Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, October 01, 1876, Page 6, Image 6

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Tin SlruyL ' ,
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trnct3 appetite, and though! digests iIiimii,
carrying thi'lr dibilililing poison Into the
soul's structure, dlslnrlhi!, potvcrlin m (I
dwarfing Hie mural nature. Hut Instead
of buing thus ptostitutod, tlio mind nun
be trained to such modus and habits of
thinking as lo admire tin- really admira
ble, to love tin1 good and lino, and to find
expansion and exorcise in communion
and real sympathy vi:h iln most beau ifiil
objects in nature, :ui I the noblct pro In--tions
of art, a persistent eultur. of which
is needed I) 'fore the higher lesnl s will
uppuar in lis olevntini; lutliiuue.es upon
ilic mind, rundcrintr the soul sonsllvily
alive lo such impressions.
Soul structur. is the mosl iinpirlnnl
inturest wo have requires tlu most siren
nous potsonal ell ii, and that efi'orl (11
reeled to the full, free, and hnnnoniou
development of every spiritual cnpabiliiy
of our nature. 7ev, if anywheio, we are
to regain our likencx to God, and lieic P
is mint emphatically true th.it every hu"
man soul must he its own architect.
( T.
The Stru;;fjIoi !' I.UVj.
Standing on the verge of a Rubicon .if
doubt, are many who pints:?, und 'oidod
whether to cross and enter into the great
battle of life wilh an earnest zeal and pur
pose, or to retrace stop already ad oieed,
hopelessly givinir up an ambitious d-siiv
or longing, which may at one time
have boon Ihe all absoibini; interest n'
their min Is. They fear lo leap the aiilf
of uucerlainly for fear of disastrous con
sequences, and therefore remain silent
spuctators of Ihe strife beyond.
In the varied pharos of life, nuiuli is
seen lo Mir and excite to highest lontr
ings the aspiring nature of man, and lend
encouragement to those not the most bold
lo do a id dare. Much nl-o is oh-orvud lo
discourage even the boldest, heart, who
would aspire lo reach Ihe "lofty heights of
fame." For one without inlluenuo, and
yet surrounded by a world of indlHVie:'ce
as well as In Ihe emb irn-sni"iil of pnvcr
ty, wiio isdes.rnu to it 1 1 in t a certain
xphere of rmiii'iice 'ind iis'-fnlnes-. am inn
the le lined and great, I lie oullo d; indeid
is not Hie n favorable. Snuggles
which will demand alnn-l siiperhumai
ell'orls to pass tlir uth; temp'ation lo be
borne, and their allur men's to bj over
come; and miilliiiidin mimI 111 iillie-s to he
eiu-oun'eted, thai lower it pidigini
h ig'iits I i uveis'iidiv Hie highlit of
liul sh mid that .sphit i i in.ui which is
everseeuing afler snur.-lhin.' better and
nobler, be crushed in i's earliest as-plri.
iins for simetlt'ng highor, and all hi;,
cause the highway of uttai.nn-nt is not
smoolli and unencumbered by obslru..
tion.s? Common sense leaclie. us the eon.
irnry, inid that all should set before them
a high standard of attainment, and en.
doavor, by noble, vig irons ovorlioiH, lo
reach as nearly a- possible the object hi
view. A na'lnnV welfare, even existence
itself, depends, largely on the aspiring,
striving nature id' its people.
The experience of a young man in his
attempt to rise from poverty and obscurity
to renown, is often one ol discourage
ineni. r'liendly manifestations toward
him, ami cheering w irds, are apt to be d..
feired until he his attained distinction,
and show.i his ability; and not accorded
liiinSi hen Mich would bu i.ideed a bios,
sing. In deciding a certain pursuit of
liitf.iue.ss, in winch we would oniraio, uat
uraliiicliuaiionhould lute.onsitltod before
loo u.iolieiiol.idnv of others. "Iv iow
ihy.self" is an injunction directly appliea.
bio hero. If it i dcsiiv.l J,, VIU . ,f0u
sional life bieaiHo of iiiuliuiilon rather
than of pecuniary consideration, the bel
ter is the proxpeot of succo-s. "The pro.
fusions are crowded" are words lo bo
heard en every hand. It Is true: filled to
ivorllowing with muii wiio seek lo live
without labor, and so lwer the standing'
or the professions with their inability and
ii.dlsposhion to energetic wotk. Tlioto
is room for proper talent and industry in