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Tim Nebraskan-Hkspkrian
posscsslon. Tho Iowana attempted a
kick, which Brow blocked. Nebraska's
bnll. Montgomery hit lino for 9 yards
ami again Plllsbury was pushed over
for u touch-down. Rlngcr-klcked dl Ill
cult goal. Score 11 to 0, after 22 'd
minutes of play.
Qrlnnoll kicked off and "Wostovor re
turned 15 yds. and fumbled. Grlnnoll's
ball. Tho ball was put In play and
fumbled; Cortelyou secured ball and
made a sensational run for 70 yards
for touch-down. Ulnger missed a diffi
cult goal. Score 17 to 0.
Grinnell kicked off; Nobraska re
turned punt and again Grinnell punt
ed. Crandall secured nail and by his
marvellous dodging succeeded in clear
ing the wholo team and made touch
down, with as yard run. Ringer kicked
goal. Score 23 to 0, after 24 minutes
of play. The playing during tho re
mainder of half was done in Grinncll's
territory neither side oolng ablo to
s3oro anymore. Score end f half 23
to 0, in favor of Nebraska.
Johnson was substituted for Ryon in
second half. Nebraska kicked off, Grin
nell returned by 60 yard punt. The
ball was steadily carried to Grinnell's
goal, and Benllcr was pushed over for
touch-down. Ringer missed goal.
Score 27 to 0, after 10 minutes of play.
Grinnell kicked off and ball rolled over
for touch back. It was then kicked
from 25 yard line. Drain, Bender, and
Brew made good gain from 4 to 10
yards. Pake kick was tried for no
gain. Tried at end and mass play for
no gain; Cortelyou made faulty tackle.
Grinnell punted and Nebraska secured
the ball and by successive line bucks
and end runs the mass carried to
Grinnell's 5 yard line. Pillsbury was
pushed over for touch-down. Ringer
kicked goal. Score 33 to 0. Grinnell
punted and ball rolled over for touch
back. Nebraska punted from 25 yard
ltao and Clark heeled for fair kick
on -50 yard line. He missed in a
pretty attempt for goal by a slight mar
gin. The ball was again kicked from
25 yard line and again Clarke heeled
for place kick. He missed. No more
scoring was done this half and ball
was played on Grinnell's territory.
Bender was substituted for Montgom
ery who was hurt; Eager replaced
Crandall in second half.
The line up ;
Ryan (Johnson) . ,.L. E.
Brew ( capt. ) L. T.
Ringer L. 0.
Koehlor O. . ..
Emmons R. G.
Cortelyou It. E.
Drain Q. . .
Wostover(Wurrol).R. T.
Crandall (Eager )...L. 11.
Bonder) R.H.
PilUmry F. B.
...... .Howell
Lew is
Minnosota added another victory to
hor long list Saturday by defeating
Illinois by a score of 23 to 0. Her best
playing was done in tho second half of
the game.
The largest score ever made in a
football game was piled up by Earl
ham college, when she defeated East
orn Indiana Normal University by the
score 139 to 10.
Iowa again asserted her right Satur
day to be classed with the great foot
ball teams of the middle west by de
feating Michigan on her home grounds
by a score of 2S to 5. Iowa's team
work was superior to that of Michigan
in every way. Minnesota now stands
as hor only rival for the mid-western
Yale 35, Carlisle Indians 0.
Northwestern 5, Chicago 0.
Cornell 2D, Oberlin 0.
Harvard 11, Brown 6.
Ohio 24, Case School 10.
"Wisconsin 52, Notre Dame 0.
Pennsylvania 12, Lafayette 5.
Drake 16, Ames 0.
York 11, Omaha 10.
Fremont 11, Council Bluffs 0.
Beatrice 11, Crete 0.
Pawnee City lo, Tecumseh 0.
Humboldt 24, Table Rock 0.
E. R. Matthews, Pros. C W. Ricgcr, Troas.
G. E. Spear, Sec.
fl&attbews piano Co.
Pianos, Organs and
Musical Merchandise.
PHONE 791, 1120 O STREET.
who attends the university is given a special in
vitation to visit our Ccak and Suit department.
We promise to show all who come the choicest
collection of good values in stylish, well made,
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coin Come and see for yourselt
flfoilier & pnine.
Constitution and By Laws of the Ath
letic Board of the University
of Nebraska.
Continued from lnl week.
Sec. 5. In case there is no cholco tho
board may order a new elccction in
the same manner and if no election
tnen results, tho board shall chooso a
captain from thoso eligible.
See. G. Members of tho Track team
who may voto for captain shall be
thoso who have participated in tho
last state intercolloglato field day.
Sec, 1. Contains and Managers, No
person shall bo eligible for tho posi
tion ol captatn or manager of any
athletic team unless he shall bo at
the time when his service is to begin
an upper classman in good standing
pursuing a regular course.
