Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, May 01, 1877, Page 138, Image 18

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Editor's Chair.
, t
lms so far been found to tukutho pluco of
those principles, to .substitute in place of
those articles of belief, that have been
bunded down through the past from people
to people, bearing with them civilization,
contrary, and in opposition to the sumo
old dogmas which many would adopt to
day. Nothing can take their place, per
forming the same duty to the world as
they have done, let them be false or true.
This we do not attempt to say. The world
has adopted them, and In them is found
consolation and happiness. And he who
attacks that which is beyond his knowl'
edge, beyond his comprehension, sets up
manufactured dogmas of his own, and ex
poses a weakness more to be despised titan
Then do not do It. Do not attempt to
gain notoriety by joining the small minor
ity that assail and attack, upon all sides
that to which the world Is indebted for
the morality which now exists. If doubt
arises in your mind, study and Investigate
for yourself. Do not make yourself odi
ous in the eyes of those who would serve
you as valuable friends. He cautious, and
before striking at that which would assist
you in the accomplishment of life's duly,
remember that evil will crown your at
tempt, that you alone are the loser.
Stanton, April, 21, 177.
' A niulunclioly tnlo
A tnlo of iiukiuhIi which I wou'il not liunr,
lllllitlni,' thu humitluM of our tlowcry vnlu
Uuth Miuolo upon my our."
Died, at Slantou, of a malignant form
of erysipelas and rheumatism, about one
o'clock this morning, in the 2-lih year of
his age, Mr. John l 13. McKesson, who
.graduated last year from the State Unlvcr
sily. Deceased was a sou of J. M. M cites
son, formerly of Lincoln, but now in No
braska City. The doctor was called to the
bedside of his son, and arrived here last
Thursday, liMh lust., and at once took
charge of the patient, not leaving his side
until all hope of recovery was gone, and
the end ol all that "was mortal was at
Our deceased friend came among us
about nine months ago, and taught the
winter term in school district No. 2, where
he was highly prized as a gentleman of
rare qualities, and duly upprccialed as an
excellent teacher. In our little village his
loss is deeply felt. He was a pattern of
modesty, ability, kindness and generrsity.
None knew him but to admire and respect
him; and all fell that his loss was irrepa
rable, and one which only time and a hope
in the beyond can assuage. The deceased
has a brother, Mr. S. D. McKesson, resid
ing here. To him, and his amiable wife,
to the kind and sorrowful father and
mother, and to all the relatives and friends
of the deceased, the people of this place
extend the sympathy of sorrowful hearts.
Their loss is also our own. May this af
fliction and loss he to us all a means of
grace, and one more lesson oft repeated
teaching us to so live iliut when the end
comes to us, wo may not fear, but desiie
to depart, and meet and know our friends
In the Kingdom not made with hands.
The deceased will be buried at ten
o'clock, A M.. 25th hist.
" Krlunu nftur frluml ilupartn :
Wlio linn not loft u lilundl
'I'hoio Im no union he id or hearts
Thai llntlr not huru tin nu,"
l L. H.
Once more does tho harbinger of death
awaken us to the realization of the gloom
and sorrow that sun omuls our walk
through life. Again has one, whose name
Is fresh in our memory, been summoned
away to his rest. Another link in the
chain which binds the students together
In friendship has been dropped. Hut a
few short months ago, after the comple
tion of his task among us, under clrcum
stances not the most encouraging, display
Ing that energy and determination which
was only the foretelling of a brighter fu
ture, John left tl.osc who by association
had grown near and dear friends, and en.