The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, January 29, 1901, Page 7, Image 7

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The Nebraskan-Hesferian
Course 5 In German will bo offered
the second semester.
University Books at Oaborn's Old
Boofc, Store. 131 N. 12th.
The officers of the battalion were pho
tographed yesterday afternoon at Town
Tho engineering society will have
ono of Its pictures hung In tho mechan
ical library.
he University of Minnesota
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Tho now Wcstlnghouso air brake
was tested last week and found to bo
perfect In every respect.
Tho steam laboratory Is now In
working order. All apparatus has
been installed and tested.
It Is rumored that the juniors pur
chased a hundred tin horns last week
and that something will "drop" before
At Powell's Billiard and Pool Par
lor you can find first class entertain
ment free from all saloon influences.
14G S. 11th.
J. T. Praney ha3 returned to tho uni
versity after a years absence. Mr.
Franey has been employed with a com
mission firm. .
The preliminary program of the Na
tional Educational Association to be
held In Dotrolt July 8-12 bos been re
ceivod at tho university. Among those
who will participate aro Supt. E. C.
Cooloy, of tho Chicago schools; How
ard J. Rogers, director of education
and social economics at the United
States exhibit of tho Paris exposition;
Supt. J. M. Greenwood, of Kansas City,
.Mo., and President A. T. Hadley, of
Mrs. Shapmann accompanied by
Miss Llllie Eiche with cello, sang sev
eral soprano solos in chapel Friday
If tho committee who have charge of
the funds for the pipe organ get money
enough to tin sh paying for It before
charter day it will bo dedicated on tha
The Pershing Rifles have adopted a
new emblem to bo worn on the colar
of tho blouse. It will bo a sliver oak
leaf suggestive of tho rank of Major
Pershing. Quito a laugh was caused
by tho motion of ono of the members
to have the usual letters P. II. but as
they were to proceed the U. N. every
one objected to tho boarding house
horror P. R. U. N. and the leaf was
adopted instead.
Phi Delta Phi initiated Messrs. "Wil
son, Pinkerton, Drain, Gordon,
Fradenburg, Butler, Booth, Clapp, Lau,
Cuscadden, Stark, and Laxon on last
Thursday evening.
Mr. Park, a graduate of Rury Col
lege, Missouri, and McMickael U. of N.
have registered at tho university to
take post work In the American his
tory department.
Professor Moore of tho department
of physics gave the results of his sum
mers investigation upon "The Hydro
lysis of Ferric Chloride" at the physicj
colloquium last week.
Several of tho civil engineering
students will go wc3t with the B. &
M. surveying parties, which are being
constantly sent out to the new road In
course of construction in the northwest.
Professor Lawrence DeGraff of the
Highland Park college of law, visited
at tho Sigma Chi house Friday. He
is manager of tho Highland Park base
ball team and came to arrange for a
A. B. Lyon '95 who spent four years
Jn the south studying the negro ques
tion, spoke to Professor Caldwells anci
Mr. Perslngers history classes la3t
Friday afternoon on Southern Negro
of To-day.
An alumni rommitteo of tho Y. M. C.
A. lias been appointed for the purpose
of co-operation in developing the finan
cial part and of looping in touch with
tho association. Tho committee con
sists of H. G. Shedd, Clark Oborlea,
Jloscoo Thatcher, R. S. Hunt.
Tho engineering society met
"Wednesday evening. Tho following
program was given: Experiences at
Sherman Hill, Wyoming, C. E. Reed;
Niagara Falls power development,
Adolpii Shane; Reviews of Engineer
ing News. Jas. Green and 8. C. Camp
ljell. Professors and assistants were made
honorary members of tho socloty.
Tho debating association held a
stormy session Tuesday evening Jan
uary 22. The question of the appor
tionment of the debaters for the terms
for the various joint debates caused
considerable discussion. It ho.? been
decided to leave this matter in the
hands of the debaters. Tho Omaha
Bee's preposition to run an engraving
of tho debaters in the Sunday illus
trated Bee vas accepted.
