The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, May 14, 1901, Page 2, Image 2

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The Nerraskan-Hesperian
second, McGomb; third, Rccdy. Timo,
10 2-5 seconds.
Bullard also ran tho 100-yards In
10 4-5 seconds.
220-yard dash: First, Reynolds; sec
ond, Harris; third, Spafford. Time,
23 3-5 seconds.
120-yard hurdle: First, Mouck; sec
ond, Briggs. Time, 19 2-5 seconds.
220-yard hurdlo: First, Mouck; sec
ond, Briggs. Tlmo, 30 2-5 seconds.
440-yard run: First, Cowglll; sec
ond, Reedy; third, Allen. Time, 55
One mile run: First, Mundorf; sec
ond, Manning. Time, 5:02 2-5.
Half mile run: First, Carr; second,
Mundorf. Time, 2:10 4-5.
Polo vault: Johnson, Kellogg.
High jump: Kellogg, Millson, Do
wart. Hammer throw: Tobln.
Shot put: O'Connor.
Discus throw: Tobln.
Broad jump: McComb.
Tho program for commencement
week has been announced as follows:
June 4 to Juno 7, final examina
tions. Juno 8, Saturday, final recommen
dation by faculties for degrees.
June 9, Sunday, 8 p. m., baccalau
reate sermon, In tho university audi
torium, by Chancellor Andrews.
June 10, Monday, annual address
before the college of law, 8 p. m., to be
held at the Oliver theatre. Governor
C. S. Thomas of Colorado will deliver
the address. His topic is "Tho Mod
em Lawyers."
June 11, Tuesday, class day, 10 a.
m. Senior class play in the Oliver
12-a.-ai.,-rMinIon.and.dinner of class
of '96.
3 p. m., meeting of Nebraska branch
of association of collegiate alumnae
at 1618 L street. "Study in Foreign
Universities" will bo discussed.
4 p. m., annual meeting of the board
of regents.
8 p. m.f commencement concert at
Oliver theatre.
June 12, Wednesday, alumni day
10 a. m. to 2 p. m., class reunions and
dinners not announced for other days.
2 p. m., Phi Beta Kappa oration by
Chancellor Andrews. Topic, "Green
Nationalism and Homo Rule in the
Fourth Century B. C," the university
auditorium. Tho address will bo tol
lowed by the annual banquet.
3 p. m.f alumni business meeting,
university auditorium.
4 p. m., sixth annual report of the
chancellor before tho alumni of the
university, university auditorium.
7:30 p. m., alumni address in uni
versity auditorium, by Rev. R. L.
Marsh, '84, of Burlington, la., upon
"Tho Ground of Fellowship." The
dedication of the alumni organ and
tho presentation of it to the university
authorities will take place at " this
9 p. m., alumni banquet at the ar
mory. Juno 13, Tuesday, twonty-ninth an
nual commencement.
10 to 12 a. m., commencement pro
cession, commencement oration by
Hon. Brooks Adams of Washington,
D. C, and conferring of degrees.
2 p. m., annual session and luncheon
of the university council.
8 p. m chancellor's reception to tho
public, art rooms, library.
tho great' number of Dickens' char
acters aro as familiar acquaintances.
To such friends, whose, most delightful
memories weave themselves about the
fireside reading of Dickens' Inimitable
characterizations, who have laughed
with Pickwick and wept with Little
Nell, tho entertainment to be given
Friday night, May 17th, will be most
enjoyable. The scenes from Dickens
will bo presented by the Chapln Union
of All Souls' church. Twelfth and H
streets, at 8 o'clock.
Music, Selected; Quartet, Mrs.
Gould, Mrs. Butler, Messrs. House and
1. Scene from "Martin Chuzzlewlt:"
The Falling Out of Salrey Gamp and
Betsey Prig.
Salrey Gamp Mrs. E. S. Williams
Betsey Prig Mrs. H. W. Kelly
Music, "Henry VIII. Dances; Mor
ris Dance, Shepherd's Dance, German;
Miss Ina Ensign.
. 2. Scene from "David Copperficld,"
Mlcawber's Denunciation of Uriah
Wilkins Micawbcr G. E. Hibner
Uriah Hcop R. C. Roper
David Copperfleld F. M. Lucoro
Mr. Dick Dr. Stanhope
Tommy Traddles Wm. Shear
Betsey Trotwood....Mlss Edna Eaton,
Mrs. Heep Miss Ivy Bolshaw
Agnes Mrs. F. M. Lucoro
Music, Selected ; Quartet, Mrs.
