The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, October 03, 1899, Page 7, Image 7

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The senior class met Friday after
noon to elect av'momber to the unlyfer-l
.. . ..V . . i. .A . . J .. J... 1
Blty council ana to auena ,10 ousiness
of minor Importance. R. C. Roper and
Mlsp Grace Cook were nominated. Missi
Oook received a majority of votes and
was declared elected. W. T. Heart
was elected manager of the class foot
ball team.
The JDelian literary society held Its
first meeting in the chapel Friday
evening. Many new students were
seen in the audience. After tho close
of the program a recess was taken, in
which every effort was made to make
the younger generation feel at homo,
while tho older students renewed old
Boyd's Constitutional Law;, Fowler's
Mcnicchmi, Woodbury's Constitution,
Stoehr's Histology, Burnsldo and Pan
ton's Theory of Equations, Power
Catechism, Imray and Biggs' Mechan
ical Engineering, Freshman and Pre
paratory Chemistry Manuals these
are a few of the books that we handle
exclusively. University Book Co.
The first prize which was offered by
the amusement committee of the street
fair association to tho person .wearing
the best costume in the masque car
nival was won by A. C. Pierson, a mem
ber of the junior class. Pierson was
dressed as an Apache Indian chief and
made a very fine appearance. The
prize was a beautiful set ring valued
at $10.
The courses in animal husbandry
have T3een arranged. Professor Bur
nett has revised courses 3 and 4 in ag
riculture and offers them as courses 1
and 2 in animal husbandry. They take
up the sciontific principles which un
derlie the feeding and breeding of do
mestic animnlaand the applications of
these principles to the practical work
of the stock grower.
The first meeting of the union soci
ety occurred Friday evening. The at
tendance was good and the program
interesting. Several vocal solos were
rendered and the few short speeches
that were given showed clearly the
good feeling that is noticeable among
the members of the society. The pros
pect is good that tho society will ex
perience a most profitable year.
Entries in the coming freshman
sophomore contest are all in and the
men are now training every night. One
of the Interesting features of this con
test will be tho relay race arranged
between the seniors and juniors, in
which W. E. Andreson and R. D. An
dreson, who both hold records in track
events, will run agulnst each other.
Tho personnel of the teams will be an
nounced later.
The evening sketch class held their
first meeting of this semester in the
art studio "Wednesday evening 'from
7:30 until i) o'clock. Owing to the dis
agreeable weather there were only five
persons present. Miss Hayden will
give ibis class a course In npld sketch
ing. The members ure to pose in turn.
Formerly there was nn entrance fee of
flvo dollars, but now tho class is free
to students in tho school of fine urts.
The Palludlan literary society hold
its first meeting of tho year Friday
evening with a large number of mem
bers present. From start to finish the
program was one intended to satisfy
those In attendance. After tho oxer
cIsob wore completed a short recess
was taken. All-old members assisted
in tho general attempt that followed
to make tho new students feel at homo.
Members of the Dolian society have
been compelled to look for new quar
ters this year. At one of the summer
meetings of tho board of regents It
was voted to take tho Dolian room for
law school work. A doorway now con
nects tho room with tho old law hall.
Seven hundred new books have boon
jov"ki aaai&xiiim&ixi ?,,
The Students' Co-Operative
1 .,', , " T" '"-. '' T' . ." . . . T-"-- M- ' - l-l'JL Hi" LIM.1U JULg ..
: Book Company.
FULL LINE of all New Books in the University.. We also sell
Second-Hand Books Thb Waterman Ideal
Fountain Pen The Greatest Source of Satisfac
tion in Student's Life Law Books.. ....Best
Laundry Office Bring in Your Work Above
all, Do Not Forget the Place
322 North 1 ith St.
322 North 1 ith St. 1
mrowrerevrevre Oliver Johnson, D. D, S.
G. H. Frey
For Choice
Cut FBowers
1131 O Street
Long Dlfttnm-.c Phone 503
. i
"Gt OrCr
1" w v
F. E. Edgevton, Agent, University.
Over Hrlc'! Drug Store.
Telephone 784.
Lincoln, Neb.
Momrch Bieyclts
added for tho law department, -which
now makes the library one of the larg
est in the city.
The advanced chorus class under
Mrs. P. V. M. Raymond -will meet
every Friday in the chapel from 5 to
0 o'clock. The beautiful chorus, "St.
John's Eve," -will be taken up this
year. All who can sing are requested
to make it a point to enter this class,
as it affords invaluable training. It is
the only class In the university -whose
work is publicly shown at commence
ment. The elementary chorus In sight
singing meets on Thursdays from 5 to
C in tho chapel. All interested should
hog Mrs. Raymond at once.
Dr. Hastings is contemplating the
purchase of a-standard anthropometic
tester, -which he will put in operation
at the close of the foot ball season.
This machine is the one adopted by the
.American Strength Testing associa
tion, which has a record of all the
strong men in tho difforont colleges.
Nebraska has never been represented
in these records, and as Dr. Hastings is
confident that Nebraska can make a
good showing in tho tests, lie will ex
amine a limited number of men as
soon as tho machine arrives.
Tho sophomore class hold its first
meeting of the year Monday with Vice
President Wells in the chair. The
constitution was changed to make tho
election of officers b!-onnlal and tho
following officers wore elected: Presi
dent, F. Nelson; first vice president,
Melon second vice president, Brookes;
secretary, Miss Reeves; treasurer, Miss
Parks. Garrett was olocted to repre
sent the class in the university council.
Tho nowly elected president took the
dhalr and made these appointments:
Chairman of tho hop committee
Barker; foot ball manager, Horno;
foot ball captain, Voss; captain of tho
track team, Popoon.
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