The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, January 30, 1900, Page 6, Image 6

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Dv. Wontc, dentist.
Gregory the Coal Man.
University I3ook Store.
Try Wcstorflold's egg shampoo, for
A circular of the school of art will
be published In a few days.
A circular concerning the- school of
domestic sclonco has been Issued.
For up-to-dato university 'hair cut
go to Wcstcrflcld, the barber, 117 N
The literary societies gave their an
mini joint reception at Walsh's hal.
last Friday evening.
The cadet battalion has been re
quested to take part in the natlona
butter makers' association parade.
The last number of the university
news letter Is an unusually largo one,
including s.x full length columns.
Fountain Pens, 14 kt. gold, at 50c,
G!)c and ?1.00 each at book and station
ery department, Ilerpolsheimer & Co.
High grade photography. Prices to
suit everybody. Special attention
given 10 students. Elito Studio, 22C
S. 11th st.
George Shedd, principal of the Ash
land high school, came down to attend
the Elbert Hubbard lecture last
Superintendent McHugh of the
Plattsmouth schools was in Lincoln
last Saturday and visited friends about
the university.
The visit to the university of Mrs.
King, state secretary of the Y. W. C.
A., has been deferred until the latter
part of February.
J. W. Dinsmore, superintendent of
the Beatrice schools, spent a few days
in Lincoln last week and visited many
university friends.
A fine photogravure of Elbert Hub
bard will be framed and hung in the
chancellor's office with some pictures
of other prominent men.
Have your clothes pressed and clean
ed at the People's Suitorium. Suit
pressed. 50c; pants pressed, 15c. Stu
dents' agency at The Co-Op.
M. B. Ketchum, M. D., oculist and
aurist. Specialty, correction of abnor
mal vision. Room 314, third floor,
Richards block. 'Phone 848.
C. H. Sargent has presented to the
botanical department a couple of fine
pods of the vanilla bean. They were
secured at Cuicatlan in Mexico.
The only thoroughly good place in
hts city where a studunt can got any
kind of board that ho wants is at Cum-
eron's cufe, 114-118 South lith street.
For history covers, history paper,
note books, fountain pens and all
other college supplies go to the book
and stationery department of Herpol
shelmer & Co.
Dr. Hill has commenced a class in
psychology for the city teachers, giv
ing it in connection with Dr. Gordon's
courso in theory and practice of teach
ing. Ten papers and addresses have been
nrranged for the annual meeting of the
Nobraska conference of charities and
corrections. The meeting will begin on
The Y. W. C. A. held r- bright and
lively song service hist Sunday aftor
noon. Miss Florence Boose led the
meeting and Miss Florence Worley di
rected ne singing.
President Harper of the University
of Chicago has Informed Chancellor
Bessey that he -will not bs able to ac
cept the invitation to deliver the com
mencement oration in June.
The department of botany has re
ceived from the department of geology
several fragments of fossil wood for
examination. They have boon deter
mined to bo a species of sycamore.
The students should remember that
to enjoy thomsolves they must keop
tholr health, and to have good health
they must keep warm, and to keop
warm they must buy coal of Gregory
the Coal Man.
George Snider, ex-'00, has re-entered
ho university tills semester. Mr. Sill
ier was a sergeant In company B, First
.Nebraska. Ho ran for superintendent
jn tho republican ticket in Madison
ounty last fall.
Dr. Bessey has just completed a
'jomewhat extended paper on forestry
or the national division of forestry In
Vashington. This was prepared on re-
auest of Dr. Plnchot, tho chief of tho
orestry division.
The University of Pennsylvania has
requested the University of Nebraska
to send two delegates to the cere
monies which will bo held in connec
tion with the dedication of its new
law bunding on February 21 and 22.
Eugcno Curtin, '00, has re-entered
the university. Ho will only take a
few hours, as ho Is also finishing a
course at tho Lincoln business college.
Mr. Curtin has been out of the univer
sity since April, 1898, when ho joined
company D, First Nebraska, as a pri
vate. He came out a sergeant.
The meeting ol the botanical sem
inar which was hold January 20 was
given over entirely to the discussion
of that phase of ecological botany
which deals with the pollination of
flowers. Ihe subject was presented
by Dr. Clemrnts and discussed by Dr.
Pound, Dr. Rlmbach, Mr. Bell, Dr. Bes
sey and others.
The members of the . W. C. A. who
have not yet paid their dues are re
quested to attend to this at once.- At
the west end of the hall, second floor,
main building, will be found a box;
beside it is a box of envelopes. Put
the dollar in nn envelope, write your
name and address on the outside and
drop the envelope In the big box.
Posters at half price. Anna Held,
Maud Adams, Maxine Elliott, Demlng's
Indians and many others will bo on
sale this week at the picture and
music department, Herpolsheimer &
Co. These will be sold at G5c each, and
as we have but a limited quantity will
not last very long. Mat board for
mounting posters in all shades at 25c
per sheet.
