The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, October 03, 1899, Page 6, Image 6

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Gregory the Goal Man.
New books. University Book Co.
At tho sign of "The Co-op.," 322 N.
11 fh.
The original and only "Co-op.," 322
History notebook covers at Univer
sity Book Co.
Pull line of writing tablets. Univer
sity Book Co.
if he oldest students' book store, The
Co-op, 322 N. 11th.
Everything you need in school. Unl
vorslty Book Co.
Use our pencil sharpener; it's free.
University Book Co.
Chemistry aprons, towels and sleeves
at University Book Co.
Agency for the Best Laundry Co. at
The Co-op, 322 N. 11th.
Sigma Chi has secured two pledges,
Messrs. Arends and Ustlck.
Second-hand books bought, sold, ex
changed. University Book Co.
A good second-hand bicycle for sale
cheap at University book store.
Botany, zoology, biology sets and In
struments. University Book Co.
The Y. M. C. A. studies and supplies
only at The Co-op., 322 N. 11th.
The elocution classes under Mrs.
Manning began work Monday.
Whotman, Crane and Weston's draw
ing papers. University Book Co.
The PI Beta Phi society has pledged
Miss McPheely and Miss Burruss.
Lowncy's chocolate bon bons at
Hanna's drug store, corner 14th and 0.
University letter paper with en
velopes to match at University Book
Messrs. Price, Rogers, Rain and
Roth have been pledged by Beta Theta
Sigma Alpna Epsilon has pledged
Messrs. Mills, Persel, Davidson, Daw
and Mills.
Kappa Sigma announces the follow
ing now pledges: Messrs. Bryan, Denny
and Carver.
Largest stock of second-hand univer
sity text books in Lincoln at The Co-op.,
322 N. 11th.
We expect our university pins this
week. Thoy will bo beauties. Univer
sity Book Co.
Students desiring to study music no
tice G. C. Monzondorf's advertisement
in this paper.
A now consignment of Waterman
pens in this weok. Inspect them. Uni
versity Book Co.
Fred Lamar. M. S. Moore and Charles
Poyntor will attend tho Omaha medical
college this year.
All history and political economy
outlines are handled exclusively at The
Co-op, 322 N. 11th.
Students should hoc ChailesB. Greg
ory (class of fl1) at Elovonth at"! 0
for coal and wood
Miss Emily Weeks, '!)!), will Jnavo
for Boston Thursday. She will spend
the winter thoro.
Clifton .1. Piatt has resigned from
tho library staff and will lake up work
In the collogo of Jaw.
W. Claude Reed loft Thursday for
Kansas City, whore he boos to attend
a reunion of rolatlven.
E. II. Krlng, 'Hit left Friday for
Woodruff, Kan., whore he takes charge
of tho Evangelical church.
C. M. Skilos, '!.-!, law )&, lM iJCon
nominated for county judge on the fu
sion' ticket in Butler county.
The Phi Iietes have pledged throo
new men this year, Mossrs. FaniB
worth. Kennedy nnd Johnson.
Miss Kenny, Miss Moggie Honeywell
and Miss Daniels arc wearing the
pledge colors of Delta Gamma.
Perfect comfort and beauty com
bined in Jonnoss Miller shoes for
ladles. Price $3.50. Mayor Bros.
Manager Collett is superintending
which will be built across the south
and east lines of the foot ball field.
Messrs. Kimball, Mann, Cunning
ham, Adams and Sitfter are wearing
the pledge colors of Phi Gamma Delta
Miss Whiting entertained a few of
her fraternity friends a't her home on
South Thirteenth street Friday even
ing, September 29.
Cameron's cafe Is the best place In
town for students to board. Open at
nights the year round. 118 South
Eleventh street.
The Best Laundry Co. has an agency
at Tho Coop, 322 N. 11th. Laundry
bundles left at the store will receive
prompt attention.
When you get your books visit the
University Book company. Thoy carry
new and second-hand books, history
paper and supplies of all kinds.
The surplus stock of botany, biology
and zoology instruments will be sent
back this week. Buy now. University
Book Co.
Miss Hagoy, '08, left Monday for Sa
vannah, Ga., where she accepts a posi
tion as instructor In the Beach Insti
tute. A. A. Gllman, '98. was on the cam
pus a few days last week. He will con
tinue his studies in New York this
The now secretary of the city Y. W.
C. A., Miss Kyle, was formerly a mem
ber of the Swarthmore chapter of Pi
Beta Phi.
Phi Gamma Delta entertained at its
chapter house last Saturday evening,
September 30, a large number of its
Factory to feet University shoes,
$3.00; Regent shoes, $3.50. No better
shoes on earth. One price, one profit.
Mayor Bros.
Oliver Chambers, who has been
tenching school in Montana for the
past year, has. returned and will take
up his work in the university.
Tho class in political economy has
an enrollment of over one hundred stu
donts for this year. Last year it was
about twonty-fivo less than this.