In Chicago Professor Bessey looked
up apparatus for his department. He
tound a firm able and willing to build
apparatus from designs which ho will
supply. This ha3 been a diflicuii. mat
ter to manage, most firms not being
willing to make any other than their
own styles of apparatus. The depart
ment of botany has had for some time
a number of plans of new apparatus
which have had to wait for such an
Dr. C. E. Bessey spent a good share
of his time in Washington in the
careful examination of the work of the
several botanical divisions in the de
partment of agriculture. Excellent
work Is now being done in at least half
a dozen divisions, employing In the
aggregate from twenty-five to thirty
trained botanists, where twenty years
ago there was but one man who re
ceived any attention or support. The
secretary of agriculture is much
pleased with the results which these
botanical workers aro -bringing out
year by year, and -t is not too mucn
to say that it is largely due to them
that tho scientific world today holds
the department In such high regard.
On last Friday occurred tho first
spell-down in tho women's gymnasium
classes. Each class ha . its own spell
down in facings, marching and Swed
ish drill. The winners In the different
classes will compete wita each other
to see who is tho best out of the
thrco first year classes. In the nine
o'clock class Miss Abba Bowen stood
up the longest and Miss Arta Kockcn
second. In the ten twenty class, Miss
Lillian Roblson first and Miss Elva
Walker, second. In tho two thirty
class Miss Grace Roberts first and
Misses Nella Schleshlnger, Edith Craig
and Laura Hunt second, all missing on
the came movement. These eight girls
will competo in tho near future for
championship. In marching the best
set of fours from each class will compete.
College of Medicine
and Surgery
Tlio thirteenth Annual Course of Lectures will
coriincnce on the lUth clay of September, 1000,
and will continue; cigiu and one-half months. Tho
course ip graded and covers a period of four years.
Medical Hall, the Laboratory of Medical Science,
the Laboratory of Medical Chemistry, Ami tho
Laboratory of Anatomy aro situated upon the Cam
pus. The clinical opportunities afforded by tho
hospitals and dispensaries of Minneapolis and St.
Paul are at the command of the College. For out
door clinical servico a new clinical building has
been built in a central location.
For information address,
The University School
Of Music
pposfte tbe Campus
Students contemplating the study of Music,
and those who have friends desirous- of in
formation concerning-the advantages offered,
are cordially invited to visit the School and
and obtain an Illustrated Catalogue-
You can enter at any time,
A valuable addition has been made
to the botanical department in the
rtiape of what will be called a "centri
fugal machine."
This machine was first spoken of by
Dr. Bc3soy, and plans were submitted
to hlra by Mr. P. J. O'Gara, who after
ward was put In charge of the con
struction. Tho purpose of tho Invention is for
determining and showing the effect of
a force similar to gravity which acts
upon growing plants.
Tho machine proper is kept In mo
tion by a hot air engine which came
from Germany three years ago, but has
never been put in use. Special gas and
water connections havo been made for
the engine, which Is capable of supply
lug fifteen-horse power. So complete
is the engine that it will run night
and day without attention. Tho speed
can also be kept constant.
The fly wheel of the centrifugal ma
chine Is somewhat over three feet In
width and will be connected with the
engine by a belt.
By these means an entire plant In a
50 YEARS' -
Trade Marks
Copyrights &c
Anjrono sending n slfclrh and description mny
quickly nirort.iiii our opinion fruo whether mi
Invention Is prolmhly piitcntnhlo. rmiiiiitiiilrn
lliiiisdrlcllycnnlldcntliil. Iluudbookou I'nlcnU
un f reo Oldest fluency for sccuriiiKjmtcnts.
l'ntpuls taken through Jlunn & Co. receive
rpeeUit notice, wlfliout chnree, In tho
Scientific American.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. I-nrcest cir
culation of iinr srlentlflo journal. Menu. i a
year: four months, fL. Bold by all newsdealers.
MUNN & Co.36,Broad Hew York
Brunch Offlco. C25 K BL, Washington, D.C
pot can bo whirled for an indefinlto
length of time, until tho proper results
can bo obtained.
The complete machine has boen tho
product of the university mochanlcal
engineering departments, and ' tho
parts aro considered very flno.
Tho department is particularly
pleased with tho machine as it thought
it is tho only one in existance.