The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, February 20, 1900, Page 8, Image 8

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A series of Very Ihtcrestrhg experi
ments Is being cnn'Ied oh "by W. H. H.
Moore Of the department of geology
tind Mr. Mnnle, who is Interested in the
"Nebraska quarry industry. The object
of these experiments is to find out
Whether n conunoreiiil cemont can bo
manufactured from Nebraska rocks.
The experiments include the making of
Content from the limo rocks that are
found in the southeastern part of the
jJtn'o and the comparison of the article
with cement that is successfully made
for commercial uses. Flattering re
3ults have been obtained by this in
vestigation In the laboratory. A ce
ment has been made from native rock
that compares favorably with the ce
ment that Is on the market. The ques
tion yet remains to be solved as to
whether this product can be manufac
tured profitably In large quantities.
j? 00 jf? ''"
We are going to make Photographs Of $tu
de'nts'i'n 'the latent styles and shape
I at special fates.
Will be made to U-N I Students on any style Of 'Pho
tograph in our Studio. Call and get Our prices
132 SO. 12TH
1870, our exportations have increased
from a Httlo moro than a quarter of a
million tons to moro than four million,
and is causing uneasiness in the coal
producing countries of Europe. Sat
urday Evening Post.
The university council, consisting of
the heads of the departments in the
university, the presidents and heads ot
dupartments In the colleges of tl.o
slate, the board of regents of the unl
A'drfllf y, the governor and state officials
and the' principals of accredited high
st'hools, which was to have met on
charter day, was postponed on account
of the Impossibility of finding time for
it at this charter day. The regents
had so much business outlined for
them that it was impossible for them
to take any time for this purpose, and
accordingly they approved of the post
ponement. The council will meet,
however, on commencement day, June
7. and probably the meeting will bo a
fuller one then because of the failure
to have a mooting at this time.
A bill relating to the discharge of
railway employes has been introduced
in the Texas legislature, which pro
vides as follows: "That when any
employe is discharged with or with
out cause, that tho wages of such em
ploye shall bo paid so far as due on the
day of discharge, without abatement
or deduction, and If tho same bo not
paid on such day, then, as a penalty
for non-payment, tho wages shall con
tinue at tho same rate until paid; pro
vided, such wages shall not continue
moro than CO days, unless an action
thereforo shall bo commenced within
that time. That when such employe
secretes or absents himself or refuses
to receive his pay ho shall not bo on
titled to tho benefit of tno act. That
any sorvant or employe engaged for a
definite period of time who Is dis
charged without cause before tho time
expires may, in addition to the pen
alties prescribed by this act, have an
action for any damages ho may have
sustained by Iho broach of tho con
tract of employment, and such action
may bo joined with an action for un
paid wages and vqmiMch. Hallway
A Knight of Labor writing to the
New York Sun strikes the nail squarely
on the head in the following:
I "I agree With your correspondent
, that labor unions are trust-like in rec
ognizing as tho moro generally exe
crated industrial combinations, better
1 "known as trusts, have long ago recog
nized, tho fact that competition Instead
of being tho life is really the death of
trade, and they have evidenced that
recognition by abolishing competition
among tho!r members. A member of a
labor union is taught that he must not
deprive his moro fortunate follow
t member of employment by offering his
services for less than the wage scale
1 adopted at a meeting by a majority of
j tho members; In other words, the or
ganization will not tolerate competi
tion among the members. Were this
not the case Avorkmen would be con-
tlnually In danger of being deprived
I of work by other men offering to do the
i same work for less wages than those
j who aro fortunate enough to be em-
ployed, as is now done by the unorgan
I ized toilers. The above mentioned
abolition of competition among organ
i Ized workmen Is to my mind the only
excuse tho enemies of labor organiza-
tions have for calling tho organizations
, trusts."
is opposite ;tiho Campus.
Sliufleii'ts "contemplaitring 'iilio stiucly of &sl
music, mm wnose who nave mends
desirous of dn'tvrraatiion concernine
'tihe advantages 'oft'o'refl, are cordially
'invited to visit the school and obtain
an imisuratea 'uataio&ue. Y6u
enter a'l anv'tiimo
I !
Fully ono-quartor of tho world's sup
ply of coal Ih now mined In tho United
Status, and In tho last twonty-olght
yours no country Iuih como anywhoro
noar equaling It In tho Increase of pro- body's lap.
miction. AVItllo tho Increase for tho
wholo world has boon loss than 100 por
cnt, that of the United Statos alono
lui8 boon nearly 200 por cont.
In tho calondar year 1807 tho total
production of bituminous and anthra
cite grades wa 19,0011,1)70 tons, worth
ut tho mlnoti ?1 08.800,178. Lo?al In
duatrlOB and domofltio connumptlon ro
qulro an annually Increasing amount
and on top of UiIh wo now havo a
strong forolgn domtind, alroady- largo
onough to warrant Inoroasod and moro
Hifjidy mining for a long tlmo o come.
With a present production moro
than flvo tlmos groafor than it wan In
Within the brief space of less than
eight years tho tin plate Industry lias
been so thoroughly established in the '
United Statos that our manufacturers i
can now supply all local demands, and
we aro no longer dopondont on Wales i
and tho adjoining English counties for j
either tin or torne plates. Pr'or to
1800 all tin pinto used in the country'
was imported because none was made1
here. The Imports wore duty free, but
the tariff law of 1800 placed a duty of'
two and one-fifth cents a pound upon I
manufactured plates. I
The Infant Industry became a sub- J
Joct of sharp controversy between tho
leading political parties. In exactly I
seven and a half years American man-1
ufocturors produced moro than two1
and a quarter billions of pounds, and I
lowered the price to consumors 25 per
cent. Saturday Evening Post.