Sec. 2. By upper cass.n Is meant
a student in the thiru cr iourth year
in the College of Literature, Science
and the Arts, or in the Industrial Col
lege; in the Graduate School or the
College of Law after two years prev
ious residence at the University. By
tne words "in good standing" is that
the candidate shall have maintained
such class staning while in residence
at the University as to justify the ex
pectation that he can perform the dut
ies of captain of the athletic team
without substantial detriment to his
work as a student.
Sec. 3. By the words of "regular
course" is meant any regular, pre
scribed course of study leading to a
degree or a certificate and involving
at least 12 hours of class work per
week unless a less amount shall bo
required for a degree by reason ofpro
ficiency of student.
Sec 1. Players. No person shall
participate in any intercollegiate game
or atheliic sport unless he be a bona
fide student doing full work in a regu
lar or special course as defined in the
curriculum of his college. (Defined 10
17, '9S.)
Note. A bonafide student shall not
be construed to mean entering the
music or art school and taking one
or two hours additional work in the
University. "Full -work" shall mean
taking at least 12 hours University
Sec. 2. No person shall be admitted
to any intercollegiate contest who re
ceives any gift, remuneration, or pay
for his services on the college team.
Sec. 3. No student shall play upon
the teams of any college or colleges
for more than four years in the aggre
gate unless he shall have secured a
degree. In which case he may play two
additional years, provided he be a can
didate for a second degree.
Sec. 4. No student shall participate
in any intercollegiate contest who has
ever used or is using his knowledge of
athletics or his athletic skill for gain.
This rule shall be operative after Oct
1, 1890. No person who receives com
pensation from the University for ser
vices rendered by way of regular In
struction shall be allowed to play on
any team. This rule shall take effect
December 1, 189C.
Sec. 5. No student shall play in any
game under an assumed name.
Sec C. No student shall be permitted
to participate. In any Intercollegiate
contest who Is found by the faculty to
be delinquent in his studies.
Sec 7. No student shall engage in
any athletic game or contest until his
fitness has been favorably passed upon
by tho Physical Director.
Sec 8. Athletic committees shall re
quire each candidate for a team to
represent tho University In tho Inter
collcginto contest to subscribes to a
statement that ho la cliglblo under tho
letter and spirit of tho rules adopted.
Sec. 9. No person having boon a
member of any collego athletic team
during any year, and having been In
nttendanco less than ono collogo half
year, shall be permitted to piny In
any intercollegiate contest thereafter
until he shall have been In attendance
six consecutive calendar months.
Sec. 10. Players shall bo required to
lmvo been attending classes regularly
at least ono week beforo playing in n
regit inr game:.
Sec. 11. Fellows and scholars shall
be allowed to play upon Athletic
Teams. Note. This interpretation of
Rule IV was made by the University
Senate on the ground that such stu
dents receive an houarary stipend and
not a salary.
Sec. 12. Any student violating a rulo
or order of tho athletic board shall bo
subjected to discipline by the Univers
ity Senate.
Sec. 13. Every student who repres
ents the University in track or field
events, or is a candidate for such rep
resentation, that is, who participates
in or is a candidate for fall or spring
meets, shall take at least one semes
ter of physical training. This train
ing shall cover the semester in which
the event takes place.
Sec. 14. The requirements for en
try as a contestant In such indoor and
outdoor athletic events shall be regis
tration for physical training at the
office of tho registrar, physical sound
ness to be ascertained through physi
cal examination by the physical direc
tor, satisfactory class standing to be
ascertained by reference to the records
of the registrar, and regular attend
ance and practice of a prescribed
course of physical training three times
a week.
Sec. 15. Members of tho University
athletic teams and candidates for such
teams wishing to enter the field or
track events who have taken during
the same university year the regular
season of training under direction of
coaches and captains of such teams,
shall, If they so desire, bo credited
with the time thus spent as so much
towards the semester's training re
quired for track or field events.
By "University athletic teams," Is
meant the first eleven In football and
the first nine in baseball. By "candi
dates for such teams" Is meant men
practicing regularly against them.
Sec. 16. These rules shall take effect
at the beginning of the second semes
ter of the University year, January
31, 1898.
Sec 1. AH schedules of games shall
be approved by the athletic boart.
Sec 2. No games shall be played on
other days than Saturday unless they
have been scheduled with the consent
of the Chancellor.
Sec 3. The athletic board shall bo
authorized to fix the rate of admission
to all athletic games and events.
Sec. 4. Permission for any team to
leave town must be obtained from the
Chancellor by the chairman of the
commitee In charge of the sport
Sec. 5. The time of the report of the
membership of a team for any regular
game shall be 48 hours before the hour
of the game, when played on the cam
pus; and 48 hours before leaving time
when played away from home.
Sec 6. The chairman of tho com
mittee in charge of any given sport,
the coach and tho captain of the team
shall decide the membership of jthe
team for all games.
Sec 7. The schedule for baseball and
track athletics for each spring .shall