Hesperian student / (Lincoln [Neb.]) 1872-1885, January 01, 1875, Page 6, Image 6

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tard lis highest development by even so
small u thing as the sentiments expressed
in that article. Audio say thai tho ac
tion of fifty slMy school girls is "snlllo.
lout evidence that tho two races will not
harmonize" i pure nonsense
In the name of Mineim and nil the di
vinities who preside over our Ilnlls of
Lr.irniii'j, we p'oicst against Ihe Toim
CV . calling ii (11 .1 Colli go paper tin
loss it eoiw-s li'ling its eoltimns with Con
itrenco Ileitis and Correspondence, nnd
compilations I mm the text books, sin li
as the tn tides on "Tin- t'se of Chloro '
form" and "'Ihe Pulse." Kcn in the
Local more than hull' Ihe space isdevol.
ed to religious items aparl from college
news. An exchange speaks of lite Dal-
hnmic Ofiirttr as the dullest College paper
it knows of htu ii assurcdl.1 ncer saw
the Toini Cliini'i or it would amend iK
judgement. It might make a respcclabh
auinkur religious newspnpi r but as foi
an.i tiling farther
The ()ir make- its tippinrance wilh il
explanatioti of the "Mstuy of Misnict
ism," which, im doubt, i sntisl'.ictoiy to
those who read Ihe articles. The autlioi
of "Irish faith and I'm it-," makes alilur
al Use of the piionaI pronoun "I"
often sc which man who ought to know
better will pcrsi-t in commilting. The
Owh Is hae n gatln ling this month and
among other pKasant i evolutions, give us
their political platfoim. Tho "sapient
Bird" gives also a -oleum wink at Prof.
Tyndall. Tho Helfast address of Ihe
Professor was like u stone suddenly
thrown into a shallow pond it has sot
all the frogs to croaking. The College
Press especially .seems to think itself
called upon to give Prof. Tyndall nil (ho
sage rebukes at its command
It is much, nnw-n-days, for n man to
counterfeit another person's name lo
procure food lo prevent sluivulion, when
tho laws of liis country arc so unjust thai
lie cnnnol provide for his wants honestly;
hut it is but Mtlle for n man to make his
whole lifo a counterfeit on honor and
truth, if he does not directly 'touch tho
pocket of some one ele. To counterfoil
a smile and the wnim pressure of tho
hand w hen the whole heart is black nnd
icy cold is the daily lie of cursed society.
(eotitlniicil from pnjjo 0.)
pose, I venture she envied your joyous,
ncss, and gayely, and golden tresses. And
well she might. Intellectual strength
nnd severe mental discipline, unaccom
panied by thoso lender attributes peculiar
to women, arc not the open scsomo to
men's hearts or women's happiness and
usefulness. For the less miserable one is
the more useful, and the ncarei he attains
the purpose of ills creation if Micro is
nuv such purpose.
Ibsih s ambition e or sleeps on n thorny j Bonds of dues owed from man toman
couch. Ihe goal is never won. the nresneieil ami mil ol tcrroi, but hypo, i
wrecks ,uc stiewn on all the highways critical pursers, dect itful smiles and all,
and ba. Think not, therefore, that , the forms that arc bonds on human hearts, '
Alimi wus so much jour superior, or thai, may pass idly aslhc wind and n.-nc say
woe . u transtormed into her exact conn them n.iv.
w I
II is a mistaken idea, by which our so.
clel is deluded nnd mn- lnws ntvf.i-mul I
" i ' .... n...v...v..,
uneasiness to you was whollj gratuitous. , that a moneyed basis makes Ihe crime'
You fear lest Israel should not be worth j hen ious. It is really no grnntot crime to
the winning. "What sort of logic, my . obtain money through false pretonsos. i
Ih aulilil slrangi i, have oii porpetraliil? : than it is lo make tho fHlse pretenses
ue is, ou acKiiowietme, woimy uieexeei w mmiit oniaining llic money: nor does
lnl E'phrosuii ct when he deliberntc i it make a person the Uss h criminal toes
1 cho.-es you, n weakness is diseox en d , cape detection limit though he wore oil
in him which make Ihe counties! worth- ieledaiiil lmnishcd to the fnlli.i vim
less. What iiaifpannt egotism: He Bui -iicli ore the premises on which so
comes ) you not against the uitionscioiis iici nets at (he present time. Many who
iinpulsi j, of his In ti( i nature, bin in olicil- isitotir jails and penitentiaries view'
ience lo that divine instinct which icai n- tluii inmatis with mingled feelings of!
es him to seek, first ot all, his own happi hoiror and disgust, thinking that they'
ncss. Tho restful peace whii h vm in- ; arc of the lowest older of human beings, j
spire and efiet is jusl as essential to his Hit! at the v mic time they are entertain-!
mil nnd complete development as the I ing as their intimate fiiends and bosom I
stern reouiroment of ambition. Israel, i coninanions those who vi. nmrniii. n,t. I
' " ulJ Vllllll-
therefore, was right, and you should prize nal because they bn'e committed tho j
before tho tribunals of justice to answer
for the crimes which they commit; ct
neither tho shabby coat nor servile posl.
lion weigh against one, nor the fino
clolhos nor high position in favor of an.
other. n. Z. '
Ant until Ijouvon.
teipMil, hat jour lot would be less tin
li.ippx than at present. Another source of
him ihe more for being able to nsist ihe
magnetic attraction of Mimi's intellectu
al endowments
same (beds hut hnve failed to moot tho!