Gould, Mrs. Butler, Messrs. House and
3. Sceno from "Nicholas Nlckleby,"
The Wooing of Mrs. Nickleby by the
Demented Gentleman from tho Next
Mrs. Nickleby .. ..Miss Jean Tuttle
Kato Nickleby Miss Bernice Wort
Gentleman from Next Door
Claude Hinman
Guardian I. H. Hatfield
Music, "Ballet de Rosamunde,"
Schubert; Miss Ina Ensign.
4. Scene from "Pickwick Papers,"
Trial Scene, Bardell vs. Pickwick,
Sergeant Buzfuz O. W. Meier
Sergeant Snubbin F. G. Hawxby
Sam Weller Si Past
Mr. Pickwick Claude Hinman
Thos. Gofiln Jno. Love
Judge J. F. Boomer
Clerk A. L. Chase
Mrs. Bardell Miss Ethel Marsh
Mrs. Cluppln Mrs. Dr. Stanhope
Master Bardell Master Hill
Admission will be 25 cents.
In theso days of ultra-reaHsmTit Is
not, perhaps, considered good literary
taste to declare ono's self an admirer of
Dickens. However, there are many
old-fashioned folk, or new fashlonod
folk with old fashioned ideas, to whom
J. W. Verdon, Hgent
West Publishing Company
615 American Bonk Building, Kansas City, Mo.
Please send nil orders and inquires for law books to this office.
We are trencrnl dealers in law books, both new and second hand, get our
prices before purchasing.
J. W. Yernon, Hgent
We are showing- the Largest Line of Suits in the City at
$10.00, $12.50, $13.50, $15.00,
$18.00, and $20.00
See the Stein -Bloch Co.'s Suits at
$15.00, $18.00, and $20.00
$ They are Handsome. In Unfinished Worsted and Cheviots. $
In All the New Shades. t
Z We are selling White Duck Pants at
75c, $1.00, $1.25, and $1.50
All Sizes
The scholastic record of Dr. Wilson,
the principal of the Lincoln academy,
is as follows:
A. B., Denison university, 1881, and
A. M., 1884; B. D., Baptist Union Theo
logical Seminary, 1884; Ph. D Yale
university, 1889; professor of Latin
ai'd Hebrew, So ithwestern Baptist
university, 1890-92; prcpident of
(Jrand Island college, 1892-'93; in
structor In Latin, University of Ne
braska, 1893-'94; adjunct professor of
Latin and instructor in Hebrew, Unl
vorsity of Nebraska, 1893-'94; adjunct
professor of Latin and Hebrew, Uni
versity of Nebraska, 1894-'95; instruc
tor In Latin at the Morgan Park acad
omy of the University of Chicago dur
ing the summor of 1895; associate pro
fessor of Latin language and litera
ture. University of Nebraska, 1895-'9C;
Instructor in Latin at Chautauqua, N.
Y., during the summer of 189G; as
sistant professor of Latin, Lewis in
stitute, 189G-98; graduate student In
Latin at University of Chicago, 1898
'99; assistant professor of the Semetic
languages, University of Nebraska,
Important Purchasing
Important Selling
Thousands of dollars worth of Summer Merchandise just received
especially for this selling event, including 500 Sample Parasols, 1750
pieces of India Llnons, 500 pieces of Fancy Ribbons, Sample Lines of
Renaissance, Sample Line of Fans,20 crates and casks of New Dinner
ware, Sample Pieces of rich Cut Glass, entire carload of New Domestics,
15 cases cf Iraperted Hnlryt 1250 dozen "Griffon" Shirt Waists, 10
cases of Corsets, $1,000 worth of special Muslin Underwear, Sample
Lines of Ladies' Suits, etc.
Priced to make the Heaviest "Ten Days Selljng" In our business career.
And how in progress.
Read what Lincoln's-Always-
Busy-Fast-Growlng flercanUic (J i
Establishment offers you.
See circular for full particu
lars. Here's an item from one department.
- .
v sf mm. j m j im m
500 Sample Parasols
The entire batnple line of Pointer, Cloyg & Co., of New York, bought at
liOc on the dollar. One only of ea h btyle. Strictly correct in every particular.
Every creation that has been made for the season's trade. Monday atjubt
half regular price
$10.00 Paratols, JO Day Sale price
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. 2.&Q
. 1.25