea-iietr-
The metric system of weights and mea8.
ures is being more and more used in sci
entific works, and hence i far more gener
ally required In our semenanw and re
leges than it has been in the past e
time ha-s now ctne Aheu everybodj
should have some kiiiUJ .e of tun J