Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, October 01, 1876, Page 7, Image 7

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    The Stvitg'le of Lifr
every Immcli of labor, professional or
mechanical. Tho idea should never be,
('(iiiio impressed upon ilio minds of i lie
young Mint lonrningnud ability arc at a (lis.
o.ounl. Our eonntri onlls lor nten of stern
integrity, monl.il acquirements, and in.
doniitnblo wills men who cannot he
bribed or coit -"d bv ft-nr, men who are
fiii 1 1 fill lo trusts imposed upon them in
whatever piisltiMii hey urn oeeup;. , in
the ciivle ol professional life, or in the
politieal are. ta. Whatever is atloinp'od
to lie done in life, whn'over puip ise is in
iew, llii fuel should always he kept in
remembrance, that without Im.or nothing
worthy of accomplishment enii be done.
Unceasing and determined por.sooinnco
will olien siilllco when the re-piis'ite talent
is1 wanting.
'Life is but 11 dream," '"'rune a lleeling
shadow," are. familiar words, which sonic
people .seem, by ihcir notions, to accept
in a literal .sense. This is presumed by
the progiess they ih'nkc under favorable
auspices. They sueni lo think that cxis
Icnce is so momentary 1 lint 'lis useless lo
attempt the accomplishment of a worthy
object; to leave behind Ilium, when they
have passed lV.nn this, life, a monument of
good woiks, lo i Itcst the fact that they
weio j.ot nonentities on the stage of life.
Some men eeni unable lo ward oil' dan
gers wliic h threaten to make their lives
miserable. .Many men are crushed down
to shame, who stood blamules ami unpot
leil before 'heir (Soil; yet are scorned by
their lellou tiicu. P.dn ed at by the rude
lingo-of ridicule; sneered at because of
poverty, or lack of culture; .suspicion's
poisoned weap m inflicting is venoinou
sting; these make life indeed an existence
bordering on inisfoiiiiiie. Ho v true and
applicable are these lines:
Mini' liiliiiiuiuilty to mini
Millar cnualluM thonfind mourn,
One false step, templed by the influeiiuu
of an evil moment, from the rugged paths
of morality, often buds to another, by the
calumny heap.'d upon the ollbiiding one
by those, who, forgetful that 'to err is hu
man," lend not a hand to stay the way
ward steps.
Life Iris it.s pleasures and sorrows, its
summer day of brightness and buoyant
hope; its winter gloom and storms. In
tho struggles of life, always keep in view
the object for which you are striving.
Little tr'lles should not interfere witli sue
ce.ss, and IVeptently must insu'.s bo en
(lured with inarlyr-llke forbearance. In
the journey of life, there is nothing more
valuable than friendship. With all the
d r..ling attractions of wealth, and the al
lurements ol lame, a true and Hied friend
is an inesMmable bussing. Witli what
emotional feelings may we look back to
earlier days, and with ineniory'.s fond rec
ollection recall those incidents wherein
we were on the verge of despair, or about
to yield to the tempter's 'voice; when u
kind fiieiivl, with cheering words, turned
despair to brighter hope, and whose ten.
dor warning kept us from the paths of or
ror. Let it be remembered that there are
men who have not the moral stamina
requisite to curry them through the strug
gles of life unfalteringly, and that it is the
duty of all to befriend those they see de-'
parting from right, ond infuse into their
minds a greater courage, thus raising them
to a higher level of moral standing.
There is a sphtie of labor for all. Go
forth, then, voyager on life's tempestuous
sea, and seek I hit work; and, with that
indomitable will a'ld perseverance, tailor
not until the struggle is over, and success
has crowned vottr cHorls. A. J.
At the wivor' dim nwr
I tremble buru.
As o'er an thy IiIIIowk, O Ttmo, 1 float;
And iih oft I t-lu'op
Tho ntern weep,
Thin they hhould hu tossing bo frail n 'mat.
Hut gently roll. O troubled Son;
For welcome light
O'er wnvuluts blight
Still dimly streams Tor me, Tor mo.
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