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will to lend and direct them awhile long
er, it is impossible to foretell whether his
principles shall rise still higher, or full.
AVo ciin only hope Hint (he summons Hint
is to cnll him may be long withheld.
Meanwhile, great political changes had
a reputation which will always live while
poor, sullering humanity groans willi
aches and diseases, Her gold and silver
mines may i'ai!, her population dwlrdle
away to a few hundreds, but the loii'isl
for pleasure and the seeker for health will
ghutdon her cullers long aftorolher towns
now populous and nourishing have rolled
up their tents and slolen silently uwaj.
The hoi springs heie burnt lb'-th near
Soda Crook, charged by nature's uwn
lutnd willi health-giving propcitics ,J.
U. Pohlo, M. J)., makes a caioful oh' il
eal analysis of a sample sent to him id
finds the following constituents, in
kept near the creek and avoided the
mountains were, in a measure, able to
live, while those who wandered upon
steep declivities were unsueossful as gold
seekers. Gold had boon taken out by
Spanish or Mexican explorers hi the vi.
.taken plnco in England. Gladstone, unity of the mouth ol fall river on wnai
"Britain's great minister, but Europe's j was en Hod Spanish Bar before '50, bill the
stntoinan, had lost strength. Various Yankee first saw lis countcnancii in the
nc N among which was the abolishment region of the town of Idaho Springs. In
of the rituals in Parliament, started the Kmpiro, gold lodes are a certainty and
rumor 'hat he was leaning towards Oath- aio successfully worked, while the Suilh
olocism In h' potion he could do ' Clear Creek has long been noted for its
nothing. He adjourned Parliament and , duable gulch and placer mines of gold,
ordered a ne a election. The returns From 'oil to '(It silver was unknown
showed thai he great Libel al leuler was ' and the miners, not accustomed to Ihe j proportions annexed, to Hie gallm
wlllioul a majority to sustain him. ,iiiail., dug Hie mineral from its beil ami i Uirijoiiale ol soda,
much he inclines towards ('itholoeism in would sitisiy tlieni, until by some lucky Sulpimto of Soda,
one of Ihe most remarkable essays of hit an accident ol some kind the im Sulphate of magnesia,
modern times, lie insists that a person Jpor'.ant lact that silver rather than gold
cannot be a member of the Catholic , existed in the ores of Ihls county found a
Church and a good citizen; also, thai the home in the minds of the miii'is. This
Church of Home is oppocd to progress ' once generally known, began the rapid J Silicate of soda,
and modern thought. Like Bismarck, and steady pimric-s from a rocky, m. iiu
old age is creeping upon him. He i- lainoiis region, wild and uncultivated, io
over sixty now, el his form is but little (he richest silver producing county ol
bent, his step is linn, and the last laurel Coloiado, with nourishing town
added to the statcsinrn's sviealti svhich he cities, rich in wealth an. I pinplid Ie,
thousands ol men, .somen ind ihildun
The first town which was I ml oil in the
1,000 s,)uiSi
llhoul a majority to sustain him. ,iiiail., ilug llie mineral irom us ueu auu i iviuuoniiiu ui soon,
Disraeli look the helm of Male and ' heaved it, together with the rock, down a'bona!e ' J1"11'' .
. . . ,. . , . , , v .1 i . , , ' l nruoniilo ol magnesia,
ladslone was free. He has shown how 'lie liiouniain side. Nothing but gold 'ai buiiij? ol iron,
Sulphate ol Lime.
Cnloridc of sodium,
Chloride of calcium and magivsia,
each a trace
til. mis, 107.00
lie then rcmiuks that it yielded a small
At one lime it numbered
many stores, hotels, elc.
Mills Oily, and Dosvnievlllo, on the
creek, between Idaho Springs and George
town, are now mining camps' Ihoughciir
ryinglho title of towns. Georgetown, ()f
which 1 gave a notice in a former hit ,
Silver Plume, llrownville and Unkei villp
above Gcorgclown, and ISast Argentine
on Ihe south branch of Clear Creek, coti.
slilule the principal towns in the county
some of these an- merely Mopping
places or loll gales with a stance house and
barn "for the accommodation of the liny.
ie' c'ing public.
1 The county in watered by Clear On ek,
lli) 60 1 which ha Ihree branches North, Middle
I'-liind South Fall riser, and Chicago and
!j' I o I Soda Creeks. These streams are well cal.
3lU)l! calculated to furnish water power to drive
machinery and are surrounded by rich
silver lodes on every side, ami How
through valleys pleasant and grass
which furnish pasturage for cattle in
small numbers and occasionally a few
acres of land for agriculture. The alti
tude ol the valley increases as jou ascend
Wears exceeds am thing won in hissoung.
er dnjs. Ol the -eieiicc of government,
"l It... ...... ,.tr A I I.I..1... U....1 . ......
