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Vol. $-29, No. 23.
Five Cunts.
, xXlJQ
with applause. He Bpoko, in part, as SOlPHOMOMiJS STILL AT IT,
follows: I
Addresses tlic Sli'tlDlits in'Cliiipel hVavf
MlnlitOsoii Topics or '(Jeneral
Secretary James Wilson of the de
partment Of agriculture, Washington,
t). '0., addressed the students in chapel
TUosday morning. As he stopped upon
the rostrum lie was greeted with ap
plause followed by the college yell." The
"I deem it a very great 'pleasure 'to .'Spend "Four "Hoars on Vriilay Afternoon
stand in this place after a lapse of anil tina "With decisive
thii'ty years and again look the stu-j "Split.
dents in the face and say a few words The fight that started in the sopho-
to them, 1 am not one of those who ' . j,..,, ,M . ini ,
,,,..,. . . more class two weeks ago is still on in
think that former times wore better
that, these. It is generally thought fuI1 foreo v,th a,?n ot imme(llat0
that persons advanced in years are ' abatement. An adjourned "meeting was
constantly going back to former times ! bold in chapel "Friday afternoon, and
Chapel was crowded to its full capacity ' and thinking that those times were hot- ! th0 personalities that characterized the
nd it was difficult for late-comers to j tor than the present. When 1 look into j prcViotis meeting of the class were re
flnd standing room. Mr. Wilson spoke the faces of young people as 1 do this , gm0(i. The first hour was consumed
in part as follows: morning 1 look into the future the I in going ,6v6r ihb gnnd ftifCady
"I look in your faces this morning bns nothing fo- mo." 00Vcrcd, and no progress whatever was
with peculiar emotion. The news- Speaking of the faculty of those nia(l(j Ry tne aocona i!0ur things liad
Ipnpors toll us that one of the greatest days, Dr. Bonton said: "1 think we warmed up and it began 'to look dan
'dobates 'in the national congress is , bad six or eight members of the foe- j porous.
coming off this week in regard to the'i nlty and one or two assistants. Now,
(Philippine islands, whether they arc 'to compare 'that 'number with 'that you
have today. You have a faculty today,
It was finally 'moved to rescind all
former action on the annual. The 'mo
tion was declared out of order "by the
manyofwhoinarektiown'ina'nritionai president, whereupon an appeal was
uay, wliosc text books are Used 'in
other schools and colleges.
aken to the house, in which 'the chair
was not sustained. The vote was then
"Comparing the early conditions of lad anfl the proceedings in regard to general and commercial Jaw, 'history 'df.
be parts of tlie 'United States, whetlier
they nre to 'be 'managed as colonies, 'or
Whether they are to liave a local gov
ern merit.
' In looking over Nebraska I have a
'peculiar pride in much that has been ' tills school the present surround- the annunl were rescinded.
'dono liore. We have colonized Ne- ings. shall we not say that the present u W11S moved and carried after a
bnlska. Wo were almost heartbroken ' Infinitely transcends anything we had gmit (l0(,i ot- aiscussion that tihe dlnss
when we lost men like Dr. Bessoy, bu In the beginning? Have 1 not a right got out un annuai the following year,
it was well that Dr. Bessey came here, to recognize tlie development of the j However, the motion to elect a board
1 said recently to a committee of con- slate and of the university? You have was declared to be out of order 'by the
gross, 'Give me higher salaries; all our ( just begun to scratch the surface. 1In jsprGaidonton the ground 'that it was un
a'blo'riiun are leaving us.' They replied ' fifteen Or twenty-five years from t'hls j contttltutlonal. It was the same stand
It is good they do not go out of the time the population of the state will that tho president had taken on pre
Tfnited States. We ure all Americans , double. 'It will be a groat state. You ,vlolls occasions. As the appeal to the
anirwe do not lose anything by having ought "to be proud of your Stn.o, and , hotiae na(1 ueon PttrrC(i by a bare ma-
these 'men go to other states. We are you 'ought to be protifl of your univor-j jority, it was impossible for this rna-
(5) instructor, in public administra
tion. The courses in diplomatic and 'con
sular education atid in "higher 'conYmor
cial education, when organized, wTffl
lay stress upon special attainments
along three linos as follows: (t) An
understanding of tho legal rig'h'ts and
duties of business relations as ex
pounded in general commercial law,
(21 familiarity with the evolution 'o'f
industrial organizat on and 'business
"methods as expressed in political,
social and industrial history, a'nd '()
an apprec'ation of the physical 'condi
tions and economic laws under Which
industry and commerce must 'bfe car
ried on, as presented in the Study of
commercial geography and political
The subjects from which the Tnaor
portion 'of 'the work entering into the
five courses now being considered Is
taken are: "English, history, economics,
sociology, statistics, international 'law,
education, philosophy and languages.
mot koIiik to increase the salaries.' 'It sity. Wherever you go your voice
tmakfis no difference whether Dr. Bes-1 should 'be 'raised 'in ifnvbrol 'the univer-
s&ls'inrfl0wa'or 'Nebraska, HowrfgriuSU t sity, Upholding Its irillUou,gc -aiuli. The motion to adJoun.wp,afmd3and
it was when you enme to occupy "Ne-, power." ' jno president and a 'large 'ftumberof
braska! How grand it was that tho
Wise men, tho pioneers, gave you a ant
'verslty, and Such a university a? is
scarcely found elsewhere in tho Mis
sissippi vu.loy. I am proud of tho fa
cilities of Nc-brnaku for h.glior eiluea
"You Imvo ei-rtaln state assets. Yoti
'have a magniilcont so.l us one of your
host usBets. if you young people hud
time 'to Visit tho older parts of the
(United States and boo what they have,
In an address delivered before the
American association for tho advance
ment of science at Columbus, 0.. last
summer, but just published, entitled
"Tho Progress and Problem of 'Plant
Pliys'ology," Dr. Clmrles R. Barnes
pays tlie following high tribute to thn
work of certain gradua os or the Uni
versity of Nebraska: "The 'Pnytogoog.
Jority to cjhunge the constitution, which
required a two-thirds "vote.
raphy of Nebraska, published nyouror
.,!, wm,.M.nh. f....lltv von would ' two K .b-v DrB- p" md 'Clements.
lmvo it more strongly Impressed upon ; ' ie f.rst extended study .on .p an.
ydt, that you should take care o: tills BoBmply In th b country along (lis
soil. 'It is wise you should set about tlnotivaly ecological lines The care
Studying what you should sell from Ne- completeness with which -their In
brnsku; whothor you should send out ' vest.gution was made render if a good
... . . ,. .... n....... i uauiihiiu I in iiibiiiu OLUiiuuin in win
v !. n i (iiiii run uriii lid iiiiin I'M mi v
Ml LIIU DUUU IUU nun t.o wi..v. ......
dono, or Whothor you Hlioulti study how
you should best sell skill, and as the
'butter men are doing, sell atmosphere
ln 'the shape of butter. Nebraska Is
ahead 'of 'Iowa. 'Nebraska Is !maklng
augur and Iowa Is buying it. It is mug
'Uiflpont that you lmvo hero In this
'bountiful city of Lincoln tho begin
nings whereby you can H.udy Into the
socrots of nuture and learn to sell skill
Instead of shipping oif wheat and
Mr. Wilson then gave some stntlBtlcH
-Sliowlng'fho 'largo amount of grain and
VuvIoub products of tho soil furnished
l)y tho 'United States to TDoitnmrk. Tie
finished by saying that ho wsib glad
'that Nobniska wiih not going to aid the
The swine breeders' association 'met
In tlie 'dbnpol Tuosday 'morning. As
there had beon no mooting 'for two
yours, there was a small attendance.
Chancellor Ilossey welcomed tlfe asso
clution and President nroneoii respond
ed lo the uddross. Soorotary dr Agri
culture dolivorod, a short spoooh. After
this .1. I.. Barton discussed tbp "Fu
ture of the Thoroughbred Hog," fol
lowed by a paper liresontad 'by 'Dr.
Potors. HVetlnosday morning several
toplOB wore -also (llBUiissod.
persons in the room departed. ' A (por
tion of tho ulass, however, remained
nud -ttttdmplcd a 'new class "organiza-
i t:on.
In the meantime nearly all of those
who had lea tlie room wont to the gal
lery a id caused considerable disturb
ance. At tlie request of the prtrty below
i Janitors McRoynolds and Ulil oleared
tho gallery. Noarly all retired peace-
I ubly, -but a few needed extra porsua-
,s:on. T-his persuasion was tfound in
i abundance in the mnke-up of the Juni
I tors and peace was restored.
'I'lii nioiiilidi'c nt tlin illhau ln iihifnul
elected Ha3oubroik president and 'pro
ceeded to choose a junior annual board.
Fied A. Otisimdon and 11. M. Garrett
wero made edltors-ln-eliiof and C. 'E.
Wells and IB. C. Smith business muna
nrs. 'It was 'voted to elect tlie asso
.'lato'ollltors at a later date. Over?200
wasiiilellgotl toward getting out a 'book.
UUloss 'matters uro.pntdhcll up at an
uirly ilato'lt Is evidnul that two books
wi 1 bo gotten out during the coming
year. Ho.h sides are taking hold of the
matter actively and dclurn that thoy
are In tho right and do ifbt Intend to
give up. It Is gh'ou out 'that tho side
with the appointment board Is ready to
lonipromlso, btu any ailvancos are ro
fitBotl by tho other manibtfrs of tho
A recent catalogue of Harvard uni
versity sliows that tlie total enrollment
or the current year is four thousand
nine hundred and forty-sevon. The
total number of teachers Is 'four 'hun
dred and fortyo'ght. Tho proportion
of teachers to students is 'one to 'eleven,
which is almost exactly tho proportion
in the University of Ndbraska. 'Of 'tihe
teachers in 'Harvard thirty-one and one
half per cent nre professors of various
grulles, Jfilo iufe OJhTvtfrsfSy -ot Ne-
'bruska but twenty-two andone-half ipor
cent'liold this rank. Tlie Harvard -college
students, corresponding to tho-aca-ddmic
'college of this university, "ifUm
gor one tliousnnd and two, Wliidh "Is
about double the number in. this 'uni
versity. In Harvard, again, the stiion
tiflc school, corresponding nearly to
the industrial college, numbers 'four
hundred and ninety-flvo, while the in
dustrial college In Nebraska numbors
about tho sumo. The Harvard gradu
ate school InoludoB throe 'hundred anil
cwouty-stx students, as against a'bout
ono (hundred and 'fifty urthe'Onh'orsrty
of Nolirnska. Tlarvnrd's grout 'num
bers are gvon It ly itfi large 'law
Rohool. six hundred and liiitosti; its
niodloal sohoolb, seven 'Utmdrod and
tliroo. and Its summer soliool, eight
hundred -and 'flfby-siv
In tho Omalia Bee for Sunday, Fob
Tonnes In their bultOMnnklng Industry ,,,m,,y 18 H (l (ne (Mlt 0f slxteoirof the
!ln this matinor. I rrntornlty plus of tho University or
j Noimiaaf Tj,o urtido concerning tho
BENTON IN'OHAI'EL. , fratornltios says: "Fraternity llfo In
Dr. A. R. nonton of Irvlngton, Intl., the IJiiIvorslty of Nebraska has becomo
'first chancellor of fhe'Universltyof "No
'brnsUagavo'irvory Interesting and 'In
structive uitlllresB In ohapol "Monday
'moriiliig. iFebruary 19. The rodm xwob
tniieli'to'ltB'Utjnoat capacity andtheiap
ipoliranco so'r 'Dr. 'Bntitbti was greotoU
u part of the Institution only In the
last four years. 'Boforothls thoro wore
fraternities in 'the 'university, Omt thoy
wore Struggling . 'for their vory exist
ence, "Wlitlo 'now 'It Ib 'rather a struggle
between (ho f rritornltles."
The board or regents oPtf.fc I'nlvor
altj of IMIChlgan at a mooting held ro
lently ronslderod the allvlBub'llty of
(stablishhiK several l'ow courses In the
I'tnrary department whldh nvould meet
more porfo'itly the pneul av iiooiIb or
certain Interests or oareorB. The titles
or those coupes are (1) 'diplomatic and
consular 'education, (-20 (higher com
tmorcilal -education, f 8') preparation 'for
newspaper worlc, (T) ipropitration 'for
ipaStbriil vorltmnd fptil)llcVi)lilhufthropy,t
Editors or flioNobraSkan'Hosiierian:
1 ask or you the jirh'ilago or your col
umns for a Himil, ooiumuuluation. Luat
Tuesday morning, uruvary good ehapel
golng student knowB. Jkuibb 'Wilson,
flooretary of the dejiartmout of agricul
ture, Washington, aud member or 'tho
president's cabinet, was permitted 'to
give a short talk to the students of 61iIh
university. It was, in fact, a very Shurt
talk, and wo know Soiretnry Wilson
could 'have spoken a.', greater length
had the powers that be boot lit to-allow
him to do so. -Every one knows w'hat
occurred at tho finish. We seldom got
to hoar a man In such 'high alroles ub
Soorotary Wilson, and when tho oppor
tunity did come n'flve-mlnhto talk nvaa
all that was allowed him. vMton an hour
would have beon too short Still, wo
know or many men or loss note anditr
ruli'B of much less Importance that
have taken up tho next hour, -and -Still
wore not so .profitable to tho students.
HVo like to 'hear nvhilt a 'great nmn 'bus
to Buy, and vwe 'hope 'last "Tuesday wua
an dulcet 'lesson 'to BOmo.
irlfi-nMlMMMII-itil 1