Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, October 01, 1876, Page 3, Image 3

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tin1 inaii'genirnt of class alllairs they
"lend in lmliiis ill" i ut null'1 nntl llu low
arts of politicians?" Naturally, ilmse of
l lie same soel. ty will seek to aid each olh.
cr, but I lie iiii'lliotls llicy employ depend
upon themselves. IT iheir insles nrc low,
lii-ii- tiictli'icl- will no doubt correspond ;
bit lb it iliuv will practice I iv nits men-,
ly bceiiise the', are tin inhcrs of a secret
i3i'('icl is a singular hallucination. Our
auilior himself aduiiis licit iIil' charge of
siciccx amounts to ni h i mr ; of course
1 licit the ehaigc may In. mule wild cin'tal
force ag iiihl tu, Snci'lies, at-, for ixain
plo, our iwo UltTiiry societies, anil we may
condemn them because in the man:i";cmeiit
of eolleue allaits "they may, in tbeir rival.
r. form habits of intrigue, etc., eic."
Let us nut be misundeistond. These prite
liecs oniiiml be too severely condemned.
Wo object only to llu attempt to make the
tecrel Societies tliu scupegonts tor tltvsi
lltlng.-. All timt can possibly bo urged
against thorn U llutl, on occasion, (buy
furnish readier I'lioilitics for llie practice
of these in Is
In t ii- rmirlli -li:titr, we arc quite sure
thni Ion in licit iutlttcncc is ascribed to
llic-c Socii lies. Ci ritiinly 1 1 y can not
be moic pott nl i;i moulding diameter
ibati Ibe college Itself. The cliarire is vis
iotiun so tar as it applies peculiarly to
these S icietii'K. The young men lints us
mum iled are not tinnccusloiiied to severe
iimliul criticism, thus making their con
iie.xion uf tin greatest piacticul utility, ll
i tibsutd to iisiime ill. n by the mere fact
ol such a-fouiitlion I lie natural dcsiic foj
each other's es'ei'iii should be in any wise
lessened. Th. hist iliirir is Ihc only one
ihat appears to have much weight. Their
aniiutil e inventions (' bee imit) a sri'
oils iHiisiiicc, We cannot keep too con.
st uiily in mind the real work of a 0 d
lejjo. Nothing should be .illowed to o'j
sirttui it.
As Ptol. Hitsley has s well obac'ived.
the On liege or University is the place not
only for instruction but lor original in.
Of coui'M' nothing pertaining to a mini's
culture as a social, itilelleultial and moral
being, not inconsistent wi'h these two
gnat purposes of iho Univcrsily, can
righilully be ruled out, while everything
which dots interfere how ever slighlly with
Mrs.' should be ruled mil, and thai too
willi rigorous severity. Even in an Ainer
ie.in College, for a student in hi. in his as
signed Ii sson -o- as to acquit himself cred.
iliibly at lime of recitation is nothing
veiy laudable. He should remember thai
an opportunity is oH'ered for culture dur
ing his ,Miir at the University which will
prnbnl.ly never recur, and Ihal that oppor.
tunity must noi he neglected. Fcetcl So.
ciet lis are likely to inlerfere with it, as
other things of parallel moment, and it
Is certainly not Inn much to say thai the
lime they exact is largely wasted, if, for
no other reason, than that it is lime em
phatically not spent to the best advantage
Thi'io is no occasion to urge that because
of his memlurship in one of these socie
ties the student becomes any worse, that
he necessarily contracts bad habits from
his association or that peculiarities of tem
per are aggravated and hardened into
"lixed defects of diameter," for all this
may be successfully controverted; it is
siilllcieut to uri!!' that his lime is impera
tively needed for something more impnr
taut for the grci.l woik of the University.
Tern pus omnibus rebut, non autem in Uni
capitate. C.
The activities of the universe, so far as
we can see, are employed in building.
The solf-existent, eternal God has created
malciials and foices, and has set the forces
to building out of the materials.
The poer by which forces build we
call life. The material, forces and life arc
evolved out of the Inllnitudo of God's ex
istence. What they are we know not.
Their existence has utterly eluded our
keenest roscaich. Wo study their activ
ities hut cannot hiiug them within the