The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, March 12, 1901, Page 7, Image 7

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J. A. Woodanl visited at his homo
in Aurora over Sunday.
Miss Ztnsor is still absent from
school on account of sickness.
Miss Edna Harley, after a week's
Illness, has returned to school.
Nathan Kemmish visited his parents
ot Woodbine, Iowa, last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Hanson, of Palrbury,
visited their son DcWitt last week.
Dean Ringer attended the Y. M. C.
A. convention at Evanston, Illinois.
Miss Anna Edgren will givo a danc
.ng party Friday evening, March 15.
Miss Clara Smith was called homo
last week. She will not return this
Miss Chamberlain, of tho German
Department, spent Sunday at hor homo
in Ashland.
Senior themes arc ready for distri
bution. Tho grades this year aro un
usually high.
Professor Lyon and Professor Bur
nett addressed tho farmers' institute
at Gerlg last week.
Tho hats of tho Senior class are
surely attractive and will prove a dis
tinguishing cmblom.
Miss Inez Manrid, who has been
qr.ito ill for the past few weeks, fs
back in school again.
Russell Thorpe and ".Tudgo" Cooley,
former students at the University, vis
ited tho Betas last week.
Dean Reese .was unable to meet his
classes last Friday on account of an
attack of throat trouble.
N. M. Davidson '99 of Tecumseh at
tended Co. B hop. Mr. Davidson vis
ited at tho Sigma Alpha Epsilon house.
Mr. Cross expects an appropriation
by tho Regents this year to enable
him to decorate tho campus with flow
era and shrubs.
Upon tho invitation of Chancellor
Andrews, the committee on Fnanco,
"Ways, and Means of tho Senate and
House visited tho State Farm last
The class in "Cities," under Pro
fessor Ross is making an examination
into tho location, street system, etc.,
of tho principlo American and Eu
ropean cities.
Profesor Taylor is giving a course
this semester on tho History of Eco
nomics. At present tho class 13 en
gaged in a study of economic condi
tions earl in tho seventeenth century.
T, J. House, a former instructor at
tho University, is In tho city visiting
his brothor, Homer Houso. Mr. House
is at present engaged in educational
work at King Fisher. Oklahoma.
Active work in bird study has been
begun In tho department of entomol
ogy. Tho local bird club meets In tho
rooms of this department every Wed
nesday night. Any ono interested is
invited to attend.
North Western University has re
fused to play at Lincoln on next
Thanksgiving. A most flattering of
fer had been mado by tho local manage'
mont.but the Chicago people did not
ceO' fit to accept. " . "
Dr. D. E. Pftlllips, professor of Phil
osophy and Psychology In tho Univer
sity of Denver, visited tho university
early last week. Ho was tho guest of
Professor Luckcy. On Monday ho lec
tured bofore tho class in History of
Several of tho studonts received let
ters from Miss Ileppnor recently. She
Is still in Paris attending a university.
After Easter she expects to go to Ger
many, where sho wll spend tho re
mainder of her timo until her return
in September.
Tho llnanco committco of u.o legis
lature has rccommonded an appropria
don or $589 000 for tho University
1 his includes $276,000 for salaries am
3i4,000 for expenses and new build
mgs. It is probable that a wing o.
tho new physics building will bo con
Tho Department of Bctany has just
received a fine portrait of tho grea.
naturalist, Charles Darwin. It is pro
nounced by thoso who have seen It, to
bo i-G best representation of this cm!
nent man ever produced. It is a pla
tino-type from the painting, by Collier,
now in tho national gallery in London.
Tho Historical Society has received
a valuable consignment from Col. Ed
ward Daniels. It consists of old bocks
pamphlets, and valuable papers. Col
Daniels was prominent before tho civil
war in tho attempt to secure Kansas
to tho sentiment of tho North. Aftei
the war he was editor of a newspapei
in Richmond.
Professor Ward has recently receiv
ed inquiries In regard to students who
are capable of filling positions in
zoological and physiological depart
ments, from three of tho strongest mil
verslties In the United States. This
is a great showing for Nebraska stu
dents ana tho department of zoology
in tho University of Nebraska.