.nine retribution. j
Society punishes him who openly com- i
llad I been in his place, I should l.rob miK (""' P" 'belt to appease the huu.
. i 1 i i. i . i! i i . ' iii I ..I l.t.. i.. !h,. .. : c. 1 i.Mj , ...
aoiy noi imve enow n as ne uiu, ami tu
j .' - - " - , ..i
evei paper is in a terrible Under lest ' timmrii . vn-v uhli lmr r.r.m.1 i. ..,,i.
cbrisiianity and religion, theii ciei dsand ! bed for my hardihood, and allowi d to hin:
beliefs, an-in danger, and hasten to as. n. di bones of disappointm. m the ui
sure us they are not. Instead of trying to ' (1f mynutural life. Israel was rUii, m
refute his arguments. All of which . (!,. HeatPy, as you m, doubt si u i! m
Shows Ihe Mabilitv Mic structure. J Unowli due and as y u w ill pi.,, in him
Though not n tolhgc papci, the rr'yui b y ur tcudenn -s and lidilii iImiii.Ii
Jhnilil is amomr our ixchanuis and ui Pile's lonjr iouin-. ti,.. fxflu.iii !,..
notice it only to (liter a proiist ugaiiist lell itual worn. in i.s not a pininoiii o "'l' '' induci incuts to crime by bestowing
tlie amount of tiasli willi wh'uli our boys "pi an on earth". mil hkhc t praises on those who have
are Hooding Hie land in iheir imaii ur pa- You h.ic no purpose in life ; but win n , t-'-'incd rii In s by the mo.st nefarious
r . i .v i ,.i ... , i.i, .. . i. i .i .
l:l.u 1 out la yiu U1C UUillll ol ln nU-ol Ij
ing passion, there will spring up ami do
L'H'nl li is vtai inir w ifc nnil flillfti-r.1, i, in
takis no funmlit of him whoso daily1
lite is ..ne sst. uiatic plan of indirect i
pliinduinir-sum. perhaps to raise him
li'mhcr nnd highu in lier esteem, if lie,
iraills V( all l,j li,,. proccHS. j
Tl.e ..lijici ., )unishment is to prevent
'rim. hut i- it likely to accomplish the
i)ji ct as lonj. a U. eontinuo lo hold out
pers J lie Amoticin growth i-a pn ui;.u
species of tho genus Boy. He thinks lie
is wise enough to vote at eighteen, and
able to manage anything from the Civil
Soivice Heform lo tho Beccher-Tilton
trial. As a natural consequence lie has
tried his hand it running a paper. This
of itself, so long its ho confined himself to
a healthy, hearty boy's paper for healthy,
hearty boys, w as well enough. But it bo
c&mcfe simply a nuisance, when he makes
it a medium lor journalistic quarrels on
n, reduced scale, foi viiuponition and bil
lingsgate that would have disgraced a
Coppoihetidnewspiipoi in war times, and
iin .i
rii lies'
velop a purpose?, real, tangible and practi-cal.
To be just, punishment should bo mot-
ed out to all accoiding to tholr deeds.
And what of "Kuphrosyno? She has a ' We should be more charitable to thoso
luirpose and aim worth, broad, imprac
ticable and unattainable. Your sphere of
action may bo mon contracted and less
who are so unfortunate us to be conviclod
of crime, and more careful lo know
' whether or not thoso to whom wo arc giv
--- - - - -. -.--.-. MiiviM uu U1UKIV
alluring, but balancing probabilities, j ing our highest honor are not moro do.
Hiui ii nunc iiuiy io uo piouucuvc oi uo- rviiig oi h iciin in our penitentiary,
tsirable ti. nils. It bus been the object of n part of the
"Mimi, npgre.ssive, isolated, unsympa- J people of our great cities to shield a eer
ihulif, In i uii :u "uiiu" tiid"purp .-i"cx lain mtnlltr fom tp.. i.iit f)f jlc jaw
eluding sent intents and emotions, common by tiying to keep the trial before u church
lo (illiili. Iinu n ImI nril ti Iw. onvirul i.i COIMtllil Ice
fills its oolumiH will, fe, hie attempu at a peciullj ly my Beautiful Friend. To her j Wliy h,uld he not be brought before
rehash of l.nhjer love stoiies from the
silly pon or "Skiff" ov "Kail C. Yelrnf,"
or a' host of other boys equally us silly.