" pioportion of carbonic acid gas onh.1, , ' "'""HJ'uu
''K .... . " , lei't :ihii lhi kimi lnvnl nt flu, . .nil.
in- inruiciii.il characteristics of this' ,. , ' , '.,"' ' "'"
, ill 1 ' ill 111 null IT 1 I 1 1 1 7. .i.l 1 . . . u - . . t I i fc .-
hiiiiir are antiaoid. aller.tliv.. .....I i '" ""'. "'n, i.iMirgciuwn n,..
o J --------- ...... .
hois a iniiMer; in scholarly attainments county was Idaho Spiings For a tiiu
but few surpass him; ills life has been 'the legion was invested bs mints and lie
pure and chaste, and as a political leader ' town grew up as il by magic Und r lie
lie is the peer of any living man. lie inllttcneo ol the stories ol" gold here, luin
brings all his learning, experience nnd'dreds posthaste found their was to the
scholarship into this pamphlet, and pre- new mining town. It soon bccann ihe
sent argumonss that it will be dillleult to largest and popular town, llotist s, .stoics,
Thus are two of the greatest statesmen
mans cases, sligh.ly laxative. Its CXJ f'. ' Jy ym ri-ucli GniyV Pouk
tem.il use as a bath will be found bene- "' ""'"-"""' "" " S". ".,e. uiai i.uge,
liciai in cases of rheumatism and diseases
ol the skin." Here, too, you will find
the soda spring soda water, fresh from
iiaiuic's fount, foaming and sparkling,
ch.ugcd and ready for Use without inter
vention of an apothecary to dish it out in
ten ecu cent, quantities, but full and froo,
a gili from nature for man's uao and bon.
To those who look for pleasure in
and saloons, the miner's home and erea
tion, were rapidly run up and the outlines
of Ihe world arrayed against the Church f the town became more visible. This
of Koine. She must accent the position 'town is thirls -live miles fiom Denser and
assigned her bs these men, or acknowl eighteen miles from the junction of Char ac-'"l'0 . M woll its tlioso who nro in quest
-edge that the fundamental principles of . f,icek with the Platte nvei. Poiinerl', "I" lnulih, here, amid the Kocky moun-
tbe church have come to naught. Whnrlbb. place was the counts suit of near ,aillh' i" ca" ,lml iml(ih lo lloao you,
.will she do? She must do something, jc1 Cicck Counts ; but in '7 the coiuis h cr .ou nnd help you.
what cm, she doV Force, (ladslone sitir- 'records were moved to the moie iioimlou-, ' be attractions elsewhere ma besought
gests, would not be "prudent." This is'cit.s of Georgetown, thirteen miles div
the cri-is. ' tiitit up the eieek.
In this countis a crisis is innniiient. 1 Idaho Springs is noted fni it-, beautiful
Already the war ha-, begun. The opening sccners, frequently c.dlul the Swii. il.nd
gun of a campaign against ouredueation of America. Here the b( mis 1 Mie
al syslun svasliieM b,s the Catholie Ui-iio) sulles sliivc with the grnndi ur of lb.
of ll'jchcslcr a short lime ago at Oleve- luountaiu-. to prcenl a spot sslieie iseiy
land, Ohio. That the Cnlholus have thing is lovels and only man is vile
......w. i.ij..n I.. ...,,m.i..:.. :. 1 1 ... 'in 11 , , ,
pw.uv .iio.ii v.. Lwiiijii.uii is mi, imc; out J lie vnnev WUtens (Ha, UlUlvlU a slUiiil
alter bs tliose svlio wish to idle asvav the
hot .slimmer days in fashionable society
or a t one boat ride on the lake and river,
bin one who wishes lo iambic 011 the hill
sil'', through rocky canons, up sleep de
eds uios, over rushing mountain sireanis
ragged and uncouth mountain lifts its
biiosv covered heud 1C,000 feet in the
air, monarch of nil around- Silent and
grand it stands, calmly surveying its less
er companions as (hoy losvor up hundreds
of foot below its summit. No sound
broaUs tho stillness, save tho soughing of
tlio sviutor wind through the pines or
tho rush of tho water ovor tho cataract in
the valley below.
Sils-or is not the only ore found here, but
copper, load and iron abound in many
places thoruglmut the county. In fact, in
many instances, the sils-or ore is mixed
with lead in such quantities as to make
the cost of reduction much Ictis llian the
010 without this ingredient. Mack.
"DMVr with" and "OiU'ci from.'
