The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, March 12, 1901, Page 3, Image 3

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The Nebraskan-Hksperian
The event of the last week in sport
ing circles was tho Swensen-Neilson
match which was successfully pullel
off in tho library Thursdny afternoon.
It was necessary to make tho arrange
ments hurriedly for fear of Interfer
ence by tho authorities. A full account
of how the fight was brought about
will bo found on nnother pngo of this
Both men had been in training for
several months and wero willing and
anxious to meet if auitablo articles
could bo agreed upon. Tho articles
were one (1) senior hat and one (1)
football cap.
Tho Senior champion hails from
Sweden, is 6 feet 3 inches tall, and
weighed 161 pounds when ho en
tered the ring. He has a remarkably
long reach which gave him a consider
able ndvantage over Neilson. Presi
dent F. K. Neilson of the Junior class,
better known as the Dodging Dane, ap
peared at a great disadvantage besides
his tall opponent He Js 4 feet 15-16
inches tall and is built low so that he
looks even shorter. Ho weighed 139.
7634 pounds when he entered the ring.
The subject of fighting weight came
near spoiling any show for a fight.
The Dane's backers thought that it
would he foolish to have a meet while
thero was such a difference in the
weight of the two bruisers. They sug
gested that Swen might stop eating for
a month or so until his weight was re
duced, but for some unknown reason
the Senior refused to consider the
proposition Ho has been justly crit
icised for this. Until a greater spirit
. of fairness gets aholt of some people
prize fighting won't take its proper
place among the sports of polite so
ciety. Swenson had ought to have had
some consideration for the physical
limitations of Neilson and done what!
ho could to make the weights about
even. Neils was doing his best to run
his weight up. Two boarding house
keepers made him leave, saying that
they couldn't afford to feed him at
any price.
The Junior was quicker than the hat
man and showed tho results of his
foot-ball training.
Both men had some advantages and
the odds were about even, though
thero was not much Neilson money to
be had.
VVessel was referee and Green tlme
keeper. Stake, one senior hat valued
at $2.00 cash.
Round 1. Swenson was first in the
ring. Ho looked very formidablo in
bis costume of garnet and gold, the
class colors. He and Green acted al
ternately as stakeholder. When he
entered tho ring John had tho hat but
when the Dane made things too lively
lor him ho passed It to tho timekeep
er. This put Neilson at a disadvant
age, tho referee's lamentable class
prejudice permitting this violation of
Queensbury's rulo XI, section 3.
Freddio entered the ring a moment
after his lanky opponent and after the
two had shaken hands tho troubio be
gan. Tho Senior struck out for
Freddie's wind, but hit too high and
landed on tho atmosphere. Tho little
Dane returned with a couple of light
taps on the nose, and they clinched.
John made a rush and swung a right
hander that would have put xsellson
to sleep, but he reached too far and
landed between his shoulder blades.
This throw the foot-ball player for
ward so that he made two body blows
good, drawing first blood. Johnny got
leery and began to dodge. When the
bell rang the two were running around
the ring with the Senior half a lap
ahead and gaining ground at every
Round 2. Both entered tho ring
promptly when tho bell rang and an
exchango of left-handed compliments
took place. Fred landed a heavy body
blow on tho Swensen's slats and they
clinched. But the Senior president got
ono arm free and beat tho Junior's
head till timo was called.
Round 3. Fritz showed the effects
of the punishment ho had received in
tho previous round and went cautious
ly. -Johnny's left arm was so lame
irom the work it had done that it could
not bo used. A little sparring was
dono and tho round closed.
Round 4. Tho rest which the men
took in the third round enabled them
to do some good work in the fourth.
Fred's head had swelled so much that
it was almost as easy for the Swede to
land on it as it had been for Neilson
before. The Senior tried for tho wind
again and landed. Freddy came back
with an upper cut and they clinched.
John nearly drove the half-back
through the floor with an under-cut
on top of the head as they separated,
and got a nice one on tho jaw in re
turn. A quick exchange of body blows
followed and the gong rang.
Round 5. The Junior president
tackled low and got his man but thev
took him out and held him while
Swen got on his feet again. Ho looked
mad and made a rush for the other
fellow but he dodged between his legs
i rom then then on the fight was in
Fred's favor, he took advantage of ev
ery chance and got in at every opening.
John wasn't in it for a minute, and
tho time-keeper called time two min
utes early to prevent a knock out.
The band was flowing freely from the
Senior hat as the round closed.
Round C. Fritz bobbed up serenely
but the Senior was slow. He tried his
dodging game but it wouldn't work.
Neilson put a right and left hand
twist on the hat man's cheek, closed
one of his eyes so he couldn't sec to
hit straight and let him come. The
Senior hit wild and Fred handed him
two hot ones on the solar plcxis,
grubbed the hat and the fight was
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