The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, November 21, 1899, Page 6, Image 6

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Mrs. HJamOs hits takon chnvgo of the
musical department 6'f lhb vfamfln's
W. B. Hun tov, '97, of Ponca visited
friends and shouted for the team Sat
urday. Miss Herbortn Jaynes. '02, of Omaha
was in Lincoln l'Vtlny to visit Dolta
George Shcdd of Ashland and Burton
Christie of Omaha attended the game
It. V. Hidden and wife are both vovy
seriously 111 with typhoid fever at St.
Mary's hospital.
Jack Sumner. '00, "of Omaha wn in
this city last week for the Phi Delta
Theta festivities
Miss Kathor!ne Lutnory of Fullorton
The second term of the conservatory
of mus'c began this week with twenty
new students.
Professor Swezcy gave a short talk
in ehapol last Wednesday morning on
meteoric showers.
All the now books and second-hand
books and all student supplies. Uni
versity book store.
Gas fixtures have been placed In the
library halls for lighting the building
early in the morning.
barge supply of university writing
tablets with envelopes to match at the
University book store.
The Union society will not merit this
ifriday, but Instead will attend tho Y
M. C. A. entertainment.
Third year French classes nro now
reading Loti's "Pcchcur rt' Islamic" and
The young man who docs not heed nts dress
is neglecting one of the most important steps to
a successful career.
has heen formally pledged to the Delta Kactne's tragedy. "Esther."
Delta Delta fraternity. Largo stock of U. of N. writing
G A. Davles. 'OS. of Rising City came paper now in at The Co-op, S22 N.
in Friday evening to witness the Kan
-as-Nebraska game and see old friends
Robert H. Manlcy. '97. of Fremont
was in tho city last Friday to attend
the Phi Delta Theta party and the foot
hall game.
Casslus Fisher of the geological de
partment wont to Beatrice Saturday to
11th. Envelopes to match.
Wednesday evening the cadet bat
talion put in the drill hour practicing
rooting for the foot ball game.
Papers from the state farm are now
brought in regularly every Aveek to the
state historical society rooms.
Fred Willis of Omaha has heen se-
look over some stone quarries in that j cured to make one of the addresses 'at
neighborhood, i the committeeman's dinner December
Miss Rolle von Mansfield, M. A.. 'OS. 1-i-a
follow this year in pyschology, has f All students in scientific eoursfls
heen elected principal of the high should have copies of Wrapson & Gee's
school of Stromsburg, Neb.
.lohn H. Barry, law '93, visited his
brothers. F. W. and .1. D. Barry, a short
time last Saturday. He has just been
re-elected county judge of Saunders
Germa'n Towlo, an old university
nod First Nebraska boy. spent a few
hours on the campus last Thursday.
He is now a ruportur on the World
Herald at Omaha.
Samuel MeEllias, formerly second
lieutenant of Company F, First Ne
braska, entered tho law department last
week. He was the fusion candidate for
ounty dork in Madison county but
was defeated.
J).-. Wen to, ddnt!sL
Gregory the Coalman.
Harper, sli rts, 1012 0 street
Now books University Book Store.
Test tube swabs at Untveisity book
hi in the departments from which they
The latest books in at Tho Co-op, 822
N. 11th.
Try Westorflold's egg slmmpoo, for
Writing tabltits full lino at 'Uni
versity book store.
Fine "Pennant" wrlt'ng ipapor at
The Co-op, H22 N. 11th.
"Pennant" tmi. writing paper in
boxes at Tho Co-op, 1122 N. 11th.
Waterman ideal, Ruinox and Luke-
Hioe puns at University book store.
tables, an epitome of sc.'fint'fic informa
tion. M. B. Ketehum, M. D., oculist ai'd
aiirist. Specialty, correction of abnor
mal vision. 22C South 11th St. 'Phone
The students, like the majority of cit
izens, are buying their coal of C. B.
Gregory this winter. It will pay you
to interview him.
The Y. W C. A. will hold a Thanks
giving service next Sunday afternoon
at 4 o'clock. Miss Kyle will load. All
are cordially invited.
The Pallad'ans contemplate giving a
number of special entertainmonts dur
ing tho year. The matter is now in the '
hands of a committee
The regular musical program at '
chapel time was postponed Friday
mornfng in order for all to practice
songs 'for the Saturday game.
Tho following new members worp i" ,
(dived into the Pnllaflian societj last
Friday evening- Miss Bertha Blynn,
.'I. T). Barry and Mr. Rinkor.
). S. Hunter of the ontoirolog'cal do-,
partment addressed the Agassiz club of
the high school last Wednesday after-j
noon on "How to Preserve "Birds." I
The only thoroughly good place In '
the city where a student can got any
Kind Of board that he wants is at Cam
(iron's oafe, ll-Mis South 11th street..