The question svas submitted to me last
lull, which of the plirasi- "dilfer wilh" or
c ol, clear and sparkling up through ' "dilfer from", is correct, or whether both
n mild and bracing atmosphere to meet ' arc admissible. A categorical i.niwcr
the bright sun rise, as il reddens thy lion would h.'.vo satisfied the demands of tin.
thes. would abolish the system altogether place, quite smooth on which to build ' zon am '""I1''8 lIt" snow-cupped moun- inquiror. Hut ir scorned to me respectful
instead of remedying iis evils. T, e the town, and the mountains rise to an el-' uxnii Sllt,u- Hl 'I sunlight, purely caiH to tho intelligence of my inquiring friends
charges that the clergy advised the lajincn cvnlion of 10UO feet on both sides. They mil l)llt lcw 'sI)0tB oliav suited to give I to stato some of the reasons for my deeis
how to vole, under instruction., from (he ie ons lo climb, etivered with grass, and ' l'h'asiire. and health than here. Ouo ride J ion. Not supposing that my private letter
Vatican, may 01 mas not bi Hue; ve ' ne tune pine timber svaveil in' the through the mountain gorges is worth a Would pass under the eye of any critic,
must, however, meet Ihe question sooner! wind us il Clluu' down tho canon, bare ' (l(zt''1 through n quiet agricultural land much les (hat of Mr. H. G. "Whi'c for
or later. Students cannot give thesoj rocks and jutting point now and thon ' an(' o'V(i8 to its fortunato partioij)ant a j whose critical acumen I have tin- highest
questions too much thought Thcj will enlivening the scene, which givo to ihe ' '"'P'1' capacity for beof and potatoes than ' respect, the reasons given were not urged
joon be called upon u act. In it is in- place a variety of beautiful sMils, svhlle ' " -,ek's idle, inactive round of fashion-' with that coinpleteni'ss or precision which
volvcd ihe whole question of church and back of all this looms up againsiiho blue j ul)lc llobiires. Tho grandeur and buauly ' would otherwise have been attempted,
state, and to lie ignorant of it, is to be ig-'sky the Squaw, Pappooso and Chief '. ul ' inountaln scenery, the purity of moun Noi i. it mj pui pose in ibis shoit iiotitt.
noritnt of tho fact th it a volcano is In- J mountains. The hitter's irregular ami ' luin a,ri the mineral springs all combine ' to enter into liie dUeussion of these erbal
neatli their foot, and tliey not to know it l naked lop reaches an elevation of 11UU 'o muke this a place of reson for tourists proprieties lunhcr, but to make some "M
uulil it bursts forth. In ihis coutiiry, il feet above the sea level. A man can trav-' ,uul a retreat for the alllicled. Good uc.1 Htin" on tin- article by Mr. White, publish.
wjll ho lice public schools or no free pub- ie! to the summit of ihe Chief upon horse, uouunotlalions and fine liveries aid the U(l l' tho Ueeemuer numljoroi the (ialaxy.
.Mr. Ulcluml Uranl White writes us fol-
llc schools. This is the t risix imminent.
Notes from Colorado.
Clear Crook County, in tho early spring
of '30, began to attract tho attention of
gold.mlners. Gold in paying quantities
had boon washed from tho sands along
the crook and some fosy places men svere
actively engaged in gulch mining. The
early settlers wore a loss straggling pros
pectors in search of gold. They worked
li'io!.- tin, ctiiiin dull,. r c. ......I,...! .....1 1 attractions : the. Hislinn llfilnl linu t..iiiii
..w.., .... ,wwi, mills 9'l lHHHIHI, twin' ' '"" -'- .." ...w... 1
there, far above the. limber ltiw. tlrinli in i lor 109 tmesis. Churches, and schools are: Iowa:
.- ......,, . .. ,
tho grandeur and beauty of tho scenery I h.ea'- '''I10 mammoth bath company have
and form some idou of tlio posvor and I a wllM l"mHo, -lOxOo foot, live foot in depth,
might of Him who rolled the oarth and Indies and gentlemen's private baths with
rocks together in bucIi gigantic piles. I mM the regular appurtenances thereto
Such are tlio surroundings of this benuli-' belonging.
fill mountain town and such tho spot Umpire, a small town In Upper Union
sslioro nestles Ihe onco nourishing but ' District, is on tlio North Fork of Clear
now comparatively dond town.
Tho Chicago and Loda crooks, rushiiiK
down through canons, deep and solitary,
" ''"" "" i-. 1 -&iwJS5SS.i,iffWS;
Creek, at the base of Silver Mountain,
lloro, tlio gold mines having failed, svhich
in all mining towns are the life and soul
of their existence, its citizens haso moved
to other and more promising localities.
My attention has been called to a discus
sion as to tho comparative propriety of
thoso two phrases, in svhich the question
svas finally submitted to Chancellor A. H.
Uonton, who in a published letter npon the
subject decides that both are proper ;"diUer
from" when mere divergence is intended to
be expressed, "dilfer with," when more ne
gation or disagreement. The question is
something like that in regard to "dilfercnt
from" ami "dilfernt to," and turns of courso,
as Chancellor Penton remarks, upon the
meaning of tho particle dig, from which
the s lias fallen away, and svhich as it do
notes separation requires from after It.