Some new sheds have been built at
the plant houses and a few partitions
have boon put In. This will allow an
Increase in tho number of plants kept
Chancellor Bossey has received an
Invitation to attend tho laying of tho
corner stone of the new government
building in Chicago. He has not yet
Misses Blendino and Blancho Em
mons and Misses Burt, Salle, Edmun
ston, Jenkins and Tarbach have
pledged thomsolves to Kappa Kappa
O. W. Chambers, one of the charter
members of tho Delta IDpallon frater
nity, has roturnod to Lincoln and ox
poets to take work at tho university
th's year.
Tho library of tho college of law is
now In placo In tho room formerly oc
cupied by the Dolian lltornry society.
Recent additions swell this library to
1.400 volumes.
P. W. Popoon. manager of the soph
omoro track team, is bringing out all
the available men possible for tho
track moot and is quito confident of a
victory for his class.
Professor L P. Roberts of Cornell
univorHity, an old friend of Acting
Chancellor Bossoy visited the univor
Hity a short tlmo.ago. Ho Is Interested
In tho agricultural work.
H. B. Alexander, president of tho
English club, has departed for Phila
dclphia. Mr. Alexander is a fellow in
the department of phlldsophy In the
University of Pennsylvania.
Harvey E. Hcnth of Omaha has
been appointed the delegoto from the
Industrial college and the experiment
station to the national farmers' con
gress, held in Boston this "week.
Leroy P. Sawyer, '99, is in Lincoln
for a short visit with old. university
friends. He expects to leave in a few
days for Chicago, where he has a.
position os an electrical engineer.
I The organization of about eight
bible classes is an important feature
I of Y. W. C. A. work this year. Each
class meets once a week. The work
I will consist mainly of tho study of d'f
. feront authorities on the bible.
! Emory Brace, a graduate of the Uni
, vorotty of Minnesota, spent several
j days in th's city last week. Mr. Brace
is a member of Theta Delta Chi and
has a large number of friends 'n this
city, which ho has made in fornfer
Dr. Charles B. Newcomes, 'S9, has
been appointed assistant professor of
Latin in the University of Missouri.
He has recently returned from several I
years' study in Germany, where he re
ceived the degree of doctor of phil
osophy. The registration this fall in the
physical training classes is the largest
the construction of a high board fence
in the history of this department.
Physical examinations have now nearly
been completed and the classes will
begin work on Monday.
Claude Reed was elected the student
membor of the university book com
pany at a mass meeting of tho stu
dents after chapel Thursday morning.
G. A. Johnson was the other man nom
inated for the position, but was' de
feated by a small majority.
Alvln Pope, an old university stu
dent who has been attending a govern
ment school in Washington, D. C, is
In the city shaking hands with old
friends. Mr. Pope has fitted himself
for teaching the blind nnd will be em
ployed this year in the Omaha insti
tute. The growth of the library for the
year ending September 1 was greater
than in any previous year. During
this time 3,200 bound volumes and
1,200 pamphlots have been added to tho
library. Tho figures for the year juot
begun bid fair to exceed any former
Acting Chancellor .Bessey. accom
panied by Mrs. Bessey, left Thursday
for Iowa City to attend the Inaugura
tion of President George E. MacLean
of the Iowa state university. Dr. Bes
sey will give a few words of greeting
from tho Nebraska university to tho
University of Iowa.
Acting Chancellor Bessey has been
appointed collaborator In tho division
of forestry u. die United States depart
ment of agriculture. Dr. Bessey has
made a special study of the treeless
condition of the prulrie and will con
tinue th's Investigation In connection
with his now duties.
Tho freshmen-sophomore athletic
contest to bo held In the near futttro Is
causing considerable training on the
part of both classes. This ovont is dne
of tho features in university athletics.
A $25 Avator sot will he given to tho
winning cluss. Tho prize is producing
the needed spirit of rivalry.
D. C. Hall, E. E., '98, formerly In
Company F First Nebraska rogimont,
!h?m!u n ?nn FrTuncl8t5 Sunday from
r ,,.;Tihlm)!),ln0H-, LaBt Murch h0 trans,
toned to tho signal corps, which was
mL tt ll! ''I?.1 louvo u, T'hlllpplnoH.
..... iiui win 1,0 cnsonargod n about
two weeks and will then return to 52
Has been known for years 'to
Universitj- students as the
best place in Lincoln to buy
the right kind of goods at the
right price.
The department is stocked
with a complete line of Foun
tain Pens, Student's Note
Books, History Paper, Tab
lets, Pencils, and all other
school and college supplies.
You can buy a fourteen
karat gold Fountain Pen for
69c; History Paper as low as
5c. per 100 sheets; History
Covers from 9c. to 15c. each,
and all other supplies at equal
ly low figures.
Our miscellaneous book
stock contains all the latest
publications as well as the
standard works by -well "known
authors, text books, diction
aries, translations, etc.
Music and
Wo sell all the latest music
at one -half the published'
price. We also carry a com
plete line of vocal and instru
mental sheet music contain
ing 4,000 pieces at 5c. per
copy. Pictures framed from
25c. upwards.