Dr. Lowrle of the Omaha theological
seminary is to address tho students at
some time between Thanksgiving and
Christmas on tho subject or "Bible
Acting Chancellor Bossoy spoke to
IF you think of buyirg a
top coat this season we
would like to snow you
Hk;thc new styles mtdc by
English Covert Cloths and
Whipcords, Cheviots, Vicu
nas &nd soft fnished Kerseys,
silk sleeve linings, strap
seams, horn buttons: also
made of the Stylish double
faced goods with fancy plaid
1013-15-1719 0 STRCEL
For up-to-tlato unlvorsity hair out ' plf 5i,B U, T mvmkl u
,-o to Wostorfleld, the harbor, 117 N. ! H' ly ovonlnB. His subject
was "Nature
Study in tho (public
rlt Mlllf tlwwl fWkltllfr t..l., ttr.....
viiiii inui iUUlJJli, Lilltl- IV rilllllllll tit.
& Onn'i. .....H,..,,..,t i ..,. ..I...L ,' ," mm'or t,le Y. W. C. A. now
1U,,,M " ""'"""hold wcokly cabinet mentings. Thwy
,,.,, v w r a i -i i i . n"(1 U,BBe "100t,"8 " "' of groat u
Ilo V . ( A b bio classc are be- gi8tIull!C. , flIrUlul.:g ,, ,, f ,
"omlng so large that now oiioh must be association.
formed. T ,
,. . 'be Nebraska school masters' olub
The senior olass ot the Beatrice high mot at the Lincoln hotel Friday ovu
Ueh ,U J' t,Ul ,m,V0r8ity ,U",lng:1"- 8niHT w. sorvod. ,. W. Zl,
J ,troo road a paper on "Tho Secondary
'i'he HOnlotvHophonioro foot ball game School and the College"
lias .bean again postponed until th's , A large and enthusiastic crowd m
Vuf Z ' T B"n,,m WOre lmHm i Htu,,0,,tB nt the 'B.n.lit.gtt m I p
last wedkgive the tirs, toan, ,,. I ,,rday to receive the "Kunsat foot ball
' ; ' mum- The uiiivoi-R'ty cadet battalion
and band were marched down from tho
armory and helped swell the throng
The Kansas men were escorted to the
Lincoln hotel by the band and cadets.
A match game of hoop ball is played
every Monday and Wednesdav evening
in the gymnasium. The contests are
between the teams of the various nth
letic and gymnasium classes.
New fencing has been built around
all or the corrals at the university
farm. It Is oxpected to carry on ex
tensive caUlc and Sheep feeding expui
monts there during the coming winter.
Many complaints will be heard when
the now directory comes out because
some addresses are not correct. There
Is still sullicienl time to correct ad
dresses. Attend to this matter at once.
The library has recently received
two volumes of "Speeches and Ora
tions" by Chaiincoy M. Dopow. Bach
volumo Is inscribed in Iris own hand
writing, "Compliments of Chauncry M
Ohapol exorcises last Monday morn
ing wore led by Phs Lyon, trnvnling
secretary or the student voiiiulaor
movomont. She spdko briefly mid
carnostly of tho work in which she Is
HiBtory cuvurs, full size, loalhur
badk, ICc oaoh at Tlorpolsholmor's
Book Dupt. A full lino (Jf Htudonts'
notebooks, history paper, thomo papor,
Pabor ponolls, load poncilB, otc, at
lowest 'prices.
A few days roma'n before tho stu
dents' directory will go to press. Those
who have not corrected their addresses
are urged to do so ut once. The nfl
drosBes will appear as they are on the
registrars' book.
IE. rt. 'llngloy ha BlVun a co,jol(1
file of thoUtloHpoKlan for Uhe yoars IRS'fi
80 to the university library. Such a
ill" as this forms a valuable source
from which to get much of tbepMst hi
tory or the university.
In various towns of this state clulN
for the extension of the study of mush
have been organized. The musical part
of the program is furnished by differ
out instructors, who go out from tlx
u n i vers! ty conservn tory.
V. C. Barber of the experiment si a
tlon has gone to .Harrison, Neb., at tin
request of the citizens there to give m.
eddrcss on prevention and treatment of
I certain animal diseases at present
I prevalent in that section.
In a ehapol talk last Tuesday Acting
Chancellor Bessey spoke on the out
come of the foot ball game with Drak
and urged the students to be presem
and cheer as never before for the scar
let and cream In the Kansas game Sat
At a meeting or the committee on n
credited schools the following resolu
tion was adopted: "Resolved, That ti"
school with less than three years ol
high school work, aggregating at least
one hundred periods, should be pluced
on the accredited list."
Tliore are many in the unlvorsltj
who have poll tax to work out before
Hecombor 1. The employment bureau
of the Y. M. C. A. lias on its list a num
ber of young men Who win ho glad to
work H.Ib out. Drop Into the Y. M. C
A. rooms and leave your name.
Miss N. .1. Common of the library
staff in arranging tho collection ol
the0B submitted for degrees whloh has
accumulated at the library during the
past eight yoars. All those submitted
In substantial binding will be cata
logued and the entire collection group
The agricultural experiment stntiou
building on the university farm Is near
lug completion. It is expected to oc
onpy it by January 1. The building
will house most of the olllces und lab
oratorios of the oxporimont station