Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, November 01, 1876, Image 1

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Qul lion J'roflclt, Deficit.
yr. 0 'M
NOVEMBER, 187(i.
Afar, where palo, withdrawing Day,
In armor cold, with dowy crest.
Goes tolling on his weary way,
O'er dusky mountains of tho wet,
There is a peaceful rippling lake.
Where million waves ho gently shako
With pearly tops the watery sheet
That wrapt tho aged mountain's feel.
And far adoun by cliffs bo gray,
A silvery pall,
They rise and fall,
Yet hide the Deep
I n caves asleep,
Where cold his frame.
And spirit tame,
lly tno-sy shroud cnmautled lay.
How calmly rolls this mimic sea!
TIs watched by mountains wild and free.
That staud as giants round the pool
Their thirst to quench, their feet to cool.
Knch still', defiant, towering crest
Now shades a frown
That fulls adown
Wliero rough hoofs break
Tho swelling lake.
So lone, so old,
Uy watchmen cold
'TIs guarded well from cast to went.
A mirror 'neath a sea 10 wide,
Where cloud ships cruise thu boundlesi tide
With fimhrluto sell and frosted must
They shade and sweep the waters vast,
And bear their cargoes, many ton,
From anchored fleets,
With Icy sneets,
With crowded guards,
And glistening yards,
That bauk afar.
As walls In war.
The golden city of the Snu.
Here oft the sun at evening seems
In heaven propped by million beams
That lie across the mountain tops
Through hazy, barren, wludworn copc.
And, braced against tho mountain side-,
s levers spare,
They keep him there,
Until their feet,
From waters sweet,
All dripping bright
With parting light,
He lifts, as down he slowly rides.
Tho timid Bhadcs, aroused and wake.
Now sortie out across the lake.
Long dusky lines, minute-like corps,
Now raiso and dip their dingy oars,
And time the waves' low sullen moan.
Hut furthermost
Avatit tho host
The leader rides,
And swiftly glides
To where. In Day's
Last adieu gaze,
Adclla used to muse alone.
For oft she came, us ovo drew near,
To meet the shades at waters clear,
To wutch the waves come In and beat
And roll and break and then retreat.
And there upon a hoary stone,
Whoso footing place,
In cold embrace,
Is held secure
By waters pure,
no. .