At tho meeting of die Dolian Liter
ary Society last Wednesday evening
tho following officers were elected: ,
President, Mr. McCracken; vlce-presl
dent, Mr. Teach; treasurer, Miss Han
nah Pillsbury; secretary, Miss Annie
Jones; musical secretaries, Misses
Doane and Williams; slate bearer,
Wm. Reedy; sergeant-at-arms, Mr.
The Department of Zoology has re
cently published two numbers of
"Studies from the University of Ne
braska Zoological Laboratory." .No. 29
Tho Helminthologlcal Work of J. S.
Lledy, reprinted from tho archives "Do
Parclteologlo." No. 40 On fresh water
biological stations of the world, re
printed from tho annual report of tho
Smithsonian Institute.
At tho recent Y. M. C. A. election
tho following officers wore chosen:
Presidont, Clara Walton; vice-president,
Emily Jenkins; secretary, Anna
Jones; treasurer, Minnie Case. At tho
suggestion of Miss Condo'an advisory
committee was organized. This com
ml too Is composed of tho wives of
members of the faculty, women in
structors, and alumnoj. Tho first
meeting was held at the homo of Mrs.
Ward. Tho duties ami p.ans of work
were freely discussed. '
The cadet batallion numbors at pre3
oni about 287 men including compan
ies, band and staff ofllcors. Now men
aro reporting for drill daily and it Is
hoped that by 8prlng,jvo will havo one 1
of tho strongest batalllons ever in tho j
University. The present ofllcors are
a follows:
Co. "A" Captain Tukoy and Lieuten
ants Abbott and Stuhr.
Co. "B." Captain Klingc and Lieu
tenants Hull and Shane.
Co. "C" Captain Langer and Lieuten
ants McGeachln and MacMaster.
Co. "D" Captain Barnes and Lieuten
ants HGwitt and Barry.
New order of drill for tho coming
season was announced last Monday.
Monday evenings aro given over to
Inspection and company cirill. Wed
nesday, Guard Mount and Friday Dross
Parav.o and Batallion Drill.
2k !
For Trap or Field Shooting, combine the elegance
of outline, perfection of balance, case of taking
apart and quality of finish of the best double cuns
with the superiority in sighting and shooting of
the single barrel, and also possess the rapidity of
9ier- Si JHSH?!2F capacity or M A R LI N
REPEATING RIFLES. 120-pacecat-slog
of arms and ammunition, colored cover by
Osthaus, mailed for 3 stamps.
Marlin Firs Arms Co., New Havrn, Ct.
The University of Nebraska School of Music
Is Planning for grenter things in all departments
for the coming year. Students who contem
plate the study of Music should enquire regard
ing special offers.
The Omaha Medical College,
Tho annual moot of tho Nebraska
inter scholastic athlotic association
will bo hold on tho campus on tno
third or fourth Saturday In May. Tho
events will bo: Hundred yard dash,
polo vault, high jump, half inilo run,
220 yard hurdle, 440 yard dash, mllo
run, 120 yard high hurdle, broad jump,
relay race.
Has Authorized
One-Way Excursion Rates t
of $25.00
from kansas and nebraska points
Also to points In Vtnh. Idnlio. Montana,
Oregon, mid Washington, ns follows:
Ogdcn and Salt Lake City, Utah $23.00
Butte and Helena, Mont 23.00
Portland, Ore. 25.(10
Spnknnc, Wash 25.01)
Tncoma and Seattle, Wash 25.00
Tickets will be sold
March 5, 12, 10. 26, 1901
April 2. 9, 16, 23,30, 1901.
e. B.SLOSSON, Agent.
For Ignj v
The "World," "Olive"
and other
57.high grade
wheels, at
110-112 North 13th Street.
The most thoroughly equipped and
up-to-date Repair chop In the city.
STRICTLY four-year court
Medical College, the require
ments of which are fully up to
those of the American Associa
tion of Medical Colleges, and the
laws ol the different states. The
new building furnUhes the most
perfect laboratory rooms In the
West. Most excellent clinics are
held by the professors of the
College In five of the six Omaha
Por Information address,
1026 Pr!cAvs, OMAHA, NEB.
. .. 'i .(... 7" t; '. -
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