Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, April 01, 1877, Page 114, Image 24

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Local News.
Pflstorcr, gun and locksmith is always
ready for business at his shop P st bet. 8th
and 9th sts.
Liddy Bros. lOtli near O street offer
extra inducements to students to purchase
hats, caps, &c. of them.
The campus presents a very verdant
appearance at present writing. Our jani
tor is preparing the ilowcr beds, and other
wise improving the grounds.
That student who lias been wearing
heavy gloves during this spring lias final
ly concluded that his hands are sulllciently
white. Ho now wears no gloves.
The Palladian Society will give a so
ciablc on Friday Evening April 27th. A
good time is anticipated as the Palladians
know how to make a success of a sociable.
An inducement. To airy-one furnish
ing us with live yearly subscribers, we
will send a copy of the Student for one
your. Let clubs be formed throughout the
The business manager is under obliga
tions to It. A. Blackburn of the Normal
School, for the interest he has taken in the
affairs of the Student ; thus rendering us
valuable assistance.
Committees have beon appointed by
the respective societies, to appoint per
formers for the commencement cxhibi
tions. Wc shall probably be able to pub
lish the programmes, decided on, in our
next issue.
The Board of Regents did not donate
us a press. It was gratifying for us to
know, however, that the Regents take
great intcres. in our paper, and would
help us, were they in a position to do so.
We will probably get a press before long.
The dull season being over, and
spring having returned, freighted with
better prospects for business men, our ad
vertising patronage has increased. By
noticing our advertisements it will be
seen that business men outside of the city
desire to bo represented in our advertising
Regent L. B. Filleld, in behalf of
Messrs. G. & C. Merriam, publishers of
"Webster's Unabridged Dictionary, has
presented the University library witli a
copy of tho Unabridged, latest edition.
This witl be an acquisition much needed
in tho library.
Tho elocutionary exercises under Pro
feasor Palmer are improving the students
wonderfully in distinct pronunciation and
knowledge of elementary sounds. Tho
Professor seems to be particularly adapted
to such work. The class will soon be exer
cised in reading.
"We estimate that theie was just a
quarter of pound of Hour on that stu
dent's coal as he entered the Methodist
church the other Sunday. We would sug.
gest, that those students, who cook their
own meals, had better manage it some
way to borrow chairs to sit on, Sundays
and use the Hour sack other days.
Wo announce with pleasure that tho
next number of tho Student will contain
an excellent slory entitled, "Reciprocated
Maxims." College life is vividly por
trayed, and there is a beautiful heroine as
well as a hero in tho story. The story is
written in an original style, diffuring from
the usual stories published. It is attract,
ive, even fascinating and will be read by
all. The story will continue through sev
eral numbers of the Student. "We will
endeavor to have extra copies of tho Stu
dent on hand to supply all demands.
We could scarcely refrain from tears
when our associate and that tall ex-president
of tho Palladian Society, recounted
to us tho vicissitudes which they cxperi
enced on their overland journey from a
neighboring county to attend this term of
tho University. Their vehie'e "broke
down," when they were quite a distanco
from this city. As but one could ride in
tho weak vehicle, they wore under the ne
cessity of alternately changing their posi
tion from tho wagon to one of tho mules.
Imagine their imposing appearance and
the sensation created along the road.