The junior prom will be neld on
February 1C and from present indica
tions at the Lincoln hotel. If one hun
dred tickets are sold during the fol
lowing week It will be possible to hold
the dance at the auditorium, as the
hotel is wanted for another event on
that date. Any Information can be se
cured from H. II. Roberts, chairman of
the committee.
About five hundred people were
given an opportunity to meet Mr. El
bert Hubbard last Wednesday after
noon at the home of Dr. Sherman, 1234
J street. The guests were received by
H. G. Shedd and Dr. and Mrs. Sher
man and presented to the distinguish
ed man. Chocolate and coffee were
served in the dining room by the young
ladies of the English club.
H. Clapp, '00, was in the city a few
days last week. He had buen at a hos
pital in Omaha having his wound at
tended to. Mr. Clapp was a sergeant
In company D, First Nebraska. He re
ceived a sevore wound in his leg while
on the campaign to Mnlolos. His
wound is still very severe, causing him
to constantly use his crutches. He
went from hero to his home at Fair
The charter day program so far as
arranged is as follows: On the even
ing of February 14 a public address
will be given by a member of Sigma
J XI. On Thursday the board of regents
"It is difficult for the world to believe that a
mm is any better than his clothes."
YOU get full value for
your money when you
buy the
clothes. They arc "ready-to-wear"
clothes with all the ad
vantages of nc merchant
tailoring and none of its draw
backs. You get the style, the
service, the good fit, the good
looks, without the high price.
Wckvcthc H.S.GM.
suits and overcoats in all sizes,
in many styles and at various
1013-15-17-19 0 STREET.
meets, and also the university council
and Phi Bet Kappa. At 4 o'clock an
athletic exhibition will bo given in the
gymnasium. Dr. Benton will give the
charter day address in the evening at
the Oliver theatre. Several students
will also receive their diplomas.
The Palladian literary society has
prepared appropriate resolutions upon
tho death of Dr. Amos G. Warner ns
follows: "Wo realize the great loss
that wo, as a society, the world of let
ters and the cause of humanity have
sustained by his death. We, the Pal
ladians of the University of Nebraska,
wish to acknowledge our appreciation
of his worth and extend our sym
pathies to the sorrowing family." The
members o. the committee were: Wal
ter J. Hunting, Frank R. Miller, Miss
Cora OConnoll and Miss Nona M.
Acting Chancellor Bessey has re
ceived a notification to the effect that
the next meeting of the north-ccntral
association of colleges and secondary
school will occur at St. Louis March
30 and 31. The university is a mem
ber of this association and accordingly
the acting chancellor Is expected to at
tend. He has been requested also to
designate a second representative. In
connection wltn this meeting will
occur the annual banquet given by the
trustees of the Missouri botanica4 gar
den in honor of the late Henry Shaw,
and to this the delegates aro invited.
The next mooting of tho Eighth
army club will be on Monday evening,
February 5, at 8 o'clock In Palladian
hall. The following program will be
given: Experiences of a first ser
geant, C. C. Telleson; a talk on Borne
phase of the Filipino war, Eugene
Pierce; scientific work under difficul
ties, Jerry Rebmann. The election of
officers for tho second semester will
occur. All soldiers who have seen ser
vice in the Philippines are inviU4,
This applies to those outside as well as
those attending the university.
Dr. P. A. Rydberg, '01, is just issu
ing a 500 page book entitled "A Cata
logue of the Flora of Montana." This
is the result of the work of two sea
sons in Montana undertaken in con
nection with tho university botanical
department. Tho book when issued
will contain not less than 700 addi
tions to the list of plants of that re
gion over and above those which are
recorded in the manuals for the Rocky
mountains. Dr. Rydberg is now ono
of the officers of the New York botan
ical garden, a position which ho at
tained on account of the excellence of
work done in this university.
Everybody in tho university interest
ed in waist is requested to come to
room 310, university hall, at 11 o'clock
baturday morning, February 3. The
object of tho meeting is 10 organize a
university whist tournament. Signed
William R. Heartt, N. C. Abbott, Fred
France, B. F. Skiles, G. D. Talbot, Wil
liam O'Connor, F. E. Snider, T. F.
Roddy, T. K. Hollenbeck, C. L. Davis,
H. J. Wertman, F. H. Alexander, A. A
Sims, John Plowhead, J. li. Baker,
Charles E. Foster, J. R. Langer, W. A.
Coffman and R. B. Morgan.
Whereas, God in His providence has
seen fit to call to his final reward the
brother of our fellow student and
brother Delian, Harry M. Garrett;
therefore, be it
Resolved, Inat wo, the members of
the Delian literary society, express our
sincere sympathy to our bereaved
brother; and be it further
Resolved, That a copy of these reso
lutions be filed with the secretary of
the society; also that these resolutions
be published in tho Nebraskan-Hes-perian
and a copy sent to our brother.
.. -M
-t 1