Thore litre somo exceptions lo this of
course. Some of tho young editors are
sensiblo enough to keep out of quarrels
and their cmUiuuis frco from sonsntionnl
articles. Tho r.matcur papors of our own
State are among tho exceptions, wo aro
happy to say. There aro but throe, tho
Omaha Excelsior, the- Dexort Home IHmas,
and one which wc bclicvo'is published 'in
Lincoln but'whioh wc havo'nover .seen.
Tho twa mentioned 'aro published by boyHi
and are a credit to them.
perhaps no other pnreu- is possible, but t,,. iribuual b. lore which others
you have no causo lo mourn your lot in charRed with ihe same dime ,,. tiiertt
comparison. ,,
In our day when a man commits a
arimo for which tho law has provided pun.
Ishnient, and isdetqclud, the papors aro
filled with accounts concerning it. livery
man who Is UQilhor.a fool, nor np giupru.
mus talks about it; and ,he unfortuualo
nifin.feela tliat.ljq is pstriicisqd, front socio
ty for all time to comp; which is often
the case.
Docs the position of the man make tho
crime any ihe less? If so, then it is no
wonder that men commit small ciitnes in
order to raise theinsclvih t.o a position in
which they may com mil greater ones. Why
should other but less popular men bo in
enrcoroted in the penitentiaries through,
out iho various states for tho same crime
charged against this noted divine, while
?te is allowed to roam at large and float on
the top wave of society? Before we
boast more of the justice of American
institutions let us bring all on nu equality
How di Keren I, yel how beautiful; soino
mott.cd witli hr'ght crinunn and elh.w,
vome tinged a moiedelli'nlehtu.wh'ilf ihl
its nre ftlngid with a deeju r color,
shaded so perferlly Oh to blend al lnsl in
one! There are others or n ukhc somhro
hue, which are none Ihe less beautiful, for
there is slill that wonderful shading tmd
blending, which no language can describe
no pencil portray. What it grand sight,
to behold Ihce old sentinels, who, for era!
lurles, perhaps, havp been crowned each
year wilh these changeful tokeps of fnll!
As we wander through one of tho-r i-i.ri,t
old woods, on n lovely October day, when,
snvc (Mir voice, no sound is heard but tl10'
drowsy hum of Insects, or Ihe chirp of
birds us they (lit from tree lo lr-e, how
vividly the tinted leaves, as they rustic to
our feet, remind us of our hopes' nnd piano,
made in the vnry spring u,ne, now noinoro
to be recognized than these same autumn
leaves, that were once so Hwli and verdant.
U's, all is changed; somethings that
looked dark nnd uncertain are now mado
plain; others, in which we were certain of
success, tiro laid low in the dust. Truly
there is somothtng sad in the minium time,
not only for tho chiingingleavesiind phiiS)
which the early frost louches and blights
so quickly, but there are lniiny loved and
chorislxKl ones, who were with us m iho
last fnllingof the loaves" now gone v. hero
tiiiug ntrtr change, and their last resting
place is strewed with those brighl-hued re
minder of decay, io become after a time
brown nnd sear so like the lovely form of
yomh nnd health, which sooner or ln.er be
comes dust.
As 1 sit nnd think of the autumns spent
and gone in my life, my ,jmi xx ,!,.
back to those earlier one of ohildhhood,
when 1113 Uioughts wero nll joyous, when
my present was my all, no turning back to
the past, no looking forward to the ftiluro,
onlj the full enjoyment of each passing
day, when I used to rustle ihe brown nu
tumn leaves, nnd gather them in huge piles,
searching for nuts for the fnsi approaching
winler, and never a sd thought for the do
cay of the year, or of changes that always
come with it; but 1 oho remember other
autumns, wlion, although I onjoved their
hazy beauty, yet there was ever a nameless
longing for something, a sad regret for
those beautiful days that no often, huwov
or beautimi they might be, could ever wills.
0 "o fully, because they could never be the
, wi 1 have often wondered why I
could not uhcay enjoy the autumn ns tliouo
w my brief childhood days, when tho
thought conies to me: It i bettor so, Hint
even these vain regrets, M,a rcpinings aud
yearnings after things that me gone be in
dulged, if by uK.gc OUI. in,nd) m.t.lumi0,lo.
bier, our thoughUj beeoino purer, nnd wo
aro thus brought to realize and prepare for
that "autumn time" w.hith comes to nil:
yes, much belter than nover to have hud
thoso thoughts that tend to make our lives
more thoughtful and earnest, bolter and
It has boon said, that from almost every
ml1?,0, n,!Uiro u,lt,sso may "" taught.
ion 'Autumn loavcs",tho greatest of which ,
Is, to bo ever ready for that season which I
changes life to death. FAS