VT tLflPvX linn
r Winds tin kc a e oek
Kccltes, I ells Iunny btorieh
sung into u, stories tolil to ft
at once, as olien as desired
Thf fitm Just out Cut this ad
, . m ' out and send It to us
with $1.00 and we will send vnn nn. r.i,
new Gem (Jranrionhones ln Kn,.i n r
subject to examination You can ovn'mln l '
your express office and If found exactly as represented,
entirely satisfactory in every way, and the equal in
nrwIIK'""?111 al ?, and12' W " "Sent
i ?r.u P,al "e,r Price, $5 00. and express charges,
less the Jl sent with order. For hone amusement this
King of Merry-Makers wi" emeain,a
. ...,., .... ,,. ,,,;(. OI ouusas anu uiimorc s Hands;
will rcneat vmt. nwti vm, - ..mi. M....11. ..i ' '
von :r""'rrL'" "'v,u " vo " "V"
rir Ci tr tr.
iit- I ' Hijiw iiis-iiiuca i
h nnArV"" rl'c,e,r,' 0"l0-in5' ho, one IJcaHnK Tube
Vfillr rrnrrk H'lt!ln nml n.&.l...
r m ----- j w... fu.uj uiilll tltHI IIJIIJIIUL.
rncc 95.00 includes Improved Uem Graphophone, one
Uesl Uxltl-
bltlon Records (musical or talking) M a dozen & : each
M il ?ch!E,d Th? ,"! W A Veuri'a!'lc 82W m,nC ' 0l,r wo w Slot
Machines. E?f?i"e' rhc. "Id" Graphophone $20 and wonderful "Pv"
.. - Kinrinarnnn tA .. i. .... . . -
ally, requires no attentinn wlmicvrr. . ;7,,..rr .1"' 'V,v," ),,c",rc niacntnej IS. operates automatic
stives ill two weeks.
I hr lih .u. ' ,".i. "".'"'' " "".uw h-,1,c .or counter niactiliies pay for tlicm
If l',, ' w-j.. ':,. ", .cyc u."at ,nc tiraphophone docs for the ear. Ob- flj'i-'
loving Picture Machines! The Srio hIv " A Z Z Lli A?. ,l". 'c !'J JM- D
W...I .t I . J uoiii, ibiii c jiiji i iiir. Ilir.l' fl. II lutll r.ltmn.l.l... -
jkiiu iisj.1 anu we win sem vnn f ii)..r mnt.i i... ,.. ,."..-' "".'. " ""
... - ..... v....... iii.iiiiiit: iii- r.xiirrs I
jects act and move as If al! e
" ucus will, aril macn Inr
subject to examination 11 found
M.-iriW t ...! .., '. " ;."" -."," "-"""- " r.xpres
tionor large . xU.bmoi, show outfit,, ranging fro, ,V ZW, sen! !, on req,?"0' COmi",,,nB lu" deSeril'-
Hargcr&Blish, Western SelllnB Agts. 904-910 Main St., Dubuque, iown
Dignity and jirldo aro lonely because
happiness always wants to sit In some. I
Luck consists In getting a few of tho
doslrablo things wo started out In llfo
determined to havo.
Love nm't break n'imiu'a hoart after
ho has got old enough to take an artis
tic Interest in his dinners.
Wlion 11 wdman truly loves a man
she adtnlrcH his indifference more than
tho attentions of other mori. Chicago
the Mightiest
writers S
llP"!!7i;I"; r1"" ,ii'i(il
iStevens Rifles n
tynre jruaranteed to be
an tlino wliti do tho
itcttml work In tho
viiHt corrcKpondi-nco
f 11 nntion. In thin
work nno : : : . ; : ;
H111III1 I'romior
Tyitsvpltur fi ts fi
Ih (JUiil tti Hcort'h of
rotih. Thu pon link
given plrtco to Tho
Mmlotn Writer, Thu
h.'Mi I'raintor, tho
iiKtoii 1 no typlil of
jirogrosti.tliB uoknowl
odgucl loiidor In Im
provomuntH. ::::)
llfl, v t T V T
glEVom ilio
$0.00 Favorite"
to our most expensive Ideal." &
M ft., iitnnn n v. it i !. .til.
Li iiu ii'itiiu mi. t'k la u iiiioiine.
Por fiirtlior liifniiimtirin itn.i iitulouno ml
ilntMi sniltit I'roriihir Tvit.wrlti" c. Vimnhu
M0N1J 0l OUU IDAUBHS, price only $10.
Wcfluiiraiiteclt in every respect, ftotli-
liuj cliciip uliout it but the price.
! ' Imlo rwrtiliirly In .22, .25 tind .32 cal
pltiro rlm-tlro, .25.20 H'VKVKKH, .32-10, U
Ci,iiM-nn mill, u-iuci'inor-iiro.
IN NVlHOIAIi S1'I!S, !t?12.00.
Semi titling or compute Catalog ami
J la mi Iho ft.
ih llanitllook. fr
" .P.O.Box i,B
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