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The Nehraskan-Hesperian
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Published at 223 Noith Eleventh Street.
Issued Every Wednesday Noon at The Uni
versity of Nebraska.
Entered as Second-Class Matt Matter.
M. I. Stbvart, ,,.,
H. M. Gaurutt;! Managers
Board of Editors.
Managing Editor.. P. A. Cuscadch
Onna I,. Hull. R. H. Wcssel.
WMk$ y """""n
Mnude Hazlett
H. H. Roberts
I. P. Hewitt
R. A. Huston
Prank Manchester
Virginia Hoffman
P.W. Harry
Knte Wiggins
P. O. Carpenter
W. P.. Andrcson
R. D. Andrcson
J. S. Utlls
W. II. King
R. V.
The Nebrasknn-Hesi)crinn will be sent
to any address upon receipt of the sub
scription price, which isonedollarayenr.
Contributions ale solicited from all.
News items such as locals, personals, re
ports of meetings, etc., are especially
desired. The Nebruskan-Hespenan will
be glad to print any contribution relative
to a general university subject, but the
name must accompany all such.
Address all communications to the NK-
Lincoln, Nebraska.
As has beon published several times
in these columns, a strong effort will
be made this spring to take a track
team to Chicago to compete In tho
western intercollegiate athletic asso
ciation meet June 2. This has been
attempted two or three times pre
viously and we have been represented
by a man or two. No team has ever
been taken however. This year, the
time seems rlpo that something should
be done. We have- several men, 'who
would stand a fairly good show of
winning places, even If it were impos
sible to win firsts. But the same old
trouble confronts us as in former years.
The students of the University of Ne
braska constantly refuse to support
track athletics in anything more than
a half hearted way. From all outward
Indications it never dawns upon them
that a track man works longer and
steadier for his place than any other
athlete who wears a Nebraska uniform.
They never stop to think that this
branch is as essential for all-round de
velopment as any other. Repeated ap
peals have failed in their object.
But to tho men who win places on
our treacle team, too much praise can
not be given. The sacrifice which they
make, although unappreciated as It is,
amounts to a great deal. A few each
year, avail themselves to the oppor
tunities offered in this line and these
are the men whose efforts should bo
rewarded by a trip to Chicago. They
deserve it as much as the foot and
base ball teams deserve theirs. Man
ager Hewitt has arranged two meets
to take place on tho going trip.
This is tho status of affairs. What
is the student body going to do? Is
an untimely end to mark the exit of
this branch? Or, will they bo extended
a helping hand? The time for action
is now. Other teams are accused of
being made up from favorites. It
merely gives a chance for the unsuc
cessful candidate to kick. But hero,
each man shows what he is. He is
chosen from the records he makes. It
follows that it must be a representa
tive university team. If it is not, it Is
because the men have not turned out
and trained for the events.
The most enterprising class of tho
school has practically made a propo
sition that may lead to a solution of
the financial part of the present case.
Two men on the track team belong
to that class. The offer is to tho effect
that tho class will defray the expenses
of these tyv,q, men to andf rom Chicago.
Tho Idler feels like offering himself
up for a fresh paint sign. It would
be a great thing. He could perch him
self out on the Spanish cannon, with
three or four cushions and a few bags
of Duke's, and have a glorious time.
And all tho pretty girls would come
out and look at him and say nice
things and play 'ring around tho Idler.'
It would be Jolly. Then the chancollor,
associate chancollor, typists, Johnnie
Noble and others from tho executive
office would filo down with gYave looks
and many forebodings, and tho Idler
would bo siezed as a suspect, taken
into tho ofilco and quizzed until he
was black and blue.
It was absolutely remarkable that
they didn't paint the thing Saturday
night instead of Monday. It would
have been sporty then. Hut to put the
deal off till the night watchman began
his nightly sleeps again after two
nights vigil, wasn't a bit funny. Any
cheap skate could do that. But it is
just like some people to wait until
things get cold and then growl at the
As a whole, tho artistic tastes of the
high privates in the rear rank seem
to bo decidedly deficient this year.
Poor colors have been chosen through
out, and tho smearing would do dis
grace to a kindergarten. When a fel
low makes a D like a cocked hat and
a C like tho same cocked hat with the
brim knocked off, It is crude. Tho
latter ought to have sense enough to
know that the brim can be put back
on with one stroke of the paint brush.
And say, did you notice that all the
letters around on the walks and in
front of the fraternity houses are C's,
A's, and D's? The Idler has been won
dering if the ontiro set is not an out
fit of CADs after all. To say the least
the Idea is antiquated. They ought to
get something new jit least once in
every school generation. Why, it was
way back in '97 when tho fellows went
around with tho first can of paint.
Everyone of 'em got a ride in the
hurry-up wagon . There were lots of
names at the station that night which
subscribers will hoed this request and
avoid tho necessity of receiving indi
vidual statomonts.
Judging from tho number of scholar
ships and fellowships received by grad
uates of tho University of .Nobraska
each year, the standard of tho insti
tution is gradually getting higher. It
also shows tho fact that tho school is
gaining rank and precedent among tho
eastern univorsititles. Wo oxtond our
congratulations to tho alumni recently
wero never found in the registrar's
list. And tho follows woro all seniors,
too. Tho guy down on tho corner with
three brass balls In front of his door
did more business that time than over
before or since.
Ah! thoso wero good old times, but
they arc long past now and tho suc
ceeding generations aro growing crude.
And it isn't only In tho paint line. Do
you know that tho seniors couldn't
even have a sneak day yesterday as
they had planned causo it rained all
night and half of the previous day on
purpose . It is too bad. Now, speak
ing of sneak days, affords another
striking example of antiquity. The
idea, that a senior class, above all
other classes, would do tho same thing
that two succeeding classes had at
tempted to do. That's the way tney go.
Whenever a rut gets started In this
Nebraska soil, it gets deeper and
deeper and each succeeding class goes
farther and farther out of sight.
Finally in tho courso of eight or ten
years, a class comes along with a new
idea .
It is said to be a wondeiful aggre
gation of students and of course tho
Idea becomes the model for tho next
ten years.
Now to sum the whole deal up, tho
only new things that have happened
all year, worthy of consideration as
far as originality is concerned, was
the mysterious disappearance and the
wonderful and long-to-be-remembered
reappearance of Sampson and the pho
tographing of Hallie Roberts.
Now tho Idler likes originality, as
has already been brought out. It may
bo fortunate that the seniors couldn't
have a life-sized sneak yesterday. Now
for a suggestion. How would it bo if
the seniors had a working day? It
might be good to have them get down
and plug for twelve hours. Perhaps
some of them would como nearer get
ting diplomas on the seventh of June,
and to others It might freshen their
memory to know what work really is
once more. Above all, it would be
Phone 426. 1136 O Street.
Special attention given to all Diseases ol
Women. (All surgical Diseases nre treated by
the most npproved methods. Every convenience
for Pelvic and Abdominal Surgery.
Special Attention given to Massage and
Sv"mh Movements in their most recent dcvelop
ii,. a py the trained manipulator in charge.
C. A. SHCriAKER, n.D., Ill7 L St.
Officially adopted by the leading Col
leges, Schools, and Athletic Clubs of the
country. Every requisite of Base Ball,
Golf, Tennis, Athlettcs, Gymnasium.
Spalding's Official League Ball is the
official Ball of the National League, and
all the leading College Associations.
Spalding's Base Ball Guide for 1000, 10
cents. Handsome catalogue of Athletic
Sports free to any address.
If you are going to the
Pacific Coast
Dont complete arrangements until you
have secured information regarding the
personally conducted excursions via
How about tho other classes? Will
they stand back and let a move of this
kind go through without taking a
hand? Wo trust not. Let each class
raise ?50 which will send eight men.
Two other men will bo sent by the ath
letic association. This will afford
good representation and will give tho
team a much deserved reward. As a
final appeal to tho different classes,
we hope that thlB may bo heeded.
Considering the different conditions
which have met tho base ball team
since Its departure on the trip, a most
excellent showing has been made. It
is usually considered if a team wins
ono-half of its games on foreign terri
tory, tho result Is highly satisfactory.
Our team can boast of this so far. A
rousing welcome should bo reserved
for thorn on their return.
Wo hope to be able to give the occupa
tion and address of each senior for his
or her first year after graduation. We
also hope to be able to present pictures
of some of the class officers and repre
sentative students. We consider this
the proper and fitting close for our
year as editors of tho paper.
Ono more issue of tho Nobraskan
Hesperian remains for tho present col
lego year. A considerable portion of
.this:wllLbo.dovotod.tOthe senior class.
A few unpaid subscriptions are still
found on our books. Why not call In
and settle these at once? It will show
that the efforts which have been forth
fo got out a representative paper havo
been at least slightly appreciated. It
mean3 merely one dollar each from all
of you, while to us the aggregate is
considerable. Subscriptions may be
paid at our office, 223 North Eleventh
street between 8 and 12 o'clock and be
tween 1 and 5 o'clock. They will also
be received at the University Book
Store at any time. Subscribers out of
the city should send tho same by
check, money or express order, ad
dressed to tho Nobraskan-Hesperlan,
Box 219, Lincoln. 'Wo !trust (hat all
These Excursions leave Omaha every
Friday, in elegantly upholstered Ordinary
Sleeping Cars, illuminated by Pintsch
Light, heated by Steam.
JKS-For Time Tables, Polders, Illustrated Books,
Pamphlets, descriptive of the territory traversed,
call on
To Nebraska City, Palls City, St. Loals, sad aU
Points South, east, and West.
City Ticket Office, 1039 0 Street.
O. t. A T, A. C. P. ft T..A.