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Vol. 9-30. No. 3G.
Five Cents.
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Annual Contest Results in Victory
For That Company The Indi
vidual Contest Baseball
Team Beaten.
The annual competitive drill of the
cadet battalion, held Saturday, was
won by company A. Company D re
ceived second place and C and B third
and fourth places respectively. In the
individual competitive, which followed
company drill, A. K. Barnes, first ser
geant of company D, was awarded first
place and Corporal Harold Homan of
company B second. . The drill was
witnessed by a large crowd of spec
tators, who entirely filled the bleach
ers. With the exception of a disa
greeable wind the day was almost an
ideal one for the contest. The judges
were Captain Eli Hodgins of Omaha.
Captain P. J. Cosgrave of Lincoln and
Captan Lincoln Wilson of Lincoln.
The drill was opened by company C,
under the command of Captain Jertme
Langer. Company D, under Captain
Guy Barnes, company A under Captain
Harry Tukey and company B under
a Captain Hepbolt Klinge, followed In
7 the order given. Each company was
' given about half an hour to go through
tko program arranged. -by the jvdgM.
The movaaeteT jfciiilftJrHwTaMMt-
TTuaHfeoftaHc owes fnthe company man
The individual prizes were contest
ed for by sixteen men, four having
been chosen from each company by
"spell downs" held during the week.
After eight men had been thrown out
for errors the judges marked the re
maining eight and rank was determ
ined by the resulting score.
The presentation speech was made
by Dr. Roscoo Pound and the prizes
were presented by Misses Jeanetto
Thorp, Blanche Hargreaves, Louise
Tukey, Abbie McHenry and Mae Dav
enport They consisted of the Omaha
cup. company colors, first and second
individual medals and a sword pre
sented to Captain Tukey by the mem
bers of company A.
Saturday night the fortunate com
pany celebrated its -victory. They
were especially jubilant as this is the
first time company A has been award
ed first place. The cannon at the cap
itol was brought into use to aid in the
sltics and pitched his usual game, al
lowing only eight hits to bo made by
tho Highlanders. Thompson, the
twirler for the visiting team, did ex
cellent work, striking out seven men.
To him must bo given much of the
credit for their victory.
Notwithstanding tho threatening
weather, a fair sized crowd was in at
tendance, bringing with them a goodly
amount of enthusiasm. Tho slight
sprinkle settled the dust and as a re
sult it was the prettiest game seen
here this year for both spectators and
players. Tho Highlanders wont to
bat first and much to their amaze
ment retired in one, two, three order.
Tho same happened to the Rhodes
family In their turn. Tho game up
Stockholders , of the Hesperian Pub
lishing Company Organize and
Incorporate Board of
Directors Elected.
The subscribers to tho stock of tho
Hesperian Publishing Company met
Saturday afternoon and perfected an
organization. Mr. T. J. Hewitt was
elected chairman. Mr. Hewitt stated
that tho purpose of the meeting was
the election of a board of directors and
the adoption of the articles of incor
poration. The articles of incorporation
and by-laws were then read and unani-
tlll the fifth inning was not unlike i mousiy auopieu. ine eiecuon 01 uio
professional ball, not a man was able I uoar of directors resulted in the
In the first college game on the
campus last Wednesday the 'varsity
team went down in defeat before the
Highland Park aggregation and at the
end of the tenth Inning the final score
stood 5 to 3, and the victorious side
could easily be designated by the vic
torious smiles covering their faces.
No one knows just how it happened
that the score stood as It did, but on
the whole their strong battery did tho
work, coupled with their ability to hit
the ball when necessary. In team
work and indivdual playing tho
Rhodes team was far superior; their
jlaying was faBt and showed the ef-
many victories on their
""hey seemed to have
with speed,
bsent in the
j-iub in the
to reach third base. In the third
Reeder saved a probable score by a
sensational catch in left field. In the
fifth inning the first scoring was done.
Smith of the Park team went out to
Rhodes. Dunning went -to bat and
landed a two-bagger. Manahan hit to
Rhodes, who errored and Dunning
scored. Tho home team in turn suc
ceeded in running in a score. Raymond
and Doane went out to center and
third respectively. Hood hit safe and
stole second. Bell hit safe and Hood
Again hi the seventh Nebraska gets
two more scores, due to the costly
errr's of the visitors, who seemingly
wiflt to pieces for the moment. But
J or the moment only, for with the
game practically cinched by the home
team the Highlanders grew desperate
in the ninth and began to hit Gaines
hard. With two outs, Manahan got
! his base on balls; Osmundson hit a fly
to center, just over second. De
Putron though making a pretty run,
errored, and Osmundson made a cir-
cle of the diamond, this bringing in
two scores. Nebraska made nothing
in their half. Score at end of the
ninth inning 3 to 3.
In the tenth the Des Moines team
again began their vicious batting and
two more scores were charged up
against the home team. This was
the last of the scoring and the game
ended 5 to 3 In favor of the visitors.
U. of N. A.B. R. B.H. P.O. A. E.
Hood, 3b 1 1 4 1 2
Bell, rf 5 1 2 2 1 1
Gaines, p 5 0 0 3 2 1
Townsend, 2b.. 5 0 1 3 2 1
Reeder. If 5 0 0 2 0 0
Rhodes, ss 5 0 1.1 8 1
DePutron, cf ..5 0 1 0 0 1
Raymond, lb ..3 1 0 11 1 0
Doane. c 4 0 0 4 1 1
choice of the following persons : From
the faculty, J. W. Crabtree and J. T.
Wyer; from the student body, T. J.
Hewitt and E. W Washburn; from the
alumni, G. L. Towne. Tho following
resolution was then adopted:
"Resolved, That we, the stockhold
ers of the Hesperian Publishing Com
pany, do hereby declare J. W. Crab
tree. J. I. Wyer, T. J. Hewitt, E. W.
Washburn, and G. L. Towne our Board
of directors and agents, and as such in
struct them to incorporate the Hes
perlan Publishing Coppfvriindpr tho
Taw8oTItho state'o'f Nebrat.ra."
Folloving are the stockholders of
tin companj:
E. Benj. Andrews L. M. Huntington
E. H. Barbour
Chas. E. Bessey
Edw. A. Bessey
J. F. Boomer
L. L. Brown
Laurence Bruner
H. W. Caldwell
C. E. Chowins.
F. E. Clements
S. D. Clinton
U. G. Cornell
J. W. Crabtree
J. C. Crawford
Cliff Crooks
I. S. Cutter
O. S. Irwin
J. A. Kees
W. H. King
H. P. Leavitt
A. C. Lee
G. A. Loveland
J. A. Manning
F. K. Martin
S. H. McCaw
J. T. Milek
H. H. Nicholson
H. Winett Orr
C. A. Pearson
E. F. Piper
Roscoe Pound
J. D. Dasenbrock H. H. Roberts
W. P. Fitzgerald R. C. Roper
Laurence Fossler
Mary L. Fossler
fit jtat
K&ifrij-.mmmaMT- j .y,riia
.i&axmnriub.- ic; t ::-"-;-, -ow
MCTRi,BBfi, :- ' ; virsi.
BtfZKSHl.A. 1-. Wf fcrrJt-fl,FI ' 1 W Jif .JWtfcEW
$rw" t en.' T i, ss
Total 42 3
H. L. P. A.B. R.
Manahan, cf ..4 1
Osmundson, 3b. 5 1
Abbott, sb ...A 0
B. Smith, C....5 0
Thompson, p ..5 1
McAllister If ..4 1
McNally lb ..5 0
W. Smith 2b ..5 0
Dunning, rf ..5 1
C 30 10 8
B.H. P.O. A. E.
Total 42 5 8 30 12 7
H. Park 0 00010002 25
Nebraska ....0 00010200 03
Two-base hits Osmundson, Dun
ning, Thopmson.
Stolen bases Hood (2), Townsend.
P. H. Frye
T. F. Goold
Dan Gutleben
DeW. Hansen
W. S. Heitzman
T. J. Hewitt
IL T. Hill
R. S. Hiltner
Harold Homan
J. S. Hunter
C. R. Richards
L. A. Sherman
D. D. Stull
O. V. P. Stout
G. D. Swezey
C. I. Taylor
R. W. Thatcher
G. L. Towne
E. W. Washburn
O. G. Whipple
J. I. Wyer
The following articles of Incorpora
tion were filed with the secretary of
state yesterday afternoon:
Articles of incorporation of the Hes
perian Publishing Company:
Pursuant to the statutes of the state
of Nebraska, we. J. W. Crabtree, J. I,
Wyer, Geo. L. Towne. T. J. Hewlt.,
and E. W. Washburn, do hereby form
a corporation whose objects and pur
poses we do hereby declare as follows:
Article I. The name of this corpor
ation shall be the Hesperian Publish
ing Company.
Art II. The objects for which this
corporation is formed are tho publi
cation of a college dally at the Univer
sity of Nebraska to be known as The
Dally Nebraskan, and other publica
tions of a like nature at said univer
sity. Art. III. The capital stock of this
corporation shall bo $1,500 full paid
up, and shall be divided into 300
shares of ?5 each, which shares can bo
held only by students, alumni, former
students, members of tho faculty, and
officers of tne University of Nebraska,
and shall be non-transferable except,
to persons eligible to hold the same.
Art. IV. No person shall be eligible
to hold more than 25 shares of tho
stock of this corporation.
Art. V. The term of existence of this,
corporation shall bo 50 years from the
1st day of May, 1901.
Art. VI. The management of this
corporation shall bo vested in a board
of directors to be elected annually at
a meeting.of the stockholders for that
purpose in May of each year at the
call of the board of directors, each
share entitling the holder to one vote.
This board of directors shall consist
of five stockholders, two to be stu
dents, two members of the faculty, and
one an alumnus, of the University of
Nebraska, the latter to belong neither
to the faculty nor the student body.
Art VII. It shall be the duty of the
board of directors to choo editor-- -"
in-chief, a business manager and , ky - .
. , m1 j ''n --"'- ' y-
?.-- - "ay "0 removed. Xir " '
them aiVcime ;or failure to prop
ertl perform their duties.
Art. VIII. The business and opera
tions of this corporation shall be con
ducted in Lincoln, Lancaster county,
Art IX. The total Indebtedness of
this corporation shall at no time ex
ceed the sum of $000.
Art X. These articles may bo
amended by a two-thirds vote of tho
stockholders at any regular meeting.
State of Nebraska,
County of Lancaster, ss
Be it remembered, that on this 27th
day of May, 1901, before me, Roscoo
Pound, a notary public, duly commis
sioned and qualified for and resid
ing in said county, personally ap
peared J. W. Crawtree, J. I. Wyer,
George L. Towne, T. J. Hewitt and E.
W. Washburn, whose names are sub
scribed to the foregoing articles of In
corporation, and acknowledged tho
same to be their voluntary act and
(Seal.) Notary Public.
Commission expires July 19, 1902.
Section 1. Each share of the stock
shall entitle the holder to a free sub
scription to the daily.
Sec. 2. The editor-in-chief shall bo
responsible to the board of directors
for the editorial management of each
edition of the daily, and shall appoint
such assistants as shall be necessary,
subject to tho approval of tho board of
directors. '
Sec. 3. The business manager shall
be responsible to the board o"f direc
tors for the business management of
tho affairs of tho corporation and shall
appoint all necessary assistants, sub
ject to the approval of the board of di
rectors. All moneys of the